What Are Jibbitz Made Of?

Jibbitz are made of both metal and soft rubber. This rubber is generally called PVC (Polyvinyl chloride).

Jibbitz are quite special because it comes in two forms which are both good for making the best Jibbitz charms for your favorite Crocs shoes; the rigid (uPVC and RPVC) or the flexible PVC.

There is always the metal frame to keep the charm sturdy and stable on your shoes without getting lost.

What Are Jibbitz Made Of

It also helps the charm to reshape the charm completely which automatically adds more room for customization.

The metallic frame is also going to keep your charm design in shape for a long period of time.

A Jibbitz charm that does not possess a metal frame will easily get damaged or torn off over time. This is especially common with soft PVCs.

I have also got to discover that rigid ones without metallic frames would last, but not as half as long without them.

Jibbitz are charms used to customize your Croc shoes that usually come as images, characters, letters, write-ups, and sayings.

These characters are made to mirror pop culture, nothing more, nothing less. There are usually 13 holes in each pair, which means you’ve got 26 holes to fill with Jibbitz charms (SEE PRICE ON AMAZON).

The basic idea is that you have a collection of colored tiles (Jibbitz) and make sure your Crocs are not anything like your roommate’s.

Can you make your own Jibbitz?

Yes, you can. Making your own Jibbitz is quite easy, no matter whether it’s made out of plastic or wood. The most useful things you need are a cutting board, a knife, and some string or rubber bands.

I’ve listed some basic things you might need below, but feel free to experiment with others.

Making your own Jibbitz is fun when you have the right materials and tools at your disposal. You don’t need to be a genius with a plan or have millions of dollars in the bank.

Follow this guide and you’ll be able to fashion your own unique Jibbitz in as little as an afternoon. It may not look pretty, but there’s nothing quite like homemade Jibbitz.

There are the ones you will have to glue with the Jibbittz piece and there are the flatbacks. The flat backs are recommended because they are easier to glue.

You will have to glue the back of the charms before sticking them to any part of your Croc shoes.

How to make your Jibbitz?

Know your preferred method

There are two main ways of making your own Jibbitz as there are numerous design themes and they come in packs. One is getting any charm of your choice from online stores while the second is simply making yours from scratch.

The first option is the use of Jibbitz charms already available to attach due to the detachable piece at the back. This one is much more customizable because each charm could be removed and replaced with another.

While with the second option, you can create your own Jibbitz concept in your own imagination. Here you will have to use pens, markers, a baking machine, some amount of resin, and then, of course, your computer.

While some Jibbitz are detachable with the use of the specialized Jibbitz piece, some will be permanently glued to your Crocs.

The major problem I usually find with this option is that it is not detachable. Once the charm is glued to the shoe, it cannot be taken off as forceful detachment will definitely ruin the surface.

Customization is also limited with this method.

Determine the Jibbitz piece sizes

Jibbitz also comes in packs and could easily be removed if and easily inserted back if you have the right sizes.

Some Jibbitz charms have a piece measurement of 0.5 inches while others are just an inch in diameter.

When inserting, you will wait for a slight snap to indicate it is now secure.

Use Jibbitz pieces

The objective is simple: order a bag of Jibbitz pieces which you can get for an affordable price. The black Jibbitz pieces go for around $7 for 300 while the clear ones are been sold for $9 per bag. (There are about 300 pieces in each bag).

You can then get your charms online or use crisp online images, then grab your glue.

If you already have the ready-made ones, simply attach them to the pieces. But making your own Jibbitz is surprisingly easy too. It just requires a bit of creativity and a lot of trust.

Yes, trust in your creativity. It is like finding your own Edison. You can do it if you have the right tools and know-how.

The first step is to research what makes Jibbitz customization successful.

Chose the type of Jibbitz you want

What makes Jibbitz different from other shoe customization? It’s simple: endless customization.

You could easily purchase a set of ready-made Jibbitz and attach them to the pieces which you can still buy separately.

But if you have a specific idea in mind for the type of Jibbitz you would like to create, then homemade Jibbitz has the potential to do this for you.

Jibbitz are also little snippets of text that you can use to make your own funny cartoon images or text.

This is where you will want to try creating yours from scratch.

Design your charms

My go-to option for self-creating Jibbitz is the Shrinky Dinks. It’s like this creative pack is made for Crocs shoes. Let’s go through the steps of design.

  • First, you will draw your preferred image into a Shrinky Dinks plastic sheet with a marker or you can simply download a preferred image online.
  • Secondly, cut your design on the plastic with a pair of scissors.
  • Put a piece of paper of parchment in a baking sheet and put your ready Shrinky Dinks on top.
  • You will then bake at around 320F until they shrink and become very flat to make gluing a whole lot easier.
  • You can press on to it to hasten the flattening process, especially for stubborn shrink dink pieces.

Not everybody does this, but I usually add some resin to the images or you could make use of clear spray paint- brings a lot of polishing to the cooking charms. It doesn’t end there. Every homemade Jibbitz maker should have it at the back of their mind that designing with a theme is important. I will explain shortly.

Color your charms

You can color your designs with markers and posca pens to highlight your images on the Shrinky Dinks.

The coloring proper can be done on the smoother side of the pack where you can use colored pens and cyclic paint. Let the colors dry for a few minutes before cutting out your images carefully with scissors.

Also, do not forget to sharpen up your design when still on the computer because a lot of color reformation will occur when the images undergo the baking procedure.

I also reduce the brightness of the image due to the darkening that occurs as well.

Use a specific theme

Get yourself a theme so it will be easier for you to choose images. There are billions of images online and believe me it will be difficult for you to chose your first five.

But when you have a particular preferred theme, things become seamless.

What I mean here is, for a summer theme, you can choose images like butterflies, trees, fruits, sun, clouds, rainbows, and so much more.

There is enough space to fill 13 to 14 holes on each foot. The good news is that you have a lot of theme sets to make and since they are detachable, you can switch sets to reflect your mood or celebration.

Types of Jibbitz to buy online

What Are Jibbitz Made Of

Like I mentioned earlier, not all Jibbitz can be found in commercials stores s options are limited.

It’s just like scrolling through your phone app stores for wallpapers and wishing you can find one that truly suits your preference.

The truth remains the same- we never find one. But we end up using something just “similarâ€.

That is how it works here too. Another thing is that they are kinda expensive when buying online and that is the major reason why over half of Crocs users embark on DIY tutorials.

The benefits are endless here- preferential customization, more options to choose from, certified, quality/durability, and affordable.

Shrinky Dinks

This is a creative pack sold in many varieties for you to unleash your creativity on your own footwear. Tell me something cooler to do, I’ll wait.

It is important to note that the images you will be using will have to be just three inches wide as Shrinky Dinks resizes it to 1 inch.

Also, do not forget to sharpen up your design when still on the computer because a lot of reformation will occur when the images undergo the baking procedure.

I also reduce the brightness of the image due to the darkening that occurs as well.

Gems and stones

You could also use charms like beads, buttons, and gems. Although these charms are pricier, they still test the resolution of the most rad Croc lovers.

They are also easier to insert with the Jibbitz piece with just a little amount of glue.


Getting the best deals on Jibbitz online might just not be as easy as it seems. You have several options, each with its own pros and cons.

To make things easier for you, if you’re looking for the best Jibbitz online, you’ll want to focus on quality, durability, and affordability.

Quality means no flaws or tears. Durability means that every piece of Jibbitz will remain in good condition even after being stored in a humid environment like a shed or garage.

Affordability means that the price should not break your budget.

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