What to Do When Vans is Hurting the Back of my Ankle?

Wearing Vans is one of the best decisions ever. However, you might experience a bit of discomfort within the first few days of wearing this sneaker. The rigid leather material of Vans can make your feet uncomfortable. This is why I have decided to write this article to address a major aspect of our feet, … Read more

Vans Classic Slip-on vs Asher: What You Should Know

Vans is an American manufacturer of sleek and comfortable skateboarding shoes, it was founded by two brothers on March 16, 1966, who worked at a family-owned rubber manufacturing company that simply wanted to showcase their spin on “skateboarding shoesâ€. The “Asher†is a model of Vans that gets its design inspiration from the “classic vansâ€, … Read more

How Long Do Vans Last?

How long your Vans shoes will last solely depends on how frequently you wear them and what you wear the Vans for. Averagely though, Vans are very strong shoes that can last you for a minimum of two years when worn right. Vans are originally made to last super long for you, that is why … Read more