Crocs Vs Dawgs: Comparison

There has been a great battle between Crocs and Dawgs for decades.

When Dawgs began producing plastic clogs, Crocs filed a lawsuit against this company alleging that the Dawgs producing company has copied the custom Crocs design which is against the law.

However, Dawgs claims that there are more than 35 differences between Crocs and Dawgs.

Crocs Vs Dawgs

This article is not about the battle between the clog-producing companies. This article is focused on identifying the similarities and differences between Crocs and Dawgs.

Crocs and Dawgs are both amazing shoes that make you feel good whenever you wear them. I am a fan of Crocs, but my curiosity has led me to buy Dawgs which I find good and suitable for my feet just as crocs.

There are some minor differences that might make me select Crocs over Dawgs.

In this article, I would state and explain the differences and similarities between Crocs and Dawgs clogs. This is to help your curiosity and give you the answers you seek.

Similarities between Crocs and Dawgs

S/N Dawgs Crocs
1 Dawgs is produced with EVA croslite foam CROCS is produced with EVA croslite foam
2 The sole is made of rubber which is slip-resistant The sole is made of rubber which is slip-resistant


3 It has a shape that is identical with Crocs clog The design of Crocs is exactly what Dawgs looks like
4 It is lightweight and makes walking easier It is lightweight and makes walking easier
5 It is comfortable, durable, and convenient It is comfortable, durable, and convenient.
6 It has a breathable feature that keeps your feet cool and dry It has a breathable feature that keeps your feet cool and dry


7 It has an adjustable strap for a secure fit It has an adjustable strap for a secure fit
8 It offers arch support It offers arch support

Material quality

Both Crocs and Dawgs are made of Croslite foam material. This material is a closed-cell resin that makes clogs lightweight and comfortable to walk in. I have always heard people talk about clogs being made of rubber or plastic. They are wrong.

If you have always been of the opinion that clogs are made of plastic or rubber, then you need to read this article.

Clogs are made of a resin called Croslite which feels like rubber or plastic when you touch them. However, they are not plastic or rubber.

This is a similar feature between Crocs and Dawgs clogs. They are made of similar material which explains why they are lightweight and have a durable and long-lasting quality.

The Croslite material is also responsible for the odor-resistant feature found in both Crocs and Dawgs clogs.

This is one visible similar feature that can be found in both clogs. This is why it almost feels like there are no similarities between Crocs and Dawgs.

They are both made of Croslite foam material which makes them super lightweight and durable to wear for a long time and under harsh conditions.

Sole quality

Crocs and Dawgs both come in a rubber sole. One common feature of a rubber sole is durability and flexibility. This can be found in both Crocs and Dawgs respectively.

The rubber sole is extremely lightweight and slip-resistant.

This makes both clogs suitable for wet and slippery floor surfaces. Furthermore, the rubber sole is made of EVA which makes it very comfortable to wear.

These soles come with a level of traction that allows for stability whenever you are walking.

Dawgs has a rubber sole of great quality that makes the clog last longer. Crocs also has a rubber sole of great quality that makes the clog last longer.

If you are buying both Crocs and Dawgs, you should expect to enjoy good quality and lightweight rubber soles in either. This is another major similarity between Crocs and Dawgs.


A lot of people have mixed up Crocs for other similar-looking clogs like Dawgs. One of the main reasons is the identical shape and design of all these clogs.

This was one of the major complaints of Crocs when they filed a lawsuit against the Dawgs producing company. Crocs and Dawgs both have similar and identical shapes.

Crocs has holes on its top surface while Dawgs also has holes on its surface. Crocs has a mammoth shape while dawgs follow suit in the same external shape and design.

These identical traits make it extremely difficult to differentiate between both amazing clogs. A friend of mine mistakenly purchased Dawgs for Crocs because he has always believed that any mammoth-looking plastic clog must be Crocs.

Well, he was wrong and he learned the lesson. Although, he enjoyed his Dawgs until he eventually purchased Crocs.


The Croslite material used in producing these clogs is responsible for its lightweight feature. Crocs has a lightweight feature which makes walking around very comfortable and easy. This is the same with Dawgs as well.

The reason for this amazing quality of both clogs is the closed resin component used in producing them called CROSLITE.

This material makes clogs lightweight generally which is applicable to both Crocs and Dawgs. Wearing these clogs would give you the feeling of walking on air. This is how super-light they are.

This is another obvious quality you would find in both clogs in a similar fashion and manner.

Overall usage quality

Crocs and Dawgs are on the best clogs I have ever worn for several occasions and activities ranging from household to corporate organizations. These clogs comes with a quality that cannot be compared to any other.

Firstly, Crocs and Dawgs are very durable and last longer than most typical normal walking shoes. The reason for this is because of the Croslite material used in producing these amazing clogs.

One of the major factors that lead to the destruction of a shoe is moisture (water and fluids). Once your shoe begins to absorb water, then it is a matter of time before it begins to deteriorate and eventually falls apart.

However, Crocs and Dawgs both come with a water-resistant material that prevents water from settling IN these shoes. The fact that water cannot affect these clogs makes them very durable.

As a matter of fact, they can literally last for a lifetime if kept well and not exposed to heart. This is one of the similar qualities both Crocs and Dawgs share in common.

It is also important to note that once your Crocs or Dawgs get damaged (mostly when you expose them to intense hot temperatures), it cannot be repaired anymore.

Another quality which these amazing clogs both share is in how convenient they are to wear. Crocs has a wide toe box which makes is suitable for everyone to wear including those with diabetes or other foot problem and open wounds. This is the same for Dawgs as well.

The wide toe box allows you to wear your clog without having your toes squeezed. This makes wearing them and walking in them very comfortable.

Also, Crocs and Dawgs have lightweight soles which also contributes to convenience in walking or standing for a long period of time.

The soft cushion insole present in both Crocs and Dawgs looks so identical in design and quality. They make your feet comfortable and gives it a cushioned feeling.

Wearing both Crocs and Dawgs, I can tell you that it is like wearing a feather pillow. This is also a similarity between both Crocs and Dawgs clog.

Breathable feature

Both Crocs and Dawgs have holes on top which allows air to pass through. These holes ensure your feet and toes are kept dry and cool during hot seasons and hot afternoons.

It is these holes that ensure breathability and comfort for your feet and toes. This is why your feet do not smell when you wear your Crocs or Dawgs under hot weather conditions.

Secured-fit feature

Both Crocs and Dawgs have an adjustable strap at the back heel to tuck your feet into the clog in a secured way.

With the adjustable strap, you can determine how tight or loose you want your clog to look. Furthermore, the strap ensures your feet do not slip out of your clog.

The DAWGS women’s beach clog and Crocs unisex baya clog has adjustable straps and looks like with this feature.

Arch support feature

These clogs both offer arch support which makes walking safe and secure.

They offer arch support which serves as a shock absorbent. Furthermore, it is suitable for individuals with flat feet.

Differences between Crocs and Dawgs

S/NO Features Dawgs Crocs
1 Product variation It does not have varied products It has a lot of products for different purposes
2 Price It comes at a cheaper price than Crocs Crocs are expensive
3 Shape Dawgs is smaller at the top than Crocs CROCS is longer at the top than Dawgs
4 Design Dawgs has lesser holes than Crocs Crocs has more holes than Dawgs

Product Variation

Crocs still has a lot of differences between itself and other clogs found in the market. As a matter of fact, I would love to state that Crocs is superior to all other plastic clogs in the market because of the various products it has introduced into the market.

Unlike Dawgs, Crocs has a lot of products that can be used for both casual and corporate functions. One of the features that makes Crocs different from Dawgs is that it has more injection into the market than Dawgs because of its wide range of products.

  • Crocs has loafer while Dawgs does not have loafers.
  • Crocs has sneakers while Dawgs does not have sneakers.
  • Crocs has water shoes while Dawgs does not have water shoes.
  • Crocs has flat shoes for women, while Dawgs does not have flat shoes for women.
  • Crocs has shoes for medical professionals while Dawgs does not have such shoe.
  • Recently, Crocs just introduced heels for women while Dawgs does not have such shoe in their collection.

These and many more are the differences in product between Crocs and Dawgs. This makes it easy to differentiate.

If you want to buy a corporate clog, you would not find it in Dawgs, it is only found in Crocs. This is an obvious difference between these amazing clogs.


This is another factor that differentiates between these two clog brands. Crocs are expensive while Dawgs run cheap for most of their clogs.

A lot of people talk about how expensive Crocs is. However, if you are looking for affordable Crocs, you can find them or better still opt-in for Dawgs. Dawgs has pretty affordable clogs which are of good quality as well.


There is a slight difference between the shape of Crocs and Dawgs. Although, they both have a mammoth-looking design. However, Crocs is longer than Dawgs at the curved top.

This is not so obvious until you compare them to each other. Crocs runs longer and is slightly thinner than dawgs at the sole level. Dawgs runs a little shorter than crocs in length and has a big sole than Crocs.


Dawgs has an average of 10 holes on the top while Crocs has an average of 13 holes on the top. There are other Crocs that have more holes, but typical Crocs would have nothing less than 13 holes on the top.

Logo Design

  • The logo design on Crocs is different from that of Dawgs. This is what you should look out for. This difference is very visible and would also help you make a correct judgment on each clogs.
  • The liners of Dawgs fleece-lined clogs is thicker than Crocs.

The logo looks like the hindfoot of a crocodile. It has four toes.

The logo shoes the face and hands of a crocodile with 3 toes and 6 humps at the back of its neck.

This is a visible difference between crocs and dawgs.

  • The liners of Dawgs fleece-lined clogs are thicker than crocs.

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