Crocs Literide vs Classic: Which is Better?

When someone mentions Crocs, the Classic style is usually what comes to mind. They are comfortable and supportive, and then, the strap at the back of the heel can be adjusted to make them into more of a mule style. Most persons love them as they call them the comfier footwear. Recently, Crocs announced an … Read more

10 Shoe Pads That Make You Taller

The fact that you want to add a few inches to your height is not a new thing. There could be many reasons, like being taller than your date, reducing the height gap between you and a partner, balancing a shorter leg, or maybe even as a confidence boost at work or wherever you go. … Read more

10 Best Replacement Insoles for Yeezy 350

Tracking down the best replacement insoles for Yeezy 350 can be challenging. There’s a lot of options out there, and it can be hard to know what’s a good choice and what isn’t. When I bought my pair of Yeezys, I also went out and bought a pair of Ultra Boost parallels for the sole … Read more

Ajio vs Flipkart: Which is Better?

Shopping online has been made enjoyable especially in India, it even gets interesting and amazing when you can shop all kinds of products with ease and at the same time get quality services. They are so many online shopping brands in India such as Myntra, Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Koovs, and so on. They all have … Read more

Does Converse Make Your Feet Look Big and Fat?

Converse makes your feet look big and fat especially around the ankle if you are a bigfoot. But it makes small feet look smaller than they already are. Many people believe Converse shoes are designed with people with small feet in mind. This is curated from the opinion of people who have had experience using … Read more