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Hi, Welcome to Footted.com, a trusted virtual destination for Shoe and Sneaker enthusiasts to get well-researched information about the most ideal footwear for your daily activities and social events.

In our current digital age, where there’s an overload of data and content, it may be difficult getting vital and reliable information about the Footwear that meets the requirement for your daily engagements “Professional or Social”.

People go as far as paying for overpriced expert advice on the most appropriate Footwear for different body types, Sizing, and Foot Issues.

In the words of King T’Challa of the Black Panther Movie, “We don’t do that here”. We provide you all the advice you need at no cost.


I am Adams.

Some close friends and even family members like to tease me by telling me I have an unhealthy obsession with Shoes. After all the hazing, they seek my advice on the best sneakers and shoes to buy.

My knowledge and passion for footwear are second to none and my advice is basically gospel to them. They may have a point on the obsession though not the unhealthy part, I absolutely adore Shoes, “Healthily”.

From a young age, I’ve always been a “sneakerhead” reading magazines and even going as far as staking sneaker stores, waiting in line for hours to get the latest “kicks”.

What’s not to love about shoes, right? Footwear is like a warm, comfortable Cocoon for your feet and they make you look good.

So, I decided to start a blog and share my knowledge and opinions in the form of detailed and well-researched guides with a bunch of strangers on the internet as my innocuous way of helping.

I am not the only one here though, as I have a team of dedicated writers and researchers that share my love for Footwears and put out daily content on the latest trends, all for your Perusal.

What we do here


We are dedicated to bringing you detailed information on the most Ideal and Quality Footwears, We understand that not all Shoes can be worn for every activity, therefore, we provide you with the most appropriate footwear advice tailored to fit the activity you’re engaging in.

Through extensive research and expert reviews, we are inclined to provide our expertise and opinions to make you comfortable while maintaining a Professional or Casual aesthetic.

We provide:

  • EXPERT AND TAILORED PICKS: We get professional opinions on the latest trends from Industry experts, analyze and use this information to provide you with a detailed list of a variety of Brands of Footwears.
  • CONCISE RATINGS: Footwear come in a variety of styles and designs with each brand having its own unique and novelty product. Therefore, in order to help you make the best choice to suit your taste we rate the individual brands and Footwear through certain parameters like Price, Quality of Material, Silhouette and General comfort.
  • COMPANY DRESS CODES: Through extensive research, we provide you with reliable and detailed insights on the most appropriate Footwear you need for your work environment if you have a new Job, or you simply have an upcoming Job Interview. With our expert advice, you will always be prepared and look professional.

We have the expertise and authority

The products reviewed in our articles have been researched extensively, with the help of customers feedback and personal use and sampling by our staff, all information in said products has been meticulously compiled and accurate.

Shopping online may be tricky in the sense that the images of the products being advertised may have been photoshopped and you end up with a subpar, low-quality version of what you paid for.

We help you get your money’s worth by sifting through the data and providing links to top-notch products.

We appreciate feedback

We value your opinion, therefore, we have channels through which customers can reach us. To let us know their thoughts and reviews, and also inform us on topics they may want information about.

If you need questions answered about details in our articles you are unclear about, you can always reach us 24/7.

So, help us help you by giving us your feedback and we will translate your input into quality content and information to make choosing the right Footwear easy.

Our topics

You can find a variety of articles on topics such as:

  • Fashion Trends
  • Crocs
  • Sneakers
  • Dress shoes
  • Outdoor Footwear
  • Professional Workspace Footwear Guide
  • Brand Comparisons
  • General Footwear Care


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