Baya Crocs vs Classic Crocs: Who’s The Winner?

Baya Crocs is my best pick between these two amazing Crocs brands of clog.

Baya Crocs is an advanced edition of the Classic Crocs clog. It comes with advanced breathability and ventilation ports which makes your feet and toes comfortable much more than you would experience when wearing the classic Crocs. This is one of the reasons why I would prefer the Baya Crocs over the Classic Crocs.

Baya Crocs vs Classic Crocs

Classic Crocs brought the Crocs brand into the limelight because of its amazing features like:

  • A breathable feature that makes use of the holes on the top and sides of the clog that allows air to blow freely on your feet and toes.
  • It is lightweight and makes walking around easier.
  • It comes at a fairly affordable price and this is why a lot of people love the classic clog.
  • It has a strong rubber sole.

However, the introduction of the Baya clog was an improvement to the classic clog. Baya clog came into the market with a little tweak to the classic Crocs. I would discuss this in a more detailed fashion later.

However, for me, I would prefer my Baya Crocs to classic Crocs. This is not to demean the qualities of classic Crocs. This is based on my experience with both of them.

Your experience might differ as well. However, if you need answers, then I would recommend the Baya Crocs over the classic Crocs.

The major reason why I prefer the Baya Crocs over the classic Crocs is because of how comfortable it makes me feel.

The additional comfort feature makes it the best for men when comparing it with the classic Crocs.

Differences between Baya Crocs and Classic Crocs


Baya Crocs is lighter than Classic Crocs. This is one of the reasons why I prefer Baya Crocs to classic Crocs.

When compared to the classic Crocs, they make walking easier and comfortable. As I earlier stated in the previous section of this article, the classic Crocs is a very good and comfortable Crocs that started the comfort revolution some years back.

However, the Baya Crocs brand brought a little bit of modification to the classic Crocs by coming at a less heavyweight.

I enjoyed using my classic Crocs because it was the best comfortable shoe I could think of. However, after 6 years of consistent use, the soles began to get thin and I instantly realized that I needed to get a new pair of Crocs.

I stumbled on the Baya Crocs and my curiosity came alive because I have always wanted to try something new. I made the purchase which delivered faster than I expected. I tried them on 2 days after delivery and it turned out to be the best comfortable Crocs shoe I have ever worn.

It was so lightweight that it literally feels like walking on air. I still love my classic Crocs (I call it “my 2nd feet”). However, the Baya crocs is what I wear constantly because of how easy it makes walking around feel.

This difference is easily noticed once you try both of them on. Baya crocs comes at a lighter weight than the classic crocs.


This difference is very easy to see. You don’t have to wear the classic and Baya Crocs before you see this difference.

Let me show you a picture below to see what I am about to tell you.

Crocs Baya Clog
Crocs Classic Clog

Looking at the pictures above, there are a lot of obvious differences between these two amazing Crocs clog.

Let us talk about it one after the other.

  • Crocs classic clog is shorter in length than Crocs Baya clog. This does not in any way affect the sizing pattern because both Crocs have a relaxed fit feature.
  • The designs on the toe cap of each of these Crocs run differently. Crocs Baya clog does not have ventilation ports around the toe cap, unlike the Crocs classic clog. Crocs’ classic clog has ventilation ports that run around the toe cap from side to side.
  • Crocs Baya clog has a custom-made design name of CROCS at the right side of the toe cap with holes for ventilation. The Crocs classic clog does not have this design at the right side of the toe cap.
  • Both Crocs come with thirteen holes each. Almost every Crocs comes with thirteen holes. This is one of the easiest ways to identify original Crocs clog from a fake. Furthermore, this is a feature that distinguished the Crocs brand from other clog brands. However, looking closely at the Crocs classic clog and Baya clog, you would notice a lot of differences in the pattern of each of the holes. The thirteen holes on the Crocs Baya clog are arranged in a set of 3s and 4s in a straight and orderly pattern while the holes on the Crocs classic clog are not arranged in an orderly sequence.
  • Another difference between the crocs classic clog and the crocs Baya clog is found in the arch support feature. Crocs classic clog has a higher arch support feature than the Crocs Baya clog. If you pay close attention to the pictures above, you would notice that the Crocs classic clog is farther from the ground than the crocs baya clog. Crocs classic clog has higher arch support than Baya clog.
  • Crocs Baya clog has contours on both sides while Crocs classic clog does not.

Which Crocs stands out between the two

Crocs Baya clog stands out between the two clogs. These are the reasons why it stands out:

  • It has a different design that makes it more attractive than the Crocs classic clog
  • It has additional breathability and comfort through the custom opening at the right side of the toe cap.
  • It is lightweight and easier to walk around in when compared to Crocs classic clog.

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  1. I have a high instep and sometimes my feet swells. So need the different in height in the shaft area. I also have a wide foot so which croc brand should I buy?


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