ON Cloud X vs Asics: Which One Is Better?

The major difference between the On Cloud X and Asics is in the design and function.

The ON Cloud X running shoes are known to perform a wider range of jobs like workout and running while the Asics is basically for running.

The ON Cloud X is designed in such a way that it will provide you with an improved energy return, which reduces the risk of having constant shock as you run.

ON Cloud X vs Asics

This means that the On Cloud X running shoes have better cushioning than those of the Asics, while those of the Asics have better traction.

Both the On Cloud X and the Asics are two amazing running shoes that perform excellently.

You get better comfort when you wear On Cloud X running shoes, but you get better traction when you wear Asics. I will go deeper into the comparison of these two running shoes. You should read on. 

On Cloud X Review

ON Cloud X vs Asics

The On Cloud company was started in 2010 by three friends, David Allemann, Casper Coppetti, and Olivier Bernhard, who was a former athlete.

The On Cloud X is a type of On Cloud running shoe that focuses more on versatility. This type can be used for a wide variety of activities like workouts and running.

It has the durability and comfortable fit that running shoes ought to provide you.

On Cloud X running shoes have a firm fit and they also have softer padding on the inside, which contributes to the good cushioning that the shoe comes with. On Cloud X running shoes have more technology built into them.

For example, they have an outsole technology that looks like grooves or channels that allows whoever is wearing the shoe to feel the soft ground while running.

ON Cloud X vs Asics

You will also get other features like a firm fitting, which allows the shoe to last more than one year.

When runners buy shoes, they expect them to last a year, but because of the firmness of the On Cloud X shoes, you can use them for more than a year and they will still be functional as long as proper maintenance is performed.

Running shoes are usually enjoyable when they are light. When the shoes are light, you can run with them comfortably without feeling like you actually have shoes on.

You will also get this bouncy feature on the insole, which makes you well cushioned while you run. 


  • Comfortable fit
  • Firm build
  • Durable
  • They are light
  • Versatile
  • They are bouncy


  • It does not have excellent traction.

Asics Review

ON Cloud X vs Asics

Asics is a running shoe brand that is known worldwide for making comfortable sneakers and running shoes.

Asics is a Japanese brand that was originally known as Onitsuka Co., Ltd. It was founded in Japan on September 1, 1949, by Kihachiro Onitsuka.

The brand started by manufacturing basketball shoes, then they later expanded into making running shoes. Asics shoes shine when it comes to traction.

This is one feature that not many running shoes out there have been able to beat. When you take a look at the design of Asics running shoes, you will notice that they have a wide toe box that makes them so comfortable for those who have flat feet.

Those with flat feet need shoes with a wider toe box so that they can move their toes or even wiggle them comfortably without getting any feeling of discomfort.

Asics shoes have good shock-absorbing technology that prevents you from feeling the shock that comes when your feet get in contact with the ground as you run.

The GEL technology is the one responsible for this feature. Asics also has different types of shoes that you can use for different sports. Asics running shoes are usually narrow around the middle and heel. 

ON Cloud X vs Asics


  • GEL technology is advantageous
  • Good shock absorption feature
  • Good traction
  • comfortable fit
  • Durable


  • They don’t have the best cushioning.

ON Cloud X vs Asics: Comparison

For you to know which one will be best for you and why you need to go through this detailed comparison between the two brands. This will help you to decide which one you would like to get based on the specifications.

Let’s compare the two brands. In the end, you should be able to decide based on the comparison in this article. 


Breathability is one feature in shoes that helps to keep you warm by allowing ventilation in the shoes.

In situations where you may be running for long hours with any of these running shoes, you may start to get sweaty, but if your shoe has a good breathability feature, your feet will not get all sweaty.

ON Cloud X running shoes are built with a mesh upper. This mesh upper gives room for enough air to come into the shoe while you make use of it.

When your feet become too moist, they start to smell. That is why the Asics shoes absorb sweat and moisture through the upper, which will help to keep the shoe dry so that it does not cause irritation as you wear it.

For example, I prefer this type of shoe because it helps me to have dry feet as I make use of the shoe. ON Cloud X shoes have a different type of moisture-wicking technology.

They have the Ortholite material build that works to manage the build-up of moisture in the shoe. This feature helps to keep the shoe dry and also your feet dry. 

Winner: Tie


The durability of your shoes determines how long you can wear them. that are durable tend to last longer and help you save money by not buying shoes too frequently.

ON Cloud X shoes are made with CloudTech® in ultralight HelionTM super foam, making them light but durable.

This material is a comfortable one that you can bank on each time you are running and you want something that will last a long time for you. Imagine wearing shoes that do not last.

You will only use them for a while before they start to deteriorate. The Asics running shoes also have good build quality. It comes with a combination of Solyte and SpEVA built.

These materials combine to give you a mixture of comfort and durability. Both of these shoes are durable, and it will be difficult for you to say which one is more durable than the other. It is a tie for both of them.

Winner: Tie


The ON Cloud X running shoes fit in such a way that they hug your feet. makes you feel like the shoes are a part of your leg.

It gives you that freedom that you need to spread your legs and also the comfortable fit that you need to stay active as you run.

You will also get a wide fit on the ON Cloud X running shoes. What this wide fit does for you is that it gives you more room for your leg to fit inside the shoe.

When it comes to the fit of the Asics running shoes, it is quite different. Asics running shoes have a snug fit.

What this snug fit means is that it fits perfectly to the point that there is no excess space for your feet to move or even wiggle.

Some people prefer this type of fit to the wide fit of the ON Cloud X running shoes. The snug fit is widely loved by many people.

This is what makes it a winner over the wide fit of the ON Cloud X running shoes. 

Winner: Asics


The cushioning of the ON Cloud X shoes is really good. One thing that makes the cushioning really good is the outsole technology it comes with.

The outsole technology has a groove or what is called a channel that allows whoever is wearing the shoe to feel comfortable each time they wear it.

When you are running with ON Cloud X shoes, there will be some sort of shock that occurs because of the impact of the shoe and the ground, but what this cushioning system will do is it will help you feel the soft ground even while you run.

Asics shoes, on the other hand, have what is known to be the Flytefoam technology. This cushioning system gives you a bounce-back feeling each time you wear it.

The Gel technology that is present in Asics shoes is responsible for the cushioning and also the cushioning system on the ON Cloud X shoes is a bit similar to that of the Asics, but the ON Cloud X performs better because it gives more energy.

Winner: ON Cloud X shoes  


Stability is something that both shoes possess. The grooves in the outsole of the ON Cloud X shoes give them better stability as you make use of them.

Some other models of the ON Cloud Xshoe come with foam inside the shoes. What this foam does is that it enables you to have more cushioning as you run. When you run, your legs get in contact with the ground.

This creates some sort of impact, which could lead to shock on your feet, but because of this foam, the shock will be absorbed thereby keeping you comfortable. Asics shoes also offer a good level of stability.

It has a dual-density midsol3 system, which is known as the Dupmax. With this feature, you can rest assured that you will get good stability because of the cushioning and comfort that this shoe provides.

There is also another good feature present in Asics shoes that helps to improve stability. That feature is called the external Asics shoe clutch.

What this does is that it enables your foot to have a good and natural movement as you run. This will help you stay comfortable and also increase your stability as you run.

When you wear shoes that are stable, it will increase your ability to perform at your best. Asics shoes have a wider range of features that help with stability. 

Winner: Asics


Pricing is also another important factor that determines if someone will actually purchase a particular shoe. No matter how good the shoes are, only a small group of people will be able to afford them.

When you compare the pricing of the two brands, you will notice that there is not much of a difference between the two.

The ON Cloud X tends to have its entry-level running shoes start at a higher price than the Asics shoes.

This is because of the high technology built into the shoes. ON Cloud X shoes have this ClousTec technology that makes the shoes have a flexible footbed.

This is one of the unique features that makes the shoe a bit expensive. On the flip side, Asics shoes start at a lower price than those of ON Cloud X.

However, the difference in price for the entry-level running shoes for both brands is not too great.

This does not mean that all Asics running shoes are cheap; those ones that have sophisticated technology are not expensive, and you will have to spend a couple more bucks in order to get one for yourself.

Asics shoes are more friendly when it comes to pricing. They offer good quality for a reasonable price, which is lower than that of the ON Cloud X shoes.

This makes it available to a wide range of people, unlike the ON Cloud X running shoes that start at a higher price. Asics shoes have won when it comes to pricing.

Winner: Asics


I am pretty sure you have read through this post and you are about to make a decision on which one you would like to buy.

The decision may not be easy because the two brands are really good.

If what you want is something that has a high technology build, can be used for more activities, coupled with moderate cushioning, and is best for road running, then the ON Cloud X shoes are best for you.

Take note that the ON Cloud X shoes cost more, so if you want to get one for yourself, you should also be willing to spend more because it actually costs more than the Asics shoes.

Go for Asics if you want shoes with excellent stability and shoes that also have very good traction that will keep you grounded while you are running.

The good thing about Asics is that their entry-level shoes are affordable and they still offer good quality.

If you do not have so much money to spare, go for Asics. If you have the money, you can go for ON Cloud X running shoes.




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