Lined Crocs vs Classic: Similarities & Differences

Clogs are great footwear for everyone.

Clogs have amazing features, which make your feet comfortable as you walk around in them. You should have a pair of clogs in your collection.

I will recommend the Crocs brand to you.  Crocs brand makes the best of clogs you will ever find in the market.

Over the past months, the Crocs brand has caught the attention of many people because of its unique feature and how comfortable it makes people feel.

Among the many different types of clogs that are produced by crocs, the Lined and Classic clogs, stand out as one of the most used and enjoyed clogs.

lined crocs vs classic

This is why we are going to be looking at these clogs to spot their similarities and differences.

This is to serve as a guideline and also help you make informed decisions whenever you want to buy clogs.

Without the proper guidance, you can choose the wrong clog. The similarities between both clogs can confuse you.

As a matter of fact, Lined clogs and classic clogs have more similarities than differences.

Therefore, it is very easy for you to make a mistake when it comes to knowing the difference between these 2 clogs.

Take a look at the pictures below

Classic Crocs
Lined Crocs

From the pictures above, you will find it hard to notice the differences between these 2 clogs.

They have a lot of similarities than their differences. This is why it is hard to identify between both clogs.

Let us look at the differences between these amazing clogs made by crocs.

Similarities between classic clog and lined clogs

  • Same Crocs brand
  • They are both comfortable clogs
  • Both clogs’ material quality is excellent
  • Similar designs

Same Crocs brand

The classic and lined clogs are made by the crocs brand.

This is why it is hard to identify the differences between both clogs. They are made of a similar brand.

They also have a lot of identical features. The lined clogs and classic clogs are made by Crocs.

Therefore, you should not check for brand variances when looking for the differences between lined and classic clogs.

They are both comfortable clogs

Crocs are known to make one of the most comfortable clogs. Therefore, you know what to expect whenever you wear your crocs clog.

Comfort is the trademark of crocs. Therefore, you are going to enjoy a lot of comforts whenever you wear crocs.

The lined clog is as comfortable as the classic clog. There are many reasons why these clogs offer the same level of comfort. Let us look at these reasons:

The material of lined and classic clogs are made from croslite foam material

This material has a soft and cushioned quality, which keeps your feet comfortable and free from pains and aches.

The croslite foam material that is used in producing lined and classic clogs looks like plastic with an attached foam for cushioning.

Therefore, walking around in a shoe made with croslite foam is going to make you comfortable. From my experience with these clogs, the level of comfort is identical with each other. Your feet will feel cushioned enough to relax for long hours.

There are other shoes, which give your feet a rigid feeling. These types of shoes are not healthy for your feet.

Although they may become soft as you wear them over time, the discomfort you will feel whenever you wear them can have negative effects on your feet if it lingers for long.

However, wearing crocs is not going to feel that way. From the first time you wear crocs, you will begin to feel the comfort that comes with them.

Most especially the lined and classic clogs, the comfort is nothing to be compared with. The level of comfort comes from the material used in making these amazing clogs.

Therefore, there is no discrepancy between both clogs. This is a major and experiential similarity between both clogs.

The insoles of both classic and lined clogs are comfortable and cushioned for your feet

This is also a very important part of clogs. Whenever you want to buy clogs, you have to ensure that your clog has comfortable insoles.

The moment the insoles of your clog are rigid, then your feet will begin to rub against your clog. In order to prevent this, it is advisable to get either the lined clog or the classic clog.

Both clogs have comfortable insoles, which will always keep your feet comfortable.

As you walk from one place to another with your classic and lined clog, you are going to feel like walking on a feathered pillow. In addition to this, with every step you take, you will walk with a pump.

Your feet will be far from the hard floor surface. Therefore, you will not feel the hard floor surface – which might lead to injury.

Both clogs’ material quality is excellent

Both classic and line clogs are made of the same quality material.

Previously, we have seen that the material used in making crocs is croslite foam.

Lined and classic clogs are made of the same material quality which has the following features:

The material is waterproof

You can walk in the rain with either classic or lined clogs. This is something I do often. During winter seasons, my classic and lined clogs are the best shoes I wear outside.

The reason for this is because of how dry they keep my feet. Most especially during the rain or when I am going to visit the beach or walk on wet floor surfaces.

I will not expose my leather shoes or sneakers to such injustice. I prefer to wear my crocs for such conditions because I am sure that my feet will be secured and the material of my lined and classic clogs will not be affected negatively.

This brings me to the second point.

The croslite foam material used in making both classic and lined clogs are durable and can last for long.

It is true that croslite foam material is plastic-like. Others say it feels like rubber. Therefore, when exposed to heat, it will begin to shrink and melt.

It is rare for crocs to melt except you put it into the fire or become careless when it comes to how you maintain its quality.

However, in general, classic and lined clogs are strong clogs that are produced by crocs. I can recommend these clogs to you because of how much I enjoy using mine.

For the past 3 years, I have never regretted using my clogs. The quality has not dissipated. The material used in making classic and lined clogs is very strong.

The fact that they are resistant to water/moist gives them a long-lasting quality. Therefore, the material quality of both lined clogs and classic clogs is top-notch.

Sole quality are slip-resistant and water-resistant

The Outsole quality of both lined clogs and classic clogs is slip-resistant and water-resistant.

Walking across slippery floor surfaces is safe. With the outsoles of both lined clogs and classic clogs, you will enjoy stability while walking.

You will not fall down whenever you walk across slippery floor surfaces with both clogs. If you want to visit the park or the beach.

Then these clogs are suitable for your feet. The rubber outsoles will give you the stability you need.

Lined clogs have slip-resistant outsoles, while classic clogs have slip-resistant outsoles.

If you need slip-resistant clogs, then you will enjoy this feature from both clogs.

Similar designs

This is where people always get confused.

I also had my fair share of confusion during my first purchase of classic clog.

However, over time, I have learned that the designs of both classic and lined clogs look alike. This is why there will always be one or two confusions between both clogs.

The shape of a classic clog is not different from that of lined clog.

Differences between lined crocs and classic

S/no Features Classic Crocs
Line Crocs
1 Ventilation ports This clog has enough ventilation ports on the upper material and the toe region It also has enough ventilation ports, but the toe region is covered.
2 The upper material design It has a smooth and sleek upper material design There are contoured edges on the upper design.
3 Body framework The body framework of this clog is smaller when compared to lined clogs The body framework is longer than the classic clog.
4 Insole quality It does not have a lined on the inside It has liners, which add comfort and cushioning to your feet.
5 Usage Classic clog is great for dry season Lined clog is great for the winter season

Ventilation Ports are different

When it comes to the design framework, both clogs look similar. However, there are slight differences, which might not be noticed if you do not pay close attention to the following slight differences.

The toe region of both clogs has some slight differences. There are ventilation ports at the toe region of the classic clog.

However, there are no ventilation ports at the toe region of line clogs.

Lined Clog
Classic Clog

From the pictures above, you can see the differences between both clogs. The toe regions have some differences.

Just as I have mentioned above, you can clearly see that the ventilation ports are absent in the lined clog. Therefore, you will not enjoy free airflow whenever you wear your lined clog.

However, for the classic clog, there are ventilation ports. About 8 ports surround the toe region of your classic shoe.

This will allow the free flow of air around your feet and toes. As air pass through the ventilation ports on the upper, this is exactly how air will flow through the toe region.

Therefore, when it comes to having an effective breathable feature, the classic clog is my best pick. If you need some air, then use your classic clog to take a walk.

If you look at the lined clog, you are going to observe that it has a unique contour design on the upper material. However, the classic clog does not have such a contour.

The upper material design is smooth and fluffy. The pictures above show you a clear picture of this fact. This is something you should look out for whenever you want to buy either classic or lined clog.

Whenever you want to buy a classic clog, look at the upper material design. If the design is smooth and sleek, then you are buying the exact clog.

However, the moment you see contours on the upper material design, then there is a wide possibility that you are buying lined clog.

This difference is not visible if you are not aware of it. This article just saved you from making the wrong choice.

Body framework of the classic clog is smaller

The body framework of the classic clog is smaller than lined clogs. Therefore, if you have long feet, the lined clog is the best for you.

The reason for this is because there is enough space for your feet in the lined clog. The classic clog is smaller than the lined clog.

By looking at the pictures above, it is not difficult to recognize this difference. The length of the classic clog is shorter than the length of lined clog.

Line crocs have replacement liner in the insoles

There is a slight difference between the insoles of both classic clog and lined clog.

Classic clog does not have a replacement lined on the inside, while lined clog has replacement liners on the inside.

From the picture above, you will realize something like a sock, which is inserted into the insole of lined clog.

This sock will give you additional comfort and give your feet additional cushioning and warmth during dry seasons.

However, this is not so for the classic clog. The insoles of classic clog do not have such liners.

Classic Crocs is great for hot days

Classic clog is great for dry seasons or on hot days. The reason for this is the breathable feature, which keeps your feet cool and free from sweat.

The line clog is good for the winter season. It has liners, which keeps your feet warm and cozy even amidst the cold breeze.

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