How To Clean Crocs Jibbitz

The methods below are what I have used to wash my Jibbitz Crocs and preventing them from damages. I still use these methods to date, I am not surprised my Crocs Jibbitz is never looking old or rough.

You can wash your Crocs and its Jibbitz if you follow these steps I have outlined below.

Ways to clean your Crocs Jibbitz

How To Clean Crocs Jibbitz

Alternative 1 – Hand wash together with Crocs with foam

I hand-wash with foam often, whenever I go out for a long day walk, I hand wash it to bring its beauty back to life; here are the steps I take while washing my Jibbitz with foam.

Step 1

Pour a teaspoon of Zero odor soft detergent and a little quantity of water into a small bucket, I use the zero odor detergent because it contains the necessary ingredients. It doesn’t bleach nor fades my shoe.

In addition, it makes my washing easier. If you have a detergent you use and you are cool with it, you can even replace it with the Zero odor soft detergent.

Check which one works better, I will love to hear from you.

Step 2

While your Crocs is in soapy water, wipe the Crocs gently with the foam make sure you use the foam on the top and the sides of your Crocs to endure uniformity.

It will help you get rid of dirt without any need to put pressure on your Crocs or Jibbitz.

Step 3

Before you rinse your Crocs, you should wash the edges of your Jibbitz, you don’t need to worry about the upper part of the Jibbitz, and if you followed the step above it is obvious you have washed the top part of your Crocs.

Step 4

Rinse and dry under sunlight, but there is a problem…

Drying footwear like Crocs for long will result in shrinking, in other to avoid this; you have to prevent exposing it to sunlight for long. You can use a dryer for this, it does it better.

Alternative 2 – Pull the Jibbitz out and wash separately with a soft brush

This alternative ensures a clean wash, there is a need to wash the bottom part of your Jibbitz, but this won’t be possible if you don’t take your Jibbitz off.

I do use to wash my Crocs and the Jibbitz together until I was taught how to go by removing my Jibbitz, I have seen friends who made attempts to remove their Jibbitz and end up damaging both the Crocs and the Jibbitz.

The last segment of this content explains how to detach your Jibbitz from your Crocs without causing any harm.

Step 1

After detaching, you may decide to use foam or soft brush, both work perfectly to make sure your Crocs sparkle gain, just the way you bought it.

I use a soft brush most times because it allows you to scrub well, not aggressively though, that is the reason I emphasized getting a soft brush.

You can check on a soft brush on Amazon for a penny, getting a soft brush may be a huge task most times, because you may end up getting something not close to soft.

The brush is made of soft fur and I love it.

Pour a teaspoon of Zero odor soft detergent and a little quantity of water into a small bucket, mix and wash gently.

Step 2

Rinse and dry, prevent drying for long in other to prevent your Crocs from shrinking.

Can you wash your Crocs with Jibbitz?

How To Clean Crocs Jibbitz

When it comes to washing my Crocs and Jibbitz together, my answer is yes you can!

It is possible to wash your Crocs with your Jibbitz on. A Jibbitz is like a plastic and stylish material which comes in form of text, crafted image, and it is for fashion purpose thing.

So, expect no harm when you attempt to wash your Crocs without trying to remove the Jibbitz on it.

I could recall the story of my cousin who bought a face cap; the cap has metallic stuff attached to it in other to make it stylish, he bought it for around $50.

I must confess that cap is one of the most fashionable and quality cap I have ever seen, but he made a mistake I will never forget. I am sure he will never forgive himself for making such a silly mistake.

This disfigured his cap, I was really mad at him because what he did is something a college student who did chemistry will never make, this is what he did…

The first time he attempted to wash his cap after 4 days of buying it online, he dipped his white cap in the bucket to wash, including the attached metallic stylish stuff on it, this metal is detachable.

I am sure he was aware because we both read the product manual.

Never minded the fact that water enhances the process of corrosion, he washed his cap with the metal, after some weeks he noticed a touch of brown color on his pure white cap.

It was then I realized he must have been washing his cap with the metal, the brown color indicates rusting.

So, in the case of washing your Crocs with the Jibbitz on, you need to be sure before you go ahead. It sucks when you see something you bought with your hard earnings get devaluated.

I know it sucks because my cousin had to stop wearing his favorite cap, the brown rust messed the sparkling cap.

I should remind you, these Jibbitz are made of rubber-plastic material, and dipping it in water will not affect it because the Jibbitz is not a leather material that can wear off. Neither is it iron that rust when it comes with contact with water and the atmosphere.

It can repel water and does not have the structure to absorb water because of its waterproof nature.

Now you can be sure of washing your Crocs while the Jibbitz attached to it is on without having and negative effect on it, you don’t have to take the risk of removing the Jibbitz from holes in your Crocs.

Are Crocs Jibbitz removable?

Yes, Crocs Jibbitz are removable, but there is a problem if you try to remove the Jibbitz on your Crocs. Most times, I advise people not to remove Jibbitz from Crocs, especially new Crocs.

This is because a lot of people don’t know how to remove it. Also while attaching the Jibbitz to Crocs; some do it the wrong way.

Where the problem comes from is when you are perfect at fixing it, you can fix and detach it well, you get tempted to play with it by removing and attaching it almost all the time.

This is a bad act if you have been doing this. It makes the hole of your Crocs expand; this happened to me when I bought my first set of Jibbitz Crocs.

I got my first Jibbitz Crocs; I knew I was about to damage my Crocs when I tried to detach the Jibbitz the day I bought, not my fault I am a know-it guy, fascinated and will love to remove and feel the Jibbitz.

I had no idea of how to detach it; I only realized I was trying to remove it forcefully until I was taught by someone who knows better.

  • In case you will love to remove or detach your Crocs Jibbitz one day, then you should try as much as possible to fit it in or out slightly.
  • You don’t have to force it in or out, in the process, the Jibbitz should be attached diagonally, within the range of 30-40 degrees.
  • This is important because it is not possible to remove the Jibbitz directly without a need to bend out.
  • Repeat the process when you are about to fix your Jibbitz after removal or maybe you bought a new set of Jibbitz and you will love to insert it in your Crocs holes.

Still, I will advise you to ignore removing your Jibbitz because as time goes on, the hole tends to expand. You may eventually lose most of your Jibbitz while walking since your holes can’t grip them firmly any longer.

Although, removal of Jibbitz is recommendable when you avoid larger surface Jibbitz, buying something like the smaller set of unisex Jibbitz will prevent your Crocs hole from expanding unnecessarily.

Have you been able to wash your Jibbitz successfully? Let me know how you did it.

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