NothinZ vs Crocs: Which Is A Better Brand?

NothinZ and Crocs are two very similar shoes worn daily. They are both clogs and could be tagged as recovery shoes (shoes that help your feet recover from pain).

However, there are differences and even one which is better than the other. So, what’s the one major difference between Nothinz and Crocs.

At first glance, Nothinz looks so much like Crocs. But you would notice that the holes at the top of Nothinz are diamond-shaped while Crocs have circular holes.

NothinZ vs Crocs

Also, NothinZ appears to be more elevated than Crocs. The cover over the toe area seems higher-up and firmer than Crocs.

NothinZ are better! Yes, you read that correctly. Sure, they look almost the same and serve almost the same purposes. But we have done enough research and listened to customer reviews to know that NothinZ is better for you than Crocs are.

Why Is NothinZ Better than Crocs?

NothinZ are better than Crocs, right? Well, below are reasons why we say so.

  • Lighter Than Crocs
  • Firmer Than Crocs
  • Feet Friendlier Than Crocs
  • Fits Better Than Crocs
  • More Comfortable When Worn

NothinZ Are Lighter Than Crocs

NothinZ are better because they are lighter under your feet compared to Crocs. Crocs are too tough and hard, and who would not want something a little bit more stress less on the feet?

With NothinZ, you can actually roam around without caring much about the weight of your feet. Crocs are heavier and make you carry your feet around and in an unhealthy fashion.

You are supposed to walk with freedom and in line with the air. NothinZ is better because they help you do this more than Crocs would.

NothinZ Are Firmer Than Crocs

Even with one very detailed look at these two shoes, one can tell that NothinZ are firmer. They are not even as hard as Crocs, but they can carry your weight effortlessly.

When worn, NothinZ feel more firm against hard surfaces. Your feet can relax with NothinZ on because they would feel the little impact of the hard floor. And guess what?

They do not press against your feet because they are not as tough as Crocs!

NothinZ Are Feet Friendlier Than Crocs

These shoes absolutely love your feet. Do you know NothinZ actually use your own body heat to take the shape of your feet? Yes, they do. We would talk about that down the article.

These recovery clogs pamper your feet. Crocs are known to cause blisters. NothinZ hardly do that because they are made with softer material that is not as hard as Crocs.

NothinZ Fit Better Than Crocs

A large number of reviews have shown that NothinZ always has a perfect size. They can fit any shape of the feet and have different sizes that actually fit. Crocs are sometimes too big or too small, despite buying your size.

With NothinZ, you can rest assured that your newly purchased shoes would fit your feet perfectly. You can also wear them with socks and still be comfortable.

Despite being fitted, they have a little more room for socks which can be worn during winter. Great, right? Crocs can be worn with socks too, but you would not feel as comfortable as you would if you wore those socks in NothinZ instead.

NothinZ Are More Comfortable When Worn

Because of how light, soft and bouncy they are, NothinZ has become more comfortable than Crocs. You can walk around faster with NothinZ. You can run better with them on because they don’t drag down your feet.

These clogs are very good for you when you’re the type that loves to walk around parks. They are not heavy and tough to  press against your skin when walking on softer ground.

And they are lighter than Crocs that where you would be walking, say the pathway, and would feel conscious of the shoes you’re walking with—with NothinZ, you won’t. You would literally be walking and forget you’re wearing shoes.

NothinZ has this feature of aligning your feet to create a better walking posture for you. If you notice, with Crocs, your walking steps are different and somewhat feel dragged.

NothinZ gives you a better and more comfortable walking style.

Features Of NothinZ

NothinZ vs Crocs

NothinZ have a few unique features that set it apart from other recovery shoes. These are:

  • Recovelon
  • Non-Marking
  • Waterproof
  • Arch Support
  • Not Slippery


Recovelon is the short form of Recovery Nylon, and it is created by NothinZ company.

RECOVELON™ is a formula in every NothinZ shoe that uses your body heat to uniquely blend into the shape of your feet, and gives you the perfect fit.

This is why NothinZ are always fitted on you. It is because of recovelon which is found in ONLY NothinZ.


Unlike other shoes, NothinZ doesn’t leave marks on your skin after use. Those red marks or ugly stripes left on the skin after wearing certain shoes are not quite a look at.

Thankfully, you can wear NothinZ without much worry about getting marks on your feet. We already talked about how soft and tender these shoes are compared to other shoes. It is this feature that helps it to not press hardly against your skin and give you a mark.


You can use NothinZ anywhere and not worry about getting them wet. When going swimming, you can throw them into your bag to wear after swimming.

Or, you simply just wear them to the swimming pool. If you leave them by the end of the floor, you don’t have to worry about someone pushing your shoes in and ruining them with water. You can even shower with NothinZ.

Not Slippery

The underpart of NothinZ is made up of pebble-like structures to work against slipping off while working on extra smooth surfaces, wet floors, or slippery and muddy ground.

These structures help hold the shoe to the ground while walking and aid friction with the ground. So, if you’re putting on a pair of NothinZ and there’s a smooth floor in front of you, just walk straight through.

Wearing any other pair of flip flops will require extra care because of how flat their sole is. But with NothinZ, there is no fear of slipping off at all. Also, NothinZ are for you if you’re the type that loves gardening.

If there was rainfall and the ground is a little softer than usual and might be slippery, do not wear your regular shoes, wear NothinZ. Apart from the comfort, it’ll give you, it’ll also save you against falling over slippery soil.

Features Of Crocs

NothinZ vs Crocs

Crocs also have their own unique features. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Closed Cell Resin
  • Good For Walking On Rocky Surfaces
  • Antibacterial Surfaces
  • Last Long
  • Colorful Varieties

Closed Cell Resin

Crocs are made with a patented closed-cell resin technology known as Croslite. It is made from polymer, and polymer is a product of crude oil.

This Croslite is only produced by Crocs Company and can only be found in Crocs shoes. It is actually foam but a unique type that doesn’t absorb moisture.

This is why Crocs are waterproof and do not absorb sweat, making them stink-free. Croslite also aids each pair of Crocs with the ability to absorb shock and impact.

You might notice that while walking with Crocs, your feet don’t feel too much force from the ground. Crocs absorb a percentage of that impact.

Croslite also distributes the load equally to each part of the sole of Crocs. Every weight applied on the shoe from the user is evenly sent to the whole sole in order to aid better uniform movement.

Good For Walking On Rocky Surfaces

Because of the hardness and toughness of Crocs, it’s easy to use them to walk on rocky and stony surfaces. The shoes would actually bounce off against external force like the one exerted when stepped on a rock.

Your feet would be protected against these rocks because you would feel little or no impact on the rocks under your feet. Your feet too, would not do much work in walking because Crocs would absorb the shock and impact from the rocks.

Another important reason why Crocs are good for walking on rocky surfaces is because of the covered protection for your feet. Yes, your feet are hidden in their own home and safeguarded against stubborn rocks that roll down and hit the feet.

They would bounce off against the hard surface of Crocs and not hurt you at all. And if they are big rocks, the impact would be little compared to what you would feel if you wore something else.

Antibacterial Surfaces

Crocs, as we discussed earlier are made of Croslite. This closed-cell resin does not absorb bacteria and doesn’t let it stick on either.

Have you noticed some shoes itch the skin on your feet and cause redness? Apart from allergic reasons, it could simply be as a result of bacteria on the shoes.

However, Crocs are antibacterial so you need not worry about itchy feet when you wear them.

Lasts Longer/Longer Lifespan

Crocs are almost everlasting. As long as you take good care of them, they’ll last longer than most shoes. Crocs have a lifespan of four to six years for people who don’t use them often.

For those who wear them regularly for certain activities, Crocs can last them up to two to three years. And for those who use them very often, they can last at least a year.

Crocs are very long-lasting because of their tough nature. They don’t break, tear, compress or become thin easily.

Some people do make complaints about them shrinking and that should be as a result of direct exposure to sunlight or heat. If you want your Crocs to last as long as they can, do not expose them to heat and do follow all its precautions.

Colorful Varieties

We all can testify that Crocs has every color of shoes. Ranging from popular colors like red, pink, blue, yellow, etc. To colors like emerald green, navy, grey, etc.

Crocs produce very colorful varieties of clogs. And they always look stylish. So whatever you’re wearing, Crocs already produced a matching color.

Similarities Between NothinZ And Crocs

The similarities between these two shoes are very easy to detect because they almost look the same. Let’s list and explain the evident similarities between NothinZ and Crocs.

  • They have same shape
  • Both made of foam
  • They both have a protective cover
  • Both absorb shock
  • They are both waterproof

They Have Same Shape

At first glance, you would really think NothinZ and Crocs are the same. If they are kept at a short distance from you, and you look at them, you would really think they have no difference. This is because of their shape and size that is so alike.

Both Are Made Of Foam

Yes, NothinZ and Crocs are both made of closed-cell foam. This explains the fact that they’re more tender than shoes made with plastic. They’re both light as a result of these foams they’re made from.

They Both Have A Protective Cover

One of the very similar features between NothinZ and Crocs is the protective cover both shoes have. They secure your toes from external harm and even have ventilation holes to let in air.

Both Absorb Shock

Both NothinZ and Crocs absorb shock and impact from the ground. This is why you hardly feel the force of contact between your legs and the floor while walking anytime you wear them.

They Are Both Waterproof

Both shoes do not absorb moisture at all. So, you can wear either a pair of NothinZ to the shower or you wear Crocs. None of them are going to absorb water.

Differences Between NothinZ And Crocs

  • Different Designs
  • Difference In Height
  • Different Components
  • Different Texture
  • Fashion Difference

Different Designs

Crocs are well known for their designs of holes in the cover of their shoes. These holes are usually thirteen at the top, with a number of bigger holes by the sides.

The holes are circular and could be used to instantly recognize Crocs against NothinZ or any other similar type of shoe. NothinZ too have holes but theirs are diamond-shaped, or leaf-shaped.

They’re not fixed at thirteen but could range from twelve to fourteen. Crocs are often used with Jibbitz charms, which are tiny images that could be placed on the holes using a pole. They are usually colorful and set Crocs apart.

Difference In Height

NothinZ are a bit higher than the regular type of Crocs. Both shoes have different styles and models. Some models of Crocs are really high.

But the regular models which are more popular are not as tall as NothinZ. So, NothinZ have more elevated soles than Crocs.

Different Components

Crocs are made of Croslite, while NothinZ are made of EVA. Croslite like we explained earlier, is a closed-cell resin that is created by Crocs Company only.

However, EVA which is used by NothinZ is quite popular among shoes of other brands.

Difference In Texture

NothinZ are more tender and soft than Crocs. Crocs are tougher, harder, and not as comfortable as NothinZ.

Fashion Difference

Well, Crocs are more fashionable than NothinZ. Scrolling through images of Crocs would make you see different varieties and styles. You would see different colors that match outfits.

Crocs decorated with Jibbitz charms and looking really fashionable. But NothinZ are just plain with little or no fashionable features. The colors are plain with no varieties.

In fact, NothinZ have more dark colors like black, grey, and blue, than light colors like bright yellow, pink, etc.


We have successfully gone through this article comparing NothinZ and Crocs. Keep in mind that both shoes are good. But NothinZ are better because your feet feel better in them.

Crocs are too hard and when worn for long hours could give you blisters and marks. NothinZ are lighter and more tender so you should wear them more often than Crocs. Thank you for reading and good luck on that future purchase.


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