Literide vs Literide 360: Comparison

The major difference between the Literide and the Literide 360 is the fact that the Literide 360 is the restyled version of the Literide. The Literide 360 are softer, they come with a curve at the bottom of the sole which I’m sure signifies the improved arch support feature that these must have come with. … Read more

Crocs Specialist vs Specialist II: Comparison

Crocs make many great shoes that people all over the world want to wear and experience today. The Crocs Specialist and The Crocs Specialist IIs are two of the most comfortable and fashionable Crocs Clogs that are available right now. The main difference between The Crocs Specialists and The Crocs Specialist II clogs is the … Read more

Crocs Roomy Fit vs Relaxed Fit: Comparison

Wearing Crocs as casual footwear seems like the only pair of comfy slip-on shoes that really offers that comfort one needs at the feet all through the day. Truth is, not everyone has the same foot type and finding good Crocs that fit especially for a wider foot is GOLD. So, when comparing the Crocs … Read more

Are Crocs Padded?

Crocs are one of the most popular types of footwear on the market today. Even though it was actually created for boating, it quickly became popular as summer footwear. They are comfortable, making you feel as if you are wearing slippers. Do you want to know if Crocs are padded? Crocs are deemed padded since … Read more

Crocs Yukon Vista I vs Vista II: Comparison

For comfortable footwear that you can conveniently wear anywhere, many people turn to the Crocs for their needs. The Crocs Yukon Vista I clogs and The Crocs Yukon Vista IIs are some of the most comfortable Crocs for you to consider buying today. The main difference between these two similar Crocs is the comfort that … Read more