Can I Eat My Crocs Shoes?

Why would you want to eat your Crocs shoes? Haha! Well, let us get into the real meat of seeing whether Crocs are really edible.

Although Crocs shoes are made of a non-toxic material called Croslite and are edible, I wouldn’t advise you to consume them. It is crocs, a shoe!

Can I Eat My Crocs Shoes?

Hey, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist but I do know that the Croslite material is extremely edible and won’t cause any major problems to the body system.

I once watched a survival reality show on TV some time ago where one character was left stranded after making a really bad decision. He glanced around where he sat wondering what kind of food nature was going to offer.

There were no fruit trees or edible shrubs, then I realized something; he was putting on some nice green crocs!

Guess what he did?

He gobbled some of his Crocs down his throat.

Are crocs safe to eat?

Crocs did not come in vogue recently as most people around the world believe. Croslite was discovered a decade ago.

As much as I cringe to answer this particular question, there is no way I am going to avoid it.

Simply put, yes your croc shoes are edible..for the crazies that are there. Imagine consuming a pair of child-sized croc shoes with some cereals for breakfast! Haha!

When you are crazy enough to consume your crocs during desperate times, like that dude in the reality show, nothing bad (will) really happen but do not expect any spike in proteins or vitamins in your body system.

Croc shoes as I have learned, are made of organic compounds, and even when boiled, seasoned, or crushed, they still won’t gain any toxicity.

There are facts that they contain good amounts of polymer which is a direct extract of crude oil.

Think about it, they don’t even seem easy to digest even when crushed or ground because they do not do well with moisture as they don’t hold water especially the much denser brands like Crocband Clogs.

The only time your crocs shoes

become dangerous for consumption is after they have been worn. This time, there must have been a lot of bacteria in it and this for sure, will damage your innards.

Is Croslite really edible?

Like I have already mentioned, crocs are made from an extremely unique closed-cell resin called Croslite and yes they are edible for survival.

This compound is soft, light, and very comfortable for you and my feet (not my stomach).

You don’t need a scientist to tell me their texture is soft, chewy, and seems very edible, and that is why most people feel it can be a great option or some kind of backup plan when stranded in a reality show with a cameraman beside them!

Yes, the Croslite material is safe to consume, but do you really have to eat it?  Really?

Despite all these, I would rather eat a bunch of dry leaves in the wilderness than eat my Croslite crocs!

The edibility is just a theory mind you, and many scientists have come to the conclusion that it should never be put to the test.

I am now wishing that guy on the TV would have tried it out so we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Another thing to put into consideration in the manufacturing process of croc shoes.

All manufacturing companies do not apply the same finishing designs on their shoes. Some use color pallets like Classic Tie Dye Clogs.

This colorization compound contained many inedible compounds that are surely dangerous to the health, sometimes fatal.

Why people might be crazy enough to eat crocs?

Survival, curiosity, extreme hunger, experiment, gluttony, call it whatever you want to but anyone who tries to eat their shoe is indeed crazy. That aside, we are going to be looking at some of the crazy reasons why people will want to eat their crocs for dessert.

I for once, have never tasted my croc shoes and so, I cannot tell you why from my own part.

It is no longer news that they are edible and are 100% organic. It appears this alone, has become enough reason to eat them for some people. I have been able to come up with three distinct reasons.


I refuse to use the reality show as an example. But imagine being stranded in a desert or isolated island and there is no food or water but you are wearing a nice pair of crocs.

You know they aren’t poisonous and you have to fill your belly so you wouldn’t die of starvation.

Although there will be no guarantee of this subsiding the hunger or giving you life, this is a very good reason to eat your crocs as a last resort.

Logical? Yes. Doable? I don’t think so.


Let’s move on to the reasons that defy logic. Some crazies might be attracted to nice the look and feel of his/her croc shoes.

They already know how wonderful it feels in their feet and then go like; I wonder how this will taste in my mouth. It is only a little baby that has a license to be this curious.


When the components of croc footwears were discovered to be edible, there were so many reactions on the web and outside of it. One famous blogger did not take it very likely.

For me, the only explanation I can deduce here is that he was simply trying to be experimental. Although he later came to the conclusion that it would be better to eat your friend in an extreme survival situation than eat your croc shoes.

I’m pretty sure he regretted the decision to take the experiment in the first place. What the hell were you thinking Gunnar? Crocs are meant to be worn, not eaten!

How can crocs be recycled?

Can I Eat My Crocs Shoes?

The material of this iconic footwear is revolutionary, that is the Croslite. It is only logical to try to recycle croc shoes given their low maintenance and valuable benefits.

Croslite material is not biodegradable or decomposable so it is meant to last for a long period of time. There are so many ways to keep it in vogue. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Making art

Recycling crocs can be as easy as simply making some art material due to their nice textures and colors that are perfect for decorations. Check out the awesome Jibbitz Pack.

This can be carried out in orphanage homes where the creativity of little kids can be discovered and explored.

Another strategic environment to recycle crocs shoes for artistry is in offices or homes too. Creativity lives everywhere and it will sure make them attractive.

Plant holders

This is another smart I recycle my crocs. Because they are practically lightweight, they can easily hold fragile plants together in the garden.

Here, there is no need to bother about your plants getting crushed by your shoe. Crocs are light and even though beaten by rain, they’ll dry up before you know it.

Pencil holders

You will have to agree with me that pencil holders always come in handy. My kids especially will have this value.

Croc shoes, due to their lightweight, colorful designs and shape, can make for a very good pencil holder to be kept on the table and then your pencils safer than ever.


Another awesome way of recycling croc shoes is by simply giving them away to charity. There are many people out there who will need some extra pair of shoes and given the wonderful attributes of croc shoes, they will really come in handy.

There are several charity organizations in your community that can help you achieve this.

There are also platforms like coat closets that I use for donation in my community center in affiliation with churches and other religious centers.

Here, I have the opportunity to reach out to other families with just a pair of gently-used croc shoes!

Thrift stores

We were always going to come to this. Thrift stores are always a good avenue to resell or simply donate your old crocs.

As long as they are still usable, there are people willing to buy them from your donations for reuse.

Second-hand platforms are still in vogue and here, I use one stone to kill two birds.


There was once a famous blogger who talked about the tendencies of croc shoes. Gunnar Lundberg, in a rather amusingly weird story, explaining that crocs are very much edible but the very last thing to digest when you are found in extreme situations.

This only disposes of the complexities of consuming crocs. It is never advisable no matter how non-toxic it claims to be.

Like I mentioned earlier, the textures and feel are smooth and light like but these attributes will not go well in your guts because Gunnar explained that a little bite stayed in his esophagus for a very long time.

The Croslite material used in crocs are extremely flexible and non-decomposable so imagine that kind of material in your belly.

Even the food degrading enzymes in our stomach will find it quite laborious to process especially over time and all these spells nothing but bad news to our health.

Crocs are edible, yes. But do you really have to eat them?

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