Lined Crocs vs Classic: Similarities & Differences

Clogs are great footwear for everyone. Clogs have amazing features, which make your feet comfortable as you walk around in them. You should have a pair of clogs in your collection. I will recommend the Crocs brand to you.  Crocs brand makes the best of clogs you will ever find in the market. Over the … Read more

Why Are My White Crocs Turning Orange?

This is one of the many questions asked by billions of internet users as they seek answers daily, to aid clarification and possible means of finding an end to the problem. It’s a very terrible thing to have one’s white shoes, Crocs especially, turning orange and have it looking far less attractive. Here is a … Read more

Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes?

There’s a thing about the exactness of design styles if it relates to numbers, especially on multiple products that plant curiosity to our minds. This brings us to this question; why do Crocs have 13 holes in them? What could the holes possibly be for? Perhaps the designers had reasons. Not only will the article … Read more

Why Are My White Crocs Turning Blue?

Crocs, like other footwear, get dirty and possible discoloration from use. White Crocs eventually turns to blue in some cases. Some of the causes range from; their contact with air and water over time – oxidization naturally happens, dirt and sweat too. Other instances are cases where they get soaked and get to absorb the … Read more