Crocs Literide vs Reviva: Which is Better?

The main difference between the Literide crocs and the Reviva crocs is in the material composition.

The Reviva crocs are made from a croslite foam construction that makes it supportive all day long while Literide crocs are made from a new literide foam footbed technology, popularly regarded as the latest innovation in the crocs product line.

Crocs Literide vs Reviva

Both crocs footwears feature excellent qualities, however, many people have been skeptical about which one they should settle for.

There have been several conversations around which of the crocs products offers the better quality and the perfect fit yet a lot of people are still undecided. We will be looking to help solve the mysteries and help you make more concrete decisions as regards these footwear.

We will be providing you with information about which footwear is better, the differences between them, their similarities, and why you should opt for either product.

So, just sit back, relax and follow through as we look into these crocs’ footwear.

So, which of the Crocs footwear is better?

The Reviva crocs are a supportive and comfortable slip-on sandal that helps to massage your feet as you take each step with them.

The Literide crocs on the other hand seem to be an upgrade. The literide material used in making them is the most recent innovative technology in terms of comfort. The foam is lighter and softer than the croslite material.

Crocs Reviva comes with strategically placed bumps in the footbed to enhance pressure points on your feet. They also mold perfectly to the shape of your feet as you start wearing them.

The Literides are designed to make your feet feel as sensational as possible. So, the literide crocs are better even though the Reviva crocs are not a push-aside themselves.

Differences between Crocs Literide and Reviva

The Crocs Literide is close to being a normal shoe. They fit tighter and their designs favor the ankle strap being out. The Reviva, on the other hand, is a collection of sandals, flips, and slides that help to provide the necessary comfort.

Their designs feature bubbles that give you that unique bounce as you wear them. The Crocs company adopted different approaches to provide the comfort that come with both footwear.

Although both footwears have some similar features and qualities, there are quite many differences that can make you distinguish one from the other. So, let’s check out the differences that tell them apart.

  • Crocs Literide is more comfortable
  • Crocs Literide are more attractive
  • The Crocs Literide has a better material upgrade
  • Price variations
  • Literide has a better fit to the Reviva

Crocs Literide is more comfortable

Both brands of footwear offer a good level of comfortability. The Crocs Reviva achieves its comfort with the aid of distinct footbeds that align to the pressure maps.

They give you a unique all-day comfort at a very affordable price. The level of comfortability in the Literide is a different class. Special attention was given to the material used in making the Literides.

They are an upgrade to the croslite material used in making the Reviva. The Literide foams provide the necessary comfort and support all day long. They have been fondly seen as the latest breakthrough in comfort.

Crocs Literide are more attractive

The attractiveness of both Crocs brands is incredible. The Reviva crocs are designed for casual, comfier, and regular outdoor settings. Their designs make it very easy to take advantage of the easy-to-wear and slip-on features.

The slides, flips, and sandals of the Reviva crocs are very roomy and breathable.

The Literide crocs come with a great sense of attractiveness. The Literide gives you that stylish feel and athletic look making sure you have an edge in dress sense. So, you can decide to wear them to settings and functions where the Reviva would not fit.

The appearance and outlook of both crocs come with some lovely patterns and designs. The Reviva comes with many amazing products that come with a great feel.

However, the restrictions in the functionality of these Crocs mean you cannot just wear them anywhere. The work-based literide crocs are very versatile so much so that they are your perfect fit for any function no matter how official it is.

The Crocs Literide has a better material upgrade

The Reviva crocs are made from a croslite material that many people have felt is a rubber material. The soft feel on the skin is almost similar to that of rubber, so the confusion could be justifiable.

This material allows you to maintain and care for your crocs with ease. This material also enables the crocs to have a good level of impact in absorbing resin materials. This helps the Reviva provide a good level of cushioning for your feet.

The Reviva crocs are also very resistant to odor and they prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. This is all down to the material used to make this crocs footwear. The Reviva also features a footbed that has air bubbles built-in that helps to provide a great bounce and a massaging effect for your feet.

The literide material seems to be a major innovation for the Crocs brand. They combine sporty and trendy styles to give you the comfort that the crocs are widely known for. The literide material makes for soft, light, and flexible footwear.

They also provide good support for your arch and heel ensuring that you have lesser feet problems. The material also helps you feel as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Price variations

Both crocs footwear are highly-priced because of the quality that they offer. The material innovation used in producing them and also, their sole thickness is responsible for their expensive prices.

The Literide crocs have some offerings that are cheaper than the conventional Reviva crocs. They also do have some crocs footwear that are more expensive than the Reviva. So, they both have expensive offerings.

Literide has a better fit to the Reviva

The Crocs footwear is designed with three major types of fit. These fit types include relaxed, standard and roomy. The standard types were created with workplace professionals as a major consideration.

They help professionals have a secure fit and reduce the fatigue they must have experienced from working long hours.

The Reviva has a standard fit while the Literide works with all three types of fit. The Literide is truer to size and it has a better heel support system. The Reviva has a good heel support system and that is why they are that bouncy.

Do these crocs footwear share any similarities at all?

Yes, they do. We might have seen some stellar differences between both crocs products but there are some qualities that they have in common. So, let’s check out these similarities and get familiar with them.

  • They are equally light-weighted
  • They both have good arch support and thick rigid soles
  • They both are very durable
  • They offer a good level of warmth and comfort
  • Overall Quality

They are equally light-weighted

One peculiar feature of these crocs footwear is the weightless feel of their soles. The materials that they were made from are responsible for this lightweight. It is also one of the reasons that they can provide the support and comfort that they are known for.

They both have good arch support and thick rigid soles

Good arch support is something very essential especially if you have feet issues. The human feet are shaped with an arch as we are designed to walk barefoot no matter what terrain it is.

Civilization however has come with hard surfaces and the evolution of shoes. These crocs footwears provide the necessary arch support that you need to guard against feet problems. They come with feet reinforcements to ensure that your feet are in good condition always.

These footwears also come with thick and rigid soles and great footbed cushioning. Some footwear could come with support but no cushioning. These crocs footwear excel in both quarters. So, they help to minimize any feet issues.

They both are very durable

The soles of these crocs footwear have been carefully designed to withstand any form of wear and tear. Even though how you use your footwear can tell a lot about how long they will last, these crocs footwear have been designed to be quite durable.

The major advantage of these footwears comes with their soles. The balancing and comfort that comes with their soles is one thing that the lovers of these footwears appreciate.

The additional wedge that they both come with makes them supportive for your feet. The thick feel of their soles also gives out the necessary confidence that you require.

They offer a good level of warmth and comfort

The designs of these footwears have been curated with your extra bit of comfort in mind. The Literide achieves this comfort with the adjustable strap that can be turned into a mule style while the Reviva uses its peculiar footbeds to achieve this bit of comfort.

They both have been designed to cater for warmth making them perfect fits for any weather.

Overall Quality

The weight differences between these footwears are almost not noticeable. They could both have different sizes based on their product line, the material used in making them makes them being lightweight possible.

Some people have even said that the footwears almost make them feel like they are walking barefoot because of the light they are.

The resemblance is not limited to their weight alone, it also extends to their functionality. From the arch support to the comfy feel, they both offer great quality for your feet.

Why should I buy a Literide Crocs?

Crocs Literide vs Reviva

The Literide crocs is an amazing cushioned kind-of footwear. This footwear is inspired by the evolving lifestyle that you love and you can wear them on your terms and for how long you desire.

The literide foam footbeds are a new generation innovation that has been designed to give you that sensational feel with every step that you take. The literide foams are extremely soft, incredibly resilient, and lightweight.

The foams are athletically inspired to give your lifestyle the confidence it requires. The durability of these foams is also second to none as they match you up with that extra bit of comfort and all-day support.

The sink-in softness makes them just perfect for warmups, strolls around the town, or outdoor business meetings.

These shoes fuse science and magic and they will be worth every penny you spend on them. The Literide shoes do not just offer a good level of comfort but also deliver trendy styles at their peak.

Why should I go for the Reviva Crocs?

Crocs Literide vs Reviva

The Reviva crocs can help you bring life to your days and re-energize it by giving you that peculiar bit of bounce that they are known for. Their foot maps are designed to deliver all-day comfort for your feet.

The footbeds come with a blissful bubble that massages your entire feet as you take each step. These crocs footwear leave an effect on you that will be as though you visited a spa.

They leave that after-spa glow effect on you. They can be your perfect buddies for your daily routines, weekend exercises, or just about any casual activity.

The Crocs Reviva can help you take that first step towards a sensational comfort path. This footwear is incredibly light and quite easy to wear. That comfortable and supportive footwear that you have been seeking is now within your reach with Reviva.

The strategically placed bumps help to relieve the pressure off your feet. This footwear will give you an experience that will remind you of the spa memories. The massage that this footwear gives you will make you love them all the way.

They will even almost make you fall in love with walking if you are not used to it. The upper region of the footwear is also washable, durable, and water-resistant. So, bounce through your day with the Crocs Reviva.


The Crocs footwear is becoming increasingly popular as the days go by. Their latest innovation of the Reviva and the Literides have even stepped up their game in recent times. Both footwears come with a great level of comfort that has got a lot of people talking about them.

So, we believe that we have been able to clear the air about both crocs’ footwears. We have been able to show you our preference and the benefits that footwear comes with.

We have also highlighted the differences that exist between the Reviva and the Literide and their similarities.

So, take a look through and make the ideal purchase decision.


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