How Long Does Vans Take To Refund Money?

Shopping online or in-store with Vans is a good idea but you may realize that what you purchased does not seem to fit well to your taste or satisfaction when you check them at home. When that occurs, Vans allow returns of nearly all products, you just have to follow a certain policy to return … Read more

Vans Authentic vs Old Skool: Who is the Winner?

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Sperry vs Vans: Who is the Winner?

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Toms vs Vans Shoes: Which is Better?

I choose Vans because the quality is high, and the design and style are versatile. Vans are also more durable than Toms. Toms are more affordable though. In our daily life, we often pay attention to price, but ignore quality. I chose the Vans because it’s a brand that I like and I think they … Read more