Can You Wear Flip Flops in Disney World

Absolutely yes, flip-flops can be worn at Disney world. There is no restriction on the type of flip-flops or shoes that you can wear to Disney World.

This is because you spend long hours covering a lot of miles on your feet and you need comfortable footwear to avoid pain and injury that may arise from foot fatigue or bruises.

Disney world is super large and has numerous attractions and game rides, that are far apart with walking long distances between them so make sure you wear comfortable footwear.

Do you have to wear closed-toe shoes at Disney world?

Can You Wear Flip Flops in Disney World

The management doesn’t have any regulation on closed toes or open-toe shoes, however, they do advise that footwear with heelies i.e. wheels should avoid using in their wheeled platforms.

From experience going to Disney World, you find yourself shuffling about on your feet looking for your specific game rides or restaurants you want to eat from.

Whatever the reason for your movement be rest assured that your feet are properly protected and that you wear proper shoes. Closed-toe shoes are not suitable for visiting Disney world because they do not encourage or allow for foot swelling.

During the long hours spent at Disney World, your feet become swollen due to pressure and an open toe shoe would allow your feet to breathe and expand properly without causing pain or injury.

So, when next you are spending vacation with the family at Disney world be sure to wear appropriate shoes and comfortable clothing, that provides protection, and is in sync with the weather or seasonal conditions.

Bad or improper shoes would ruin your chance of a happy experience so choose wisely something that gives you comfort all day.

What rides can you wear flip-flops on in Disney World?

The Disney world is filled with lots of attractions and themed parks that are spread out over a very large area.

To cover all this in a day usually means that you have to cover about 12 miles each day on your feet, therefore, experienced attendees advise that comfortable footwear should be worn.

Flip flops are allowed in almost all game rides and they are no restrictions except on ‘soaring’ Disney which riders are told to remove their flip flops or footwear that isn’t secured properly and placed in spaces under the seat.

This ensures the shoes do not fall off during such movement as you go round to see the world. The four theme parks include- Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney animal kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios.

Each of these theme parks has various rides you can partake in with your flip flops protecting your feet some of the rides are highlighted below ;

Space mountain

This ride can be found in the magic kingdom theme park and gives one of the most thrilling experiences at Disney World.

The roller coaster moves swiftly In the dark with so much twist and turns in the track, there are no sudden drops or inversions present so you can rest assured your flip flops stays glued to your feet.

The ride takes you crossing the galaxy and there are surprises t every corner. The ride occurs in an indoor structure where interactive games keep you busy all day.

Thunder mountain

This ride takes you back in time to the gold rush era, where you find yourself on a runaway mine train. It isn’t as intense as space mountain and very suitable for flip-flops. Its roller coaster is in n outdoor setting covering the West-themed places of the park.

Splash mountain

If you are ready for some wet rides on a hot day then say no more, this theme park ride has got you covered.

There are no inversions or intense twists to keep you on your toes and this ride is ideal for flip flops because there are chances you would get wet before it’s over.

The tour tram takes riders on a long leisure trip through the mountain with bright animatronic figures and theme songs e9ntertainig you before dr9opping you into a five-story waterfall.

Avatar flight of passage

this theme ride is avatar movie inspired, and it exists in the animal kingdom area of Disney world.

You can wear your flip flops to these because its design is a 3D flight simulator that gives you a very realistic feeling of soaring through the clouds on the back of a dragon.

Everything seems real as you fly through the wondrous world of Pandora forest and brilliant waterfalls.

Kilimanjaro safari

This attraction have you sitting aboard a jeep at moving through Disney safari park to see live animals.

Flip flops are great choices of footwear for this because you simply have to sit and enjoy the view of jungle animals as the tour guide gives out valuable information.

Top 4 flip flops good for Disney world

OOFOS Unisex Active sport flip flops


If you want to prepare for wet conditions like during a rainy season or rides that involve passing through the water at Disney World.

These flip flops are made from synthetic rubber with thick heels and raised platforms that have a tough grip on most surfaces.

OOFOS Unisex Active Sport Flip Flops is a good fit for you as you engage in thrilling game rides at the park with its insole designed with a pattern to increase traction between your feet and the flop flops giving you additional comfort and balance.

Their outsole absorbs 37 percent more shock than other flip flops in the market, and also boasts of excellent odor and water repellent abilities.


  • The patented footbed design eliminates the chances of getting sore feet
  • They are lightweight
  • Machine wash


  • Not Suitable for hiking.

Teva Women’s Olowahu Flip Flops


These flip-flops have a reputation for withstanding pressure during active hobbies or activities and not fall apart. They are made from polyester that gives your feet the maximum support during intense activities, long hours of standing on your feet.

The straps are very reliable and can handle stress from twisting and sharp turns as you go on some more intense rides, allowing your feet to breathe as well.

The additional mesh traction structure implanted in the structure gives significant Support as you walk in them. They have a wide range of 30 distinct colors to choose from.


  • An antimicrobial layer assists in preventing odor.
  • Water-resistant with its polyester-coated footbed keeps your feet dry


  • Might be too narrow

AEROTHOTIC Comfort THONG Style Flip Flop


This flip-flop is specially designed to reduce foot pain, for those who have symptoms of foot fatigue.

You can enjoy your day at Disney World and still have safe and comfortable Flip flops to wear with this brand model, there is no fear of foot stress or pain as this flip flop protects you from all of that.

It possesses top-notch anti-slip design technology, to keep you stable all day. Its insole has a footbed that is great resistant keeping your feet fresh from foul odor build-up.

The thong which is synthetic leather contains a foam lining that keeps your big toes separate from the rest of your toes without a hindrance in movement. It features a smart sole that has great ankle support and


  • Fit to size
  • The orthopedic design focuses on health performance and stress relief.

Skechers Reggae Trailway Flip Flop


Skechers Trailway flip flops are ideal for outdoor adventurers. Their design is meant for those who seek thrill adventures at all times. This Flip-flop sports straps are adjustable with a hook and loop closure giving you a significant amount of fitness.

They have a cushioned midsole fitted with a dual-density EVA footbed and soft leather covering the upper layers. The sole has a unique grip design keeping you grounded with proper round protection. This flip flop is suitable for intense game rides as it won’t fall or silo off your feet.


  • Slip-on capabilities make it easy to take in or off
  • The midsole gives significant arch support


  • Not ideal for wide feet


Disney World is a great attraction magnet with thousands of visitors yearly. For those willing to visit for holidays flip flops are a great way to enjoy your stay at the park by being comfortable on your feet.

Lots of hours would be spent moving about the park, also long queues might build-up for some rides so you need to have proper foot support.

There are no specific requirements or type of footwear accepted at Disney World, only that footwear worn should have proper heel support for you.

Almost all the game rides support the wearing of flip-flops except a few intense rides with twists and inversions. Wear good quality flip flops with proper traction and heel support, also the midsole should give you adequate arch support for balance and reduction of foot pain.

I hope this gives you enough information to decide on the proper flip-flops to wear. Have fun!!

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