Does Converse Make Your Feet Look Big and Fat?

Converse makes your feet look big and fat especially around the ankle if you are a bigfoot. But it makes small feet look smaller than they already are. Many people believe Converse shoes are designed with people with small feet in mind. This is curated from the opinion of people who have had experience using … Read more

How to Dry Converse Shoe?

There is a saying that goes thus, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. The Converse is that footwear that can be worn with any outfit, be it jeans or a T-Shirt, and to any event or place like school or work. It comes in varieties of styles, colors, and sizes. Just the way our clothes get … Read more

Why Do People Work Out in Converse?

“Why do people work out in Converse?” People have often asked the question. The truth is, in every cause, people will always stick to what/where they find value. People are always glued to products that help them in solving the problem of having those products in the first place. It is undoing when a product … Read more

Was Chuck Taylor a Basketball Player?

Yes, Chuck Hollis Taylor was once a basketball player and trainer, although not entirely professional. Taylor invented an all-American shoe style because his company was in the business of selling sneakers to basketball players. But he wasn’t a pro baller himself but he played college basketball. His athletic-shoe expertise came from working for the All-American … Read more

Are Converse non-slip?

Yes of course. Looking at the sophisticated soles, you can tell they are one of the most reliable non-slip dress-up shoes you can find. The diamond-patterned gum rubber outsole offers great surface grip, adding to the shoe’s non-slip nature. The rubber outsole of the “All-Stars” has a design that offers excellent traction, even on the … Read more