Oofos vs Crocs: Which is Better?

Despite being both comfortable and feet-friendly shoes, we cannot deny that they’re different from each other. These two types of shoes have a lot of differences ranging from their outward appearance, to how they are manufactured, what they’re made of, etc.

The major difference is that Oofos look more like flip flops with wider straps and thongs, which hold the feet down firmly unto the sole while Crocs cover the toes completely and only leave the heel uncovered.

Oofos vs Crocs

Some styles of Oofos look like moccasins, but the most popular styles are the ones with thongs. Crocs are more stylish and fashionable compared to Oofos as they match whatever you wear with beautiful and colorful varieties. You just have to choose the perfect one.

Some Oofos in this case might not match certain outfits. Imagine wearing Oofos on a suit compared to wearing white Crocs on a white suit. See the difference now?

So, which is better between Oofos and Crocs?

A comparison between both is that Crocs are harder on the feet and make the sole sore when worn frequently over time while Oofos are so soft and comfortable on the feet that it’s easy to forget them on.

According to podiatrists, the structure of Oofos helps it to relieve feet ailments.

I’ll be highlighting major reasons why Oofos are better than Crocs, so, I’ll explain and you would have a more explicit understanding.

  1. Longer Usage
  2. Arch Support
  3. Stress Reduction
  4. Healing Abilities
  5. Skin Friendly

Longer Usage

Oofos can be used for a longer time compared to Crocs. It is really comfortable and can be worn around the house, during walks and even on the beach. You can wear Oofos all day long and not feel sore or painful toes.

Arch Support

Oofos is made up of a bouncy rubber that holds your heel and exerts a force back at you, helping with arch support for your feet.

Your arches are responsible for supporting your feet to get a proper stance, and helping your body move forward. Arch support is the work of your shoes, that gives help to your arches in order to carry you well.

With Oofos, your arches have enough support to be able to guide your steps. You will find out that you can walk faster and firmer with Oofos on your feet.

That is the work of arch support from them. Crocs do not even support the heel as much as the Oofos

Stress Reduction

The Oofos company manufactured a substance called OOfoam™. It is what Oofos are made of, and it absorbs impact and shock by 37%.

This will relieve you of too much exertion of force on your joints and tendons after you have gotten some work done.

While walking after doing something stressful like running, you won’t have to use too much power to move around. Oofos would absorb 37% of that force for you. With this, you know it’s perfect for use after you make use of the gym.

Healing Abilities

Oofos heals your feet. You will not have complicated ailments when making use of Oofos. It helps you feel less pain if you’re having pains in your leg. It is highly recommended by health personnel.

Crocs on the other hand are also comfortable and help your feet, but it has side effects when used for long walks or worn all day long. This can lead to tendonitis, pains in the ankle, and toe deformations.

Oofos reduce the stress on not just your feet, but your knees, hips, and even your back. Stress on a damaged part of the body increases pain.

The damaged part has little time to heal because more stress is exerted on it. So what Oofos actually does, is reduce that stress on your body, and give you time to heal and bounce back to original form.

Athletes have confessed that Oofos helps them a lot after a sport. It is even being said that long-term use of Oofos can eliminate arthritis completely.

Skin Friendly

People with soft and very delicate skin often say Crocs cause blisters and bruises when worn for long hours especially if the feet are sweaty. This is as a result of the toughness of the rubber used to make Crocs.

Oofos is better because it is entirely made up of foam, and is soft on the skin. It doesn’t contain latex, so it is friendly on skin that is sensitive or allergic to latex.

Oofos prevent the buildup of bacterial things on them, so it cannot be transferred to the skin of the user. This will save the user from inflammation, itchy skin, and bacterial infection.

Oofos hardly cause blisters on the skin because of how mild they are. No doubt, they are better than Crocs for sensitive skin.


What are the features Of Oofos

Oofos vs Crocs

I’ll be highlighting the characteristics or features of Oofos that make us love them so much. Oofos are well known for being;

  • Lightweight.
  • Made Entirely Of Foam.
  • Bacterial Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable
  • Made Of OOfoams™

Lightweight Feature

Oofos are extremely light, even a toddler could comfortably lift one. They’re easy to move with because of this lightweight feature too.

There are some shoes I know of that are so heavy to wear. People sigh in relief when they pull them off and wriggle their toes.

No one would have to go through that if he or she wears Oofos. Shoes so light you may forget you’re wearing shoes.

Made Entirely Of Foam

Oofos are soft on the feet and do not create irritation when worn for long hours. The strand dividing through the toes does not itch and is very soft. This feature is a distinguishing factor between Oofos and other flip-flops.

Bacterial Resistant

Oofos are covered with non-toxic paints that do not give room to toxic substances, such as bacteria. People often complain of itchy feet, and that could be as a result of bacteria hooked on their shoes.

Their skin would get infected and could result in redness and itchiness. But, all these and much more could be avoided if Oofos are used instead of other shoes.

Machine Washable

Who doesn’t love shoes that can easily be cleaned off or washed? Oofos is the best shoe for you if you’re the type that is “always up and at ’em”. And you hate to clean shoes because it wastes your time.

Oofos can be cleaned using a moist small towel and soap, which will take you less than five minutes. Or, you could just toss it into the washing machine under low pressure and it will be washed clean.

Since it doesn’t absorb water, it’ll come out as good as new. And all you’d have to do is towel dry it and wear.


Oofos are so durable. We already talked about how light they are. This lightweight feature of theirs makes them very durable too.

You can easily carry it in your bag without adding to the weight of the bag. While you’re about to board a plane, you don’t have to worry about increasing your luggage weight when you want to stuff in these shoes at the last minute.

Oofos can be easily carried around. All you need is a not-so-big bag.

Made Of OOfoams™

We came across OOfoams earlier at the top of this article. They are a technological innovation found only in an Oofos. OOfoam™ is actually a  closed-cell foam, that doesn’t hold in any moisture or bacteria.

It gets rid of odor and is responsible for the amazing arch support of Oofos. The waterproof feature of OOfoam is great because you can wear your Oofos anywhere, including the shower room, or muddy ground; and clean them easily when they get dirty.

What are the features Of Crocs

Oofos vs Crocs

Crocs has its own unique feature that also distinguishes it from other shoes, either similar to it or not similar at all.

Here are some of the amazing features of Crocs:

  • Thirteen holes for Jibbitz
  • Comfortable
  • Color variety
  • Suitable for rocky areas
  • Waterproof

Thirteen Holes For Jibbitz Decorations

Jibbitz, also called Jibbitz Charms are colorful tiny images, toys, letters, or movie/cartoon characters, that are stuck on a small pole. They are popped into the holes in Crocs for decorative purposes.

Crocs lovers, especially children love this distinguishing feature of Crocs. The shoes have thirteen holes in them that could be used for creative ideas using these small Jibbitz charms.

You can add characters of your favorite cartoon if they are Jibbitz charms of them. It could be your name using the letters. Or even your favorite hip-hop artists. The decorations make it a lot prettier and would be your very own customized pair of Crocs.

Comfortable For Neighborhood Walks

Are you the type that loves to talk morning or evening walks around your neighborhood? Crocs are excellent for it. Your feet would be well covered and protected against hard objects lying carelessly on the floor.

The holes in the shoes would act as actual airholes for your feet. As you walk, the wind would ventilate your feet, while the cover would protect your skin against dust and stubborn thorns.

Colorful Varieties

Crocs are very fashionable and can match your casual clothes or professional ones. Nurses do wear them around at the hospital.

They have different colors, both dark and light, warm and dull, to suit whatever you wear. You can wear bright yellow Crocs to match your yellow shirt.

If it’s a pink color you want, be rest assured that Crocs has all shades of pink ready for you.

Suitable For Rocky Areas

Because of the protective design of Crocs, you can actually wear them on rocky ground. Your feet would still maintain its balance, and walk steadily.

It will also be protected against stones that might hit it while you are walking. You don’t have to worry about it compressing against the rocks. Or getting separated from other parts of the shoes because Crocs are firm and tough.

So, next time you’re planning to go hiking on a mountain, and you want something lighter and protective on your feet, choose Crocs.


Crocs, just like Oofos, is also waterproof. You can take it to the beach or when going for a swim without fear of getting it soaked up. And when it’s wet, wiping off in a minute would get it dry and ready to use again.

Similarities Between Oofos And Crocs

Despite their differences, Oofos and Crocs are quite similar. Let’s go through a few of their similarities.

  • Both Are Waterproof.
  • Both Are Comfortable For Walking Around.
  • Both Are Easily Cleaned.

Both Are Waterproof

Oofos and Crocs are both water-resistant materials. They can never absorb water and can be worn under the shower.

Both Are Comfortable For Walking Around

We won’t deny the fact that both shoes are good for walking around, despite the time difference. Oofos can be used for an indoor slippers, and so can Crocs also.

Both are Easily Cleaned

Because of their waterproof abilities, both Oofos and Crocs do not absorb dirt or dust. So, cleaning them is relatively easy. A smooth washcloth, water, and mild detergent could do the trick for both of them.


Differences between Oofos and Crocs

  • Difference In Components
  • Fashion
  • Texture Difference
  • Health Benefits

Difference In Components

Oofos and Crocs are made up of entirely different substances. And are also manufactured in entirely different ways. This is why we quickly notice how it feels unlikely to each other when worn.

Crocs shoes are made up of a substance manufactured only by Crocs Company. It is called Croslite and contains Polymer. Oofos contains OOfoam™ which is a patented cell foam manufactured only by Oofos.

Croslite and OOfoams can only be found in Crocs and Oofos, and no other shoe in the world.


Crocs are more fashionable than Oofos. They have different colors. Both dark and light colors, warm and dull colors.

For every outfit, there’s a matching pair of Crocs that could go with it. You can wear bright yellow Crocs to match your yellow shirt.

But, Oofos are not so fashionable. Rarely would you find a pair of Oofos that are brightly colored. Crocs are more fashionable than Oofos.

Texture Difference

A user of both Crocs and Oofos gave a review of the difference in the textures of both shoes. Crocs are made of tougher and stronger material, while Oofos are softer and more bouncy than Crocs. Oofos feel better and comfier on feet than Crocs do.

Health Benefits

Physiotherapists and podiatrists often prescribe Oofos for patients with painful joints in their legs. Apart from the 37% shock and stress absorber, it has amazing arch support.

Oofos are recovery shoes that help your joints heal. Wearing them would reduce the pain you feel in your leg and even your back. Crocs on the other hand cause pains when worn too much. It causes tendonitis and ankle pains.


A lot of people love both Oofos and Crocs and use them often. Both shoes are amazing, but with everything written in this article, I hope you have realized that Oofos have more advantages and fewer side effects compared to Crocs.

Oofos might look less pretty, compared to Crocs, but they’re the real treasure that could give you the help your body needs. Health is wealth. If you feel pain in your feet, your whole body would be uncomfortable.

So, wear Oofos often. Remember the qualities and don’t mishandle them when you make your purchase.


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