Crocs vs Skechers: Similarities & Differences

It is always a close call, but Skechers are slightly better than Crocs shoes because they are more versatile, functional, safer, and more fashionable.

Skechers are more athletic shoes than fashionable. In fact, Skechers is renowned to be the 3rd largest sports shoemaker in the world.

Crocs vs Skechers

But Croc shoes are not only meant for running but also for people who walk a lot. Some shoe owners pay lots of money to be uncomfortable. If you are okay with this, then Skechers are fine; there is no need to read further.

But, if you want shoes that don’t force your feet into an unnatural shape, go for the Croslite experience with Croc shoes.

Crocs are shoes that feel good on your feet. They don’t have to be ugly, just not trendy. If they’re good-looking enough that you’d want to wear them even if you weren’t going to be walking a lot, so much the better.

Another point is Skechers are light. Crocs might be lighter but Skechers does it with more purpose. Lightness is achieved by reducing the number of components: each layer in Skechers is thinner than in traditional models.

To save even more weight, the manufacturers have built a seamless memory foam to keep your feet breathing while you work it out.

Similarities between Crocs and Skechers

Crocs vs Skechers

  • Minimalist design
  • Crocs and Skechers are lightweight shoes
  • They are also fashionable shoes

Minimalist design

One striking feature for a minimalist shoe is the “zero drop”. This means the sole to heel distance is minimal. But with both Crocs and Skechers, it isn’t. This doesn’t make them non-minimalist, but a kind of different breed instead.

The heels feel as low as the toe because of their soft and flexible soles. Your heel won’t touch the ground no matter what. This has several benefits. It is easier to walk (you don’t need to pick up your foot as high).

It puts less stress on your joints (if you don’t lean back on your heels). And it takes some load off your tendons and ligaments (because there is no force pulling them backward). This ticks both requirement boxes of a good athletic shoe and a good casual shoe.

Minimalist shoes are the simplest case where you can clearly see the difference between usefulness and design because it is easiest to make the design decision when there isn’t much else to complicate it.

One natural approach to this was just to strip away everything that isn’t strictly necessary.

This works fine for shoes since they are mostly just for walking. There aren’t many choices, so you can easily get to a simple design for your clothes too.


Featherweight shoes skim the surface of the ground, and this makes them more efficient than heavier shoes. But it takes a lot of engineering to make shoes that are both lightweight and supportive. This makes both Crocs and Skechers top-premium footwear.

The most important feature here is their flexible sole. Most Skechers has a flexible synthetic sole with “energy return foams” that work like feathers.

Shoes like this can’t provide as much support as heavier running shoes, but they can give you more push-off when you run.


Fashionable shoes are designed so that they are cooler to use than your previous year’s shoes were. Skechers are very fashionable too despite being built for athletics.

Skechers have a feature called “memory foam.” The idea is that the shoe makes you work harder while running, building fitness, and burning fat. This sounds great, but it’s not only what people want in a shoe.

The same case with Crocs; comfort should not be the only thing used to judge a good shoe. Folks would prefer a two-in-one situation. Crocs are fashionable too but will take some effort to get it right, unlike Skechers.

People will pay money for comfort and pain-free running. People will pay extra for conveniences like laces and soles that don’t get cruddy. But nobody (except for people who want to lose weight) ever pays extra money to make their running easier.

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Differences between Crocs and Skechers

Crocs vs Skechers

S/NO Features Crocs Skechers          
1 Design Comfort Athletic
2 Soles Balanced soles Traction soles
3 Lacing system No lacing Lace-up system
4 Material Croslite Memory foam/leather
5 Product variation Orthotic shoes Running shoes

Skechers design is for athletism while Crocs is more of comfort

I like comfortable shoes. I don’t easily go out of my way for stylish shoes. But I went shopping recently and found that it’s not easy to get both Crocs and Skechers shoes, even if you’re willing to pay for them. Both designs have different meanings or values.

The difference between Crocs and Skechers when talking about design, comes down to the question, “How long do you want this to last?” Crocs win if the answer is “Until I get home.”

It is a principle of everyday life, though not of shoe design, that most things made for only comfort are not as celebrated as similar things with more style and attraction.

Skechers focus more on the style and to me, will probably never seem as comfortable as Crocs. I have never heard of a scenario where Crocs shoes didn’t fit right and they rub in all the wrong places. I have heard such stories with Skechers.

Skechers too are built for comfort, majorly because they are athletic shoes. But if you haven’t noticed, they present features more aligned to protection, speed, and durability. If your Skechers do start out feeling comfortable, they won’t stay that way for long.

They’ll hurt before long because the trend is toward smaller and tighter rather than larger and roomier.

It’s not that trends in shoes are random. They’re not. Trends in shoe styles inevitably reflect changes in how people walk and run and jump and climb and work and play.

But trends make it harder to achieve comfort; innovations often make it easier, though we may not see it at first because we don’t know what we’re missing.

Skechers have larger outsoles than Crocs

For a person with a normal stride, Crocs shoes with their balanced Croslite soles feel more stable. They are more comfortable when you’re standing still, and they don’t require any extra effort to keep your balance.

The soles on Skechers have more but feel a little less stable. As an athlete, you have to make a conscious effort to keep your balance. If you try running in them, you’ll notice that they feel springy and bouncy.

If you had to make a quick turn while wearing either type of shoe, or if you had to back up quickly or walk on ice, the shoes I think Skechers would fare better. If the ground were wet or icy, or very rough surface, such as sand or gravel or snow Skechers will still be better.

Also, Crocs soles have even thickness all around. The sole is uniform in Croslite thickness from heel to toe, and the heel and the ball of the foot are uniforms in thickness. This kind of sole is well suited to keeping a person’s footing in a wide range of situations.

Skechers soles have extra thick rubber too but under the balls of the feet and in the heels, and much thinner rubber in between.

This means they have larger outsoles. They feel great when you’re walking upstairs or climbing a ladder; the traction makes it much easier to obtain the balance found abundantly with Crocs. Skechers also feel better when you’re trying to walk across slippery grounds.

Skechers have a lot of laces as against Crocs

Shoes with a lace-up system like Skechers are more difficult to get on your feet, but after that, they require less strength to keep your foot steady.

Shoes like Crocs which mostly have no lacing system are easier to put on, but you will need more strength to keep your foot steady.

Another difference is the cost of production. Shoes with laces like Skechers are more difficult to make, thus more expensive.

While shoes with no lacing system like Crocs are cheaper because they are easier to make.

Crocs are very stable, and easy to wear. You can wear them for a long time without feeling bored even though Skechers too will make you feel comfortable if you want to go walking, running, walking on a track or jogging. Skechers win when it comes to versatility too.

Because the Crocs have a larger area to put your foot, it is also easier to remove and put on the shoe.

Instead of lacing, Crocs uses a larger area to put your foot for your big toe and other toes to stay compact. Most of them come with a strap too to help keep your foot from sliding around.

I noticed that when I put on my Skechers, I just put my foot straight in from the front without having to wiggle it in from side to side, which makes it a bit easier to put on and take off.

This is uncommon with most sport sneakers. You can also wear this type of shoe with socks or without them, depending on what kind of socks you have on.

With Crocs, there is a little bit less support because there is only one strap going over your instep compared to two straps in a shoe with laces.

This means that you will have less support when walking over uneven ground or stairs, but your feet feel very comfy. Here, you can use some socks for a better fit.

Skechers are made with memory foam while Crocs are made with EVA (Croslite)

There are numerous types of memory foam in Skechers, and they all have their advantages. The first I call a “sensitive memory foam”, which explains one advantage right here; it’s very sensitive, hence seamless cushioning.

Another major memory type in Skechers is more padded. Here the advantage is that it’s firmer than Crocs’ Croslite finishing. This is a good thing, in my opinion, because it means you can get a shoe that doesn’t look clunky.

But the disadvantage is that it’s less comfortable to stand on than Crocs. It also doesn’t insulate against heat as well, but I can see how that might be an advantage in some situations.

Croslite foam or rubber is softer and more elastic than Skechers memory foam. It’s also cheaper; but if you’re buying shoes with memory-foam soles for comfort, you’re doing it wrong (unless you really need to walk or run for hours at a time).

You’d be surprised at how much more expensive Croslite shoes are than regular shoes; if they were actually better, they should cost less. But everybody knows about them; they aren’t exactly a secret weapon either.

A pair of shoes with Croslite foam soles will feel bouncier than a pair of Skechers at any given temperature.

Crocs are more of clogs while Skechers have different variations

Both are orthotic shoes but, Skechers is more for running. Some people may think that Crocs shoes do not have any serious value because they do not know have shoelaces.

It is a pity because there are a lot of people who need orthotic shoes for their difficulties and I can’t think of a better option now than Crocs.

Firstly, orthotic shoes and running shoes are very different because they keep the feet in two different positions. Crocs shoes keep the arches and tendons of feet straight and enable them to move naturally.

On the other hand, Skechers keep the arches of feet curved and do not allow them to move freely. This, therefore, sacrifices the natural stance for compactness, which is a recipe for speed.

These shoes also differ in terms of their sole structure. The sole structure of Croc shoes is made up of a thick layer that gives extra support and comfort to the feet. This is a strong point for casual usage.

Whereas the sole structure of Skechers is made up of flexible but narrower footbed which does not give much support and comfort but great fit and functionality for effective sporting activities.

Speaking of orthotics, the people who cannot bend down easily also may have difficulty tying shoelaces because they have physical problems such as arthritis or diabetes mellitus that affect their hands and feet.

These people may be unable to tie their shoelaces easily by themselves or at all. In this way, Crocs will help them get more freedom from their disabilities and live better.

In conclusion

Nowadays almost all good shoes are pretty much alike in terms of composite features, which is to say they’re built on the same last (the mold around which the shoe is shaped) and they have the same basic features: heels, arches, toes, etc.

So, when you shop for good shoes, comfort or style can come down to how well each pair fits your foot, essentially a matter of taste, and how well it’s made.

Good-looking shoes make your feet look good. But almost as important, they should make you feel good too. You can wear Skechers for a long time without ever really noticing how they’re affecting your life.

They are too attractive and comfy to consider any other factor. And then one day you put on a pair of Crocs and you realize that there was a subtle but important difference all along.

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1 thought on “Crocs vs Skechers: Similarities & Differences”

  1. IMO: When comparing both brands – I used to have an ABSOLUTELY fav pair of slip on’s, they were Sketcher’s & they lasted me about 5 yrs. When they wore out & I needed to purchase a new pair – I was saddened by the fact to find that they no longer made or sold that model, nor made anything at all like it. So I was out of luck. I tend to have problem feet & wear an in-between size, this being why I tend to lean toward the mule type slip on’s.
    One day while window shopping in a small town, I came across a shoe store clearancing out some of their summer type shoes. What do you know they had a pair of Croc’s in MY size on clearance (for a VERY GOOD price) although I was a little skeptical at first, as they were bright yellow. But then thought “Oh well, some of my best purchases have been of things they didn’t have available in a different color!” Same as when I bought my new car – which was the last one in stock & now my shoes will match it – both being bright yellow !
    I bought those Croc’s almost 20 yrs ago they’re still in good shape, I just would like to get a different color now. That’s def BETTER than I can say for the Sketcher’s – they didn’t HOLD UP but for only 5 yrs !!!
    My recommendation is on the Croc’s being the best in 1) holding up, for 2) being comfortable (I can walk ALL day in then & my feet NEVER get tired or sore !), also for the 3) same style being available at a later date !


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