Croslite vs Eva: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Croslite and Eva is that Croslite is actually made from EVA and synthesized into another product while Eva is a type of polymer that is naturally a stretchy substance made by mixing the compounds, ethylene, vinyl, and acetate. 

Croslite vs Eva

Croslite is a reformed state of EVA and has better qualities. It is softer, bouncier, absorbs more shock, and lasts longer.

Which is better between Eva and Croslite?

Of course, Croslite is better. It was made better and with more qualities than EVA. Crocs shoes are better than EVA-made shoes in terms of comfort, and durability.

One advantage of Croslite over EVA is how long it lasts without much damage. Crocs have a longer lifespan than shoes made from EVA. And they are even going to be in better shape after a long time of use compared to EVA.

Soft Flip flops made with EVA will compress over little time and feel almost flat. While hard ones are tough on the skin and might make the feet sore. But with Croslite, you can get both soft shoes, feet-friendly shoes, and durable shoes in one.

Crocs are made to absorb impact from an external force and still create a relaxing footbed for the feet. The Croslite in Crocs is responsible for that. Sure, EVA shoes too absorb shock but they cannot be compared to that of Crocs.

Croslite is said to absorb up to 40% of impact and shock from the floor, and also the energy exerted on it by the wearer. It is more cushioning and yet firmer for the feet.

When wearing a pair of Crocs, compared to EVA, the wearer would feel more support while walking.

What is Crocs? (Explained)

Croslite and Eva are two different technologies used to make shoes. One belongs to a certain company and shoe brand only. While the other is used by quite a number of different shoe companies.

Croslite is used by Crocs Company for making Crocs. It is a patented closed-cell resin made from polymer. This Croslite was invented by Crocs Company for cushioning of the feet (little wonder Crocs are very comfortable). It absorbs impact and shock.

It is odor resistant and antibacterial, making it non-toxic. You might be wondering how a substance could have these features.

Well, Croslite is a closed-cell resin. This means that it is enclosed totally and doesn’t absorb external substances at all. Water, air, fungi, bacteria, dirt, etc cannot penetrate Croslite.

This Croslite makes each pair of Crocs extremely light and comfortable. It creates a type of cushioning bed for your feet and gives it a relaxed environment. It also enables each shoe to be easily cleaned.

It doesn’t absorb dirt or dust, so every dirt on the body can be wiped off with just soap and water. It’ll be as good as new.

What is EVA? (Explained)

EVA is an acronym for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate made by mixing the compounds, ethylene, vinyl, and acetate.

This mixture creates a plastic that can be used to make soles for shoes. Shoes made with EVA are lightweight, flexible (some are made to be stiff though), and durable. Common shoes contain EVA compared to high-end shoes.

However, it is really popular and found in most shoes no matter what it’s used for. You can find EVA in running shoes, hiking boots, and sneakers used on a daily.

These shoes are fixed with EVA midsoles, which provide cushioning for the wearer’s feet. An EVA midsole is that part of the sole that provides comfort and cushioning.

It separates your feet from the impact of the ground and helps in protecting your feet from feeling the direct force of hitting the road when walking or running.

EVA is not used for shoes only, but for costumes such as armors.

Is Croslite the same as Eva – What are the Similarities?

Croslite vs Eva

A lot of people ask the question, is Croslite an EVA all the time, and I here you will find the answers in the similarities. There are so many similarities between Croslite and EVA, but they are not the same.

Let’s highlight some of these similarities and understand them more.

  • Both Are Products Of Crude Oil
  • They are both lightweight
  • Both are Waterproof
  • They both absorb shock
  • They’re both good for sports

Both Are Products Of Crude Oil

Yes, Croslite and EVA are both byproducts of crude oil. At first touch, one would think they’re both made of rubber because of their stretchy and soft nature.

But, they’re actually plastic made from polymer. As I mentioned earlier, Croslite is a reformed state of EVA foam. This means their primary product is the same.

They are both lightweight

Croslite and EVA are mostly used for soles to provide comfort for the users. Shoes made from both products are light and easy to walk around with.

Flip flops with EVA soles are used to walk around the house because of how light and free they are. Crocs too are used for walks around the neighborhood because you would hardly feel it under your feet compared to other shoes.

Both are Waterproof

Croslite being a closed-cell resin doesn’t absorb water, same with EVA. Since the whole of Crocs is made with Croslite, the whole show is waterproof and can be used for water sports or showering.

EVA itself is waterproof and so are the soles made with it. But shoe brands often mix EVA with other materials to make their shoes, so some shoes with EVA soles might not be totally waterproof. Any shoe completely made out of EVA can be used to walk through shallow water.

They both absorb shock

When walking, Croslite and EVA will absorb a percentage of impact and shock your body would receive through your feet from the ground. You walk with energy, and some of that energy is exerted on the ground to propel you forward.

That same energy bounces back at your feet with a force (shock) that can travel through your body, and weaken your productivity. This is why your feet would get sore and your legs would become weak if you trek long distances.

If you’re wearing shoes that are heavy or the ones that do not absorb shock, your legs would get wearier. At that point, you would feel like pulling off those shoes and walking barefoot. Shock can weaken your ankle, joints, and tendons.

Luckily, all these can be avoided if people wear Crocs and EVA-made shoes more often. The impact and force that bounces back at you would be absorbed by these substances, and you would get just a percentage which would give your body room for more productivity.

They are both good for sports

Because of the shock absorption and comfortability of Croslite and EVA, a lot of athletes are sticking with shoes that contain them. They don’t only support their feet during action but keep them relaxed too.

The bounce in Croslite and EVA does not give room for much work from the feet because they aid in pushing the wearer forward. They’re not easily damaged, so they can be trusted to work effectively while in action.

Core differences between Croslite and Eva

Let us talk about the core differences this time. Take a deep dive:

  • Croslite Is An Exclusively Used Technology, EVA is not.
  • Croslite shoes are expensive while EVA shoes on the other hand are cheaper
  • EVA shoes are more popular than Croslite made shoes.
  • Croslite can be easily maintained
  • Croslite is lighter

Croslite is an Exclusively Used Technology, EVA is not.

This is a core difference between EVA and Croslite. We’ve already looked at their similarities and seen that they’re byproducts of crude oil. One would think they can be used in the same companies.

But, Croslite is exclusively for Crocs ™. Each pair of Crocs contain this technology, making the shoes stand out from other shoes. No other product would contain Croslite apart from Crocs.

EVA on the other hand is used by a number of brands that produce different shoes. It is not only used in shoes, but in food packaging too. Yes, EVA has been tested to be nontoxic and okay for packaging food.

So, you see how versatile and widely used EVA is. Too bad, Croslite is only for Crocs.

Croslite shoes are more expensive while EVA shoes on the other hand are cheaper

Since Croslite is a reformed form of EVA, it is much more expensive because of all the processes and additions it went through. The case with these two is just like like two houses of the same type, say a bungalow.

One is painted and furnished in a simple way, while the other gets high-class furniture and appliances. The first looks average, while the other looks like a million-dollar vacation house.

Well, both are houses but the million-dollar one is more comfortable and luxurious with quality appliances compared to the first one. This example relates so we’ll to Croslite and EVA.

While Croslite is used only for Crocs and well created to suit the company’s taste, EVA on the other hand is made for all shoes and cannot suit the taste of individual brands that make use of it.

It is very much available so it is bought cheaply, making the shoes made with it cheap too.

EVA shoes are more popular than Croslite made shoes

A large percentage of people buy EVA shoes as their daily wear because it is cheaper. Crocs are very expensive and the money for one pair of Crocs could purchase you two pairs of EVA-made shoes (or even more pairs, depending on the shoe itself).

A pair of Crocs ranges from $50~$80 and this is even depending on the model. EVA-made shoes are relatively cheaper and the average man can purchase them. This is a reason why it’s more popular than Crocs.

Another reason EVA-made shoes are more popular is that diverse brands make use of it, so it has more quantity in the market than Crocs.

Croslite can be easily maintained

Crocs shoes last longer than EVA because of how easy it is to maintain. Croslite doesn’t break or tear except when there’s an external force brutally exerted on it. It compresses only after long-term use.

The effectiveness lasts almost as long as its lifespan. It can be cleaned with just soap and water and doesn’t require any special care.

The only precaution close to special is to not leave it under heat, and that applies to almost all products too.

However, with EVA shoes, the maintenance is not as easy. It can tear when used too often and under rocky grounds, the sole could break.

Just water, soap, and a towel will not get it as sparkling clean as Crocs. EVA shoes require extra care and storage areas.

They can compress easily so the wearers should not wear them too often, except if they can replace them monthly.

Croslite is lighter

Crocs are very light that they could even float. Maybe that’s why it was called Croslite. You know, Crocs are Lite.

They are easily walked around in because of Croslite which is made to be feather-like in nature. EVA is light too, but not as light as Crocs.

What brand uses Croslite, and why?

Crocs are the only known shoe brand to make use of Croslite in their shoes. This is because it is a secret formula exclusively made by Crocs Company. And not all the components are even known to the public.

Crocs use Croslite for their shoes because of its many qualities and advantages over other shoe materials.

Its shock Absorbing Capacity is one of the main reasons Crocs use Croslite. It absorbs shock to over 40%. Croslite is waterproof, making it easy to be worthwhile dealing with water or at the beach. It can be cleaned easily too.

Croslite is very durable. Crocs Company has been making use of Croslite for years and they have not regretted it once.

3 brands that use Eva

  • Wolf & Shepherd
  • Keen
  • Nike

These three brands have been making use of EVA for quite some time now. The Wolf & Shepherd shoe brand creates dress shoes from leather.

They make use of EVA in the heel of their shoes as a shock absorber.

Keen produces walking, running, and hiking shoes. They produce boots, sandals, and sneakers. They make use of EVA midsoles in their shoes.

Nike makes use of EVA foam in their shoes which they use to make their shoes comfortable and create balance for the user.


Croslite and EVA are both good materials for making shoes. While Croslite has more shock-absorbing capacity, more durability, and easy maintenance – EVA is cheap and available in shoes of different models and brands. Make use of both for a good experience with walking.


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  2. You twice mention that EVA is a mix of ethylene, vinyl and acetate which if fundamentally incorrect and dangerously misleading. “Vinyl” is not a chemical component but the structure by which the chemical component is combined. It becomes dangerously misleading, because “vinyl” has become a popular shorthand for vinyl chloride which is a dangerous, halogenated (chlorinated) hydrocarbon which generates carcinogenic dioxins as they are produced and break down (note recent events in Palestine, Ohio). EVA contains no chlorine and is a relatively non-reactive (safe) plastic whose use should be encouraged relative to vinyl-chloride based compounds like PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

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