Crocs vs Skechers: Similarities & Differences

It is always a close call, but Skechers are slightly better than Crocs shoes because they are more versatile, functional, safer, and more fashionable. Skechers are more athletic shoes than fashionable. In fact, Skechers is renowned to be the 3rd largest sports shoemaker in the world. But Croc shoes are not only meant for running … Read more

Are Crocs Unisex?

Yes, Crocs shoes have no distinct design for men or women. They are unisex. I thought it was a difficult one. The basic Croc shape is genderless: it’s like a clog or a shower shoe or any other utilitarian thing you wear on your feet while doing something else. On the other hand, it’s made … Read more

10 Crocs that are Business Casual

Are Crocs business casual? Yes, but not all Crocs are business casual. Although Crocs are known mostly for their clogs and beautiful rubber-like flip-flops, there are some categories of Crocs shoes like the Crocs loafers that are suitable to be worn for work or that are business casual. When you need footwear that you can … Read more

How Do Fake Crocs Look Like? (Find Out in 2022)

Crocs are one of the most comfortable and durable brands of shoes that you can ever purchase in the market today. The shoes made by Crocs, Inc. have come to be highly respected and revered by people all over the globe because of their comfort, balance, ease, durability, and affordability. Due to how functional and … Read more