Clogs vs Crocs: What Are The DIfferences (in 2023)

The major difference between Clogs and Crocs is that Crocs is a popular American shoe brand while Clogs are a type of foam shoe produced by Crocs brand.

Clogs vs Crocs
Crocs Men’s and Women’s on The Clock Clog

Clogs are very comfy and soft, they are available in various colors and designs making them very attractive. It is partly made from wood.

Clogs can be worn by both men and women, people usually wear them to farms and construction sites. It features a wooden sole and leather strap. It provides support and protection to the feet. Clogs are the perfect shoe for everyday wear for people of all ages.

On the other hand, Crocs are durable, lightweight, and have a firm grip on the feet. It is a casual shoe that can be worn around the house or the neighborhood to run errands. It is the perfect footwear for a beach walk.

Some Crocs are therapeutic shoes that offer relief from foot pain for a long period of time, it is a great shoe for people with injury, foot surgery, or diabetics.

It is recommended that you wear Crocs after surgery. They are cooler to wear on hot days and very roomy. They are not suitable for hiking, tennis, and sport in general. We can also say that Crocs makes the Croc brand of “foam Clogs”.

What are Clogs? (Explained)

Clogs are a certain type of footwear made wholly or partly from wood and as such, cannot flex under the foot as softer shoes will. They are worn by both men and women.

Due to the reliable support, warmth, and maximum protection that it provides, it is worn by miners and those working on construction sites.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Clog as “a shoe which has thick wooden sole”. They are shoes whose base is made of wood.

It gives good support and shock absorption, which is why it is the best choice for industrial workers. They are easy to slip on and off. Clogs have a leather top and rubber sole, they are comfortable and trusty shoes.

They can be worn with or without socks and also during any season of the year. They are suede clogs, leather clogs, canvas clogs, and garden clogs, it all depends on your taste.

Clogs are versatile, they provide maximum protection and support to the feet and can be worn in any season. They became popular because of their versatile nature.

It offers a good amount of foot coverage and a closed front, allowing the wearer to put it on with ease. Some designs can be lightweight while others can be heavier for tougher use.

The main aim of the clog slippers is to make sure that the wearer is comfortable and warm whenever they put the slippers on. It is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use which also adds to their versatile nature.

Clogs materials are durable and also waterproof such that they can be worn even in wet and muddy conditions. It’s suede upper is very simple and stylish. The materials are also sturdy which increases their durability.

Due to its lightweight, it gives the wearer an effortless walk. They are breathable and also come in different types of colors.

How did Clogs Evolve?

Before we talk about how Clogs evolved, let’s look at how they came to be. Clogs are dated back to the early 13th century in Netherland. To the French, they are called “Sabots” while to the Dutch they are called “klompen”.

French Clogs were made from wood and leather, however, Dutch Clogs were wholly made of wood. They were designed to protect the feet of farmers, factory workers, artisans, and other job traders.

They were initially not made wholly from wood but had a wooden sole with a top made of leather.

They were made to protect the feet and originally worn as work shoes, this is because they are water-resistant and sturdy.

Some were made for running errands around the house, others were made and decorated for church and weddings. For so many years, Clogs are part of Dutch culture and they are made from alder wood. The wood is gotten from the trees of sycamore and alder.

Clogs resurfaced in the 1960s, it was worn as stylish and fashionable footwear that can be worn by both males and females. They were made in different colors and designs but still have wooden soles.

In the 80s and 90s, Clogs became essential in the fashion world. New and quality materials were included to make them more comfortable and fashionable than the old wooden version.

Clogs started incorporating and having additional materials like leather, fur, wool, rubber, straps, or strings which make it come in different designs and colors.

Industrialization made leather and rubber shoes more acceptable than wooden shoes. People began to prefer soft, comfy, and stylish everyday shoes rather than hardwood.

Today, Clogs are fashionable footwear that can be worn anywhere at any given time. Some years back Clogs were just wooden traditional footwear used to protect the feet but it is now seen as comfortable, stylish, and fashionable footwear in the 21st century.

This modern version of Clogs is definitely not made of wood but rubber, fur, leather, strap, and so on.

Why are Crocs called Clogs?

Crocs are sometimes called Clogs because of the popularity of the Crocs Clogs brand.

The Clogs shoe produced by Crocs became so popular that it became a part of their brand strategy, as everyone calls Crocs, Clogs, and vice versa. Meanwhile, Crocs isn’t the only shoe brand producing clogs.

Clogs vs Crocs
Men’s and Women’s Specialist Vent Clog

Just like Clogs are water-resistant, other shoes by Crocs too are water-resistant. They are lightweight and comfy to wear.

They are breathable and help shed water. They also have heel straps that provide support and a good fit.  They are easy to wash and keep clean and they dry very fast.

They give a homey and roomy feeling to the feet. Just like Clog gives ample support, Crocs have Croslite foam cushioning that provides outstanding comfort and support for all-day activities.

There is no special method to wash this footwear, you can keep it clean by using soap and water.


5 brands that make the best clogs

They are so many brands that make Clogs like Dansko, Crocs, Merrell, Haflinger, Florsheim, Roper, Hunter, Klogs, and so on but in this article, we will discuss five brands that make the best of Clogs.


Clogs vs Crocs

This footwear brand makes the finest and most remarkable clogs. It started in 1888 and aims to manufacture high-quality shoes from quality footwear. Stegman has varieties of cozy wool clogs that can keep you comfy and warm during winter.

The Stegmann clogs are made of latex footbed that provides ample support to the feet. Their outsole is made of rubber which gives an extra and firm grip to the feet.


Clogs vs Crocs

This brand was founded in Hammersbach, Germany in the year 1774. It ranks among the top five footwear brands in the world.

This highly rated company manufactures shoes that offer good support, protection, function, and high-quality materials.

It is known for its Boston Clogs. It is made of quality leather and very soft suedes, they also come with a super comfortable and supportive footbed.

If you are looking for a stylish and quality Clog, then you should go for this brand because it is made from the finest material of its kind.


Clogs vs Crocs

This brand is known in several international markets for its finest Clogs with modern design. This brand is my favorite, its Clogs are usually beautiful and cozy. Its clogs are usually made of 100% wool, they are flexible breathable, and sturdy.

They have molded cork insole and a rubber sole. It has excellent arch support, is very comfortable, and is quite reliable. They are warm, cozy, and comfy.

They are the perfect Clogs to slip on during winter.


Clogs vs Crocs

Another spectacular brand is Keen, this brand is an American brand for footwear and accessories, it is based in Portland, Oregon.

The company was founded in 2003 and they deal with high-performance shoes that assure optimum protection through your daily activities.

They manufacture Clogs that can be used on hard terrain. With slip-resistant outsole, leather lining, and water-resistant materials, these Clogs are exceptional and of remarkable quality.

The Clogs are manufactured to have a perfect fit as it uses recycled PU to blend the feet while still using cork and memory foam to provide good cushioning.


Clogs vs Crocs

Skechers is also an American footwear and lifestyle brand. It was founded in the early 90s and is known as the third-large athletic footwear brand throughout the United States and the brand that manufactures the comfiest and most durable footwear.

Skechers Clog is another amazing brand, its clogs are lightweight and have an Ultra Go technology that provides good cushioning. The Clogs also have a quality footbed and a dual-density outsole that aids functionality.

Are Clogs Bad?

There has been a long controversy over the Clogs shoes. Expert podiatrists claim that it can damage the feet, legs, and even the back.

This wooden shoe is not good for all-day use. The 19th-century people were mostly cattle rearers, traders, and farmers.

According to research, these people involved themselves in tough and hard jobs like kicking, hammering, and so on and all these led to serious foot injuries.

This hard labor alongside wearing the traditional wooden Clog all day long caused so parts of the foot bone to break away.

This is due to the fact that Clog is not flexible, they restrict foot movement and do not create room for the toes to wiggle, they also do not absorb shock thereby allowing the feet to face incoming danger.

Clogs do not secure the heel, it does not offer maximum protection to the heel.

According to Dr. Pedowitz, an Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University, “the heel is insecure making the foot less stable”.

His statement means that Clog does not have a good heel cup or elevated heel. They are not very stable, which can result in bringing harm to the feet.

Natural Footgear team posits that Clogs also contribute to some foot and toe problems like neuromas, plantar fasciitis, and even ingrown toenails. This happens because they hold the feet and toes in an unnatural position for too long.


Crocs and Clogs are known to be very efficient in the fashion world. They can be worn by men and women and also indoors and outdoors.

Though one is made wholly from wood while the other from leather and rubber. They are durable, versatile, comfy with outstanding material which helps to give an excellent all-day experience.

Clogs evolved from being footwear made of wood for farmers and traders to fashionable and stylish footwear.

It incorporated more materials which made it durable, comfy, with a good footbed and cushioning. Clogs are nice but can cause harm and foot problems when worn for long.

They are several brands across the world that manufactures Clogs, brands like Skechers, Keen, Baabuk, Stegman, and Birkenstock are some of the best brands to get nice, quality, and exceptional Clogs that can give you a fashionable and stylish outlook.


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