10 Hey Dude Shoes Complaints In The Last 5 Years

Hey Dude is one of the best dress shoe brands today, but there have been several complaints about the brand and its shoes recently.

In this article, we will carefully pick out just 10 of these complaints from customers all over the world.

My top 10 Hey Dude Shoes Complaints

Hey Dude Shoes Complaints

  1. Bad Customer’s Service
  2. Delayed Delivery
  3. Not Durable
  4. Runs Too Big
  5. Wrong Delivery, No Delivery
  6. No Refunds, Delay in Exchange
  7. Displacement of Order, Missing Shoes
  8. Not Good For Work
  9. Thin Sole that Wore Out Easily
  10. Bad Stitching, Loose Stitches

Bad Customer’s Service

I am starting with this because we all know how important customer service is to a business.

The truth is that, if the Customer service of this brand is responsive, a lot of these complaints would be out of the way. Many customers are unsatisfied with the customer service of Hey Dude.

And this happens on the official website of the brand. A customer will make a complaint through the customer’s service line and there will be no response for weeks.

Sometimes, the response comes and the problem is not solved.

Imagine placing an order and you are to track that order until it arrives, but, the customer’s service is not responding. You do not know the status of your item and when exactly it will arrive.

This is not just a complaint from one or two customers, this is from hundreds of them on different review sites.

We do not know what Hey Dude is doing about this very complaint, but till now the status remains the same.

Delayed Delivery

This is what no one wants to experience. Trust is supposed to be one anchor factor in business. If your item is set to have arrived within one week on the official Hey Dude website, that may not actually be so.

Some customers have complained of their items staying for months before arrival. Now, that can really be frustrating!

What if you had to present the pair of Hey Dude shoes you ordered as a gift to your daughter or son as a birthday gift and it ended up arriving months after the birthday? Very disappointing indeed.

This happens most of the time when you order from the official Hey Dude website. So many customers have had to get a plan B just because Hey Dude failed to deliver in time.

This would be forgivable if it happened a few times. But, reading customers’ reviews and complaints online is proof that they are not actually good at delivering ordered items in time.

If you do not want to be this disappointed, you may decide to order Hey Dude shoes from any other online store. Paying the extra cash will help you.

Not Durable

Hey Dude shoes are supposed to be more durable than some shoe brands like Lamo. But, recently, some customers are not still satisfied with the lasting capacity of Hey Dude shoes.

Some customers have complained to have received Hey Dude shoes that get torn out in days. Now, imagine purchasing a shoe and after just a few days of wearing the pair, they are already tearing apart.

That’s surely disappointing. Sometimes, you never can know which one will actually last for you. But, the probability of buying a Hey Dude pair of shoes and they get torn in days is there.

We cannot say if the ones that get torn easily are fake or not. But, the fact remains that they are Hey Dude shoes and most times, they are bought from the official Hey Dude website.

Regardless of this, a lot of customers have also reviewed how durable Hey Dude is. So, what’s the case here? Are they making both durable and non-durable shoes at the same time? We cannot tell.

Just be careful while buying. Sometimes, the one many people have reviewed has easily torn apart, one customer might buy it and find it lasting. These things happen.

Runs Too Big

For Hey Dude shoes to run big is actually expected because of the materials used in making them. But, for them to run too big is not what is expected.

Hey Dude shoes are made of recycled fiber materials and these materials have the tendency of stretching over time.

This is why sometimes, it is advised you size down in order for the shoe to stretch and conform to your feet.

But, in this case, it overstretches and the shoe becomes oversized. As a result of this, such customers cannot wear the shoe again. According to the complaint, this happens in weeks.

You can imagine losing your favorite pair of shoes in a few weeks just because it overstretches and is oversized.

This alone can discourage a customer from purchasing from Hey Dude brand again. The fact is, a lot of customers, after dropping their disappointing reviews pledge not to patronize Hey Dude again.

Some even go ahead to discourage others from buying from them. So, for Hey Dude to remain a top brand, they need to do something about this.

As a customer, you can help yourself by ordering a size down in this case.

Wrong Delivery, No Delivery

This is something no one wants to experience, especially in this 21st century where almost everything is digital.

This complaint is specifically about the official Hey Dude website. Some customers who ordered from there either have the wrong items delivered to them or they never received their deliveries.

Now, this is really bad and it is actually implicating the integrity of Hey Dude brand. Some customers complained of ordering for a color of a shoe and then receiving another color. You know how disappointing this can be.

There are also cases where the shoes ordered from Hey Dude website never arrived. In some of these cases, Hey Dude had disclaimed that that wasn’t their official website.

Are they now saying there is a cloned website of Hey Dude duping people? I do not want to go into that. All of this is pointing to the fact that it may not really be safe to buy from the official Hey Dude website.

Most of these complaints are from the purchases made on the official Hey Dude site. But, there are other alternatives to purchasing your favorite Hey Dude shoes.

No Refunds, Delay in Exchange

There is always a refund policy in most shoe brands out there and as long as a customer opts to refund during the refund policy stipulated days, those items can be refunded and exchanged or the money is returned.

In this case, some customers have complained that Hey Dude had refused refunds even when it was during the stipulated date.

In some cases where a pair wasn’t true to size for that customer and he/she wants to return and get refunds of the money, customers have complained how they never got their monies back.

So, even when they agree to exchange one shoe for another, it takes time for that to be done. In most cases, Hey Dude would require an additional charge for the exchange of shoes to be done.

Just like I said earlier, most of the complaints here are customer service-based. So, even while the customers would be trying to reach out to them concerning the delay, the Customer care line would be busy.

Almost always. And again, this happens mostly on the Hey Dude official website. So, you may not experience all of these if you try purchasing from another online store like Amazon.

Displacement of Order, Missing Shoes

Here is another kind of complaint from Hey Dude customers. Some of the customers complained to have received another person’s order, something totally different from what they ordered.

This had to take them a whole lot of time to get their original order. Some never got their original orders. So, imagine ordering three pairs of shoes and you end up receiving just a pair that is totally unrelated to what you ordered.

The stress of returning that and getting yours is definitely enormous, especially when Hey Dude has a name for the delayed response.

Sometimes, there are cases of missing shoes. A customer actually complained about ordering a pair of shoes and then receiving an empty box. That sounds ridiculous, right?

That’s just a fragment of the complaints about Hey Dude. Sometimes, complaints are good because they make a brand sit up and do better.

But, we really do not know what Hey Dude is doing about any of these complaints. What they do sometimes is to send a disclaimer mail and exempt the brand from the issue and these issues keep piling up.

In some cases, a customer orders for two pairs and then receives just a pair.

Not Good For Work

Hey Dude shoes are supposed to be dress shoes suitable for work in the office and other places. But, some customers have complained that Hey Dude is actually not good for work.

This is a customer that has tried using Hey Dude to work for a few days and then finds Hey Dude not comfortable and tearing out easily.

Some customers find them not comfortable enough to use while they work. We do not know the kind of work these customers do in Hey Dude shoes, but they think Hey Dude is not suitable for such work.

Hey Dude is made from fibres from marine waste. There are areas that the shoes cannot really function in and they may get torn easily.

Hey Dude shoes are most suitable for office work and dry space. If they are used in wet regions, that is when they may easily get torn.

So, this is in case you buy a pair of Hey Dude shoes, there are some work you should not use them for. They are only suitable for office work.

Any other complaints aside this condition should be handled by Hey Dude brand itself. But, we do not know how they respond to a complaint like this.

Thin Sole that Wore Out Easily

Hey Dude shoes are made with the famous EVA lightweight outsole. This is actually one of the uniqueness of Hey Dude shoes. But, it seems some customers find the lightweight extreme.

Some customers have complained of having Hey Dude shoes with extremely thin soles that wore out easily. We all know that the sole of a shoe determines the durability of that shoe.

So, if Hey Dude is so lightweight and thin that it falls apart easily, of what use is the lightweight?

I believe this does not apply to all of Hey Dude shoes because not every customer has complained of this. But, maybe, some shoe soles made by Hey Dude became too thin that they wore out easily.

Generally, Hey Dudes are durable shoes. Although this complaint is not rampant yet, we will not generalize it to all Hey Dude shoes.

This might happen as a result of other factors. Maybe, where the customers used the shoes or how they take care of them.

Nevertheless, it is still a complaint and Hey Dude ought to respond to this.

Bad Stitching, Loose Stitches

When complaints such as this are made, the customer is often required to send in pictures to confirm such complaints.

Some customers have actually made this complaint to Hey Dude with pictures but, from the response, Hey Dude still didn’t take responsibility for it.

Everything still anchors on bad Customer Service. Some customers have blamed bad craftsmanship for this issue.

The case is that the stitches get loosed within days. It would be so disappointing to purchase this as a gift and then have the person tell you about the bad gift you presented.


You only have to be careful while purchasing because you may never know which has bad stitching and which does not.

Getting a pair of shoes that get loosed easily is not a good experience and it’s actually frustrating.

Hey Dude needs to, first of all, improve on their Customer Service in order for customers to reach them and receive a quick response to their complaints.

You should note that most of these complaints are about Hey Dude shoes purchased from Hey Dude website. Hey Dude shoes purchased from other online stores have fewer complaints.


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  1. Hey dude customer service is awful!! No one response back to you – doesn’t matter how many emails you send!! Delivery is the worse! Shoes arrived after Christmas and I no longer need them because the shoes were holiday ones and meant to wear for the month of December. When the shoes finally arrived at the end of the month, shoes were missing boxes, boxes were broken horribly. I tried calling Heydude and there is no one to speak with, you stay on the line for over 40 minutes until you had enough and hang up. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOE COMPANY TO ANYONE!!!!! I just want a refund and the company ignores your emails horrible customer service ever!!!! Also these shoes were for my grandson and I was very disappointed with how this company handled my order. Very unprofessional.


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