Vans Classic Slip-Ons vs Asher: Comparison

Vans is an American producer of sleek and comfy skateboarding footwear that was established on March 16, 1966, by two brothers who collaborated at a family-owned rubber manufacturing company and merely wanted to display their twist on skateboarding shoes. The Asher is a Vans model that takes its design cues from classic Vans. The Asher … Read more

Are Vans Considered Sneakers?

Vans are generally considered sneakers. Sneakers are made for sports or other physical activities and are also used for everyday casual wear. So, even as Vans may not be great sports shoes, it is used for everyday casual wear. Sneakers are also referred to as athletic shoes, trainers, sports shoes, gym shoes, or runners. Vans … Read more

Are Vans Considered Athletic Shoes?

No, Vans are not good athletic shoes. They are not really considered athletic as they are not the go-to shoes for most athletic activities. Athletic activities involve running, jumping, leaping, etc. Vans shoes were not originally made for athletic activities and so, the features do not support that. Most athletes in the world would not … Read more

Vans Atwood vs Old Skool: Which is Better?

Let’s start with the major difference between the two. When you look at the two Vans models, you notice that the major difference between the two low-top shoes is that the Vans Atwood sports a dual canvas upper with double stitching while Vans Old Skool bears the signature white side stripe. The two are also … Read more

Old Skool vs Comfycush Vans: Comparison

The major difference between the Vans Old Skool and the Comfycush is that the Van Comfycush is more comfortable than the Vans Old Skool. The Comfycush is known to be extremely comfortable and more durable than the Old Skool. The design on the Vans Old Skool is an iconic side stripe design with dual colors … Read more