10 Best Shoes for SI Joint Pain (in 2023)

Are you looking for the 10 best Shoes for SI joint pain? We have you covered.

There’s no better way to effectively tackle a problem than, first of all, knowing all that pertains to the said problem; knowing its root causation factor(s), and handling each individual piece of detail with knowledge drawn from professionals in that line.

This is why I am committed to helping you by going into a wide range of research and contacting specialists in this cause to come up with the 10 best shoes for SI joint pain you will ever get.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I will have to explain what sacroiliac joint pain is.

The sacroiliac joint pain (SI) joint pain is a stabbing and very sharp pain that radiates across your pelvis, down to your hips and extends across your lower back, and also extends to your thighs too.

Other times you just feel nimbly and numb in a way that makes your legs go as though they want to buckle.

Does the explanation above sync with what you feel? Yes? Oh, perfect!

Before I dive into the list of shoes for SI joint pain, note that these are three important qualities that every good shoe for SI joint pain should have.

  • Breathable upper mesh
  • A footbed that is anatomical
  • A midsole made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

And trust that all shoes on my review have these qualities.

S/n Shoe name
Ranking Rating (1-5)
1. ZHR Men’s SI Pain Tennis Shoe Best Overall for SI joint pain 4/5
2. Brooke’s Women Natural Walking Shoes Best breathable shoe for SI joint pain 4/5
3.  NBT SI Joint Pain Relief Running Shoe Best heel enhancement shoe for joint pain 4/5
4. Z-Coil Men’s Slip-Resistant Leather Tennis Shoe Great soft heel collar 4/5
5 ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture SI Pain Running Shoe Great shoe with a smooth transition to midstance. 4/5
6 Nike’s Air Monarch’s SI Joint Cross Trainer Wide shoe vamp, versatile, Lightweight. 4/5
7 Brook’s Women Hyperion Tempo Energy-saving, responsive. 4/5
8 Adidas Men’s SI Bounce Running Shoe Safe feet landing platform, breathability. 4/5
9 Nautica Men’s High-Top Sneaker With Extra Ankle support Dual-density midsole, arch, and heel support. 4/5

Vionic Women’s Vasher Aris Sneakers

Three-zone comfort, biomechanics, supportive. 4/5

The SI joint pain is situated where the Ilium and the Sacrum meet. The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone that is found just underneath your spine

ZHR Men’s SI Pain Tennis Shoe

The first shoe on my review today is the ZHR Men’s SI Pain Tennis Shoe that is worth being mentioned among one of the best as confessed by my testers.

Especially because of its breathable upper mesh maintenance of air circulation and promotion of comfort, especially when running for long distances and the fact that it is extremely lightweight.

It is a durable shoe that comes with both finesse and quality. My review team first noticed this pair from a gym buddy who ascertained the veracity of the shoe being non-slip.

This is because of its rubber outsole that creates very reliable traction to eliminate traces of the SI joint pain that cuts across the hips and lower back, thereby giving a firm and stable step.

This shoe also features a foam-like insole which is pretty cool on arch support that helps in no small way to neutralize all traces of pains on the toe and ankle areas.

Are you thinking of a shoe that could help with a speedy recovery from SI joint pain and one that guarantees a very safe underfoot landing platform when you go jogging, running, or walking? Then this is just perfect.

A recommendation I got from experts when I mentioned that I needed a sports shoe that has a high elastic sole material and high cushioning performance for one of my clients who suffers from SI joint pain so he could get his actions lighter, was the ZHR Men’s SI Pain Tennis Shoe.

And we were glad to have gotten good feedback after a great user experience.

Unlike other shoes that neglect the importance of skin-friendliness and breathability, this shoe is very good on the aforementioned. It even has a knitted fabric design that is also moderately stiff and stylish.

It also has its insole adopting a bump pattern with a very good supportive force that keeps you going for longer distances.

The core reason why this shoe is the best in today’s review is because of its anti-torsion design.

It helps you to stay stable all through every form of court-cross movement and comes with a moderately wide toe box that makes you have that roomfy experience.

This helps in a way that makes you feel your feet are just locked comfortably while minimizing the pang that SI joint pain comes with.


  • Durability
  • Skin-friendly
  • Breathability
  • Roomfy
  • Air and blood circulation

Brooke’s Women Natural Walking Shoes

The second shoe on our review today is the Brooke’s Women Glycerin Natural Walking Shoes that has its origin traceable to Brooks. It came second on this review because of its positive effect on the lower back position.

It was engineered to give a very good strategic support, especially when hitting the point trail on the joint with its great mesh upper.

It comes with a soft cushioning by having an awesome reconfigured midsole which has a DNA LOFT that is sure to give you a perfect ride.

However, the cool thing is, despite this, it still does not sacrifice durability or even responsiveness as both are very much intact to help bring ease and curb the uneasiness that the SI joint pain comes with.

It still comes with a plush interior design liner to surround your foot just so you have a flexible fit.

What other shoe could help with bringing minimal SI joint pain relief if not one with a full-length DNA loft that cuts across the midsole, up to the heel side and down to the toe area to bring incredible comfort? Well, you have it here.

This footwear is for people who think there’s no such thing as high-quality cushioning. It has a very tender internal fit that helps to keep runners’ feet guarded in all softness.

Moreover, it is no news that this Brooke’s Women Glycerin Natural Walking Shoe is a certified PDAC A5500 diabetic shoe, and has been deemed reliable to be honoured with the APMA seal of acceptance.


  • Strategic support
  • Great upper mesh
  • Plush interior design
  • Full-length DNA

NBT SI Joint Pain Relief Running Shoe

This is the best Women’s shoe for SI pain relief out of the 10 best shoes for SI joint pain in this review.

It comes with a Tri-density midsole that works for the enhancement of heel securement and offers excellent cushioning and stability.

This is to aid proper running and eliminate all traces of uneasiness that the SI pain comes with.

This shoe was also in my last review for the best shoes for persons with SI dysfunction, and I tell you, the fact that I got positive feedback from our clients makes us even happier.

The design takes a natural shoe foot movement as it has a rocker shoe curved sole to promote natural movement and stability of the foot in a way that allows it to neutralize pains at the ankle and knee.

Note the innovative pivot strike area as it makes sure you are provided with the right foot striking platform that will better your transition to help with good repulsion while still working for the enhancement of your cushioning and support such that your SI joint pain is reduced to the minimum level.

Another top-notch quality feature of this shoe is its high abrasion rubber outsole that gives it a rare strength, and its engineered upper air mesh that allows for easy breathability, thereby bringing minimal stitching and maximum comfort.

Are you looking for a shoe that helps pained and weak joints to heal and naturally regain their strength?

Then search no further. Its versatility to accommodate both narrow and wide feet due to its heavy-duty lacing technology that is accompanied by lasting metal hardware that guarantees you a responsive ride and for the securement of your feet makes it stand out.

And all of these are the qualities that made it accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for its promotion of quality foot health.

Worthy to note also, is the MBT sensor technology with which this shoe is made—it’s situated majorly in the heel area and it promotes a soft landing of your midfoot pivot strike by its ultra shock-absorbance capacity.


  • Tri-density midsole
  • Heel enhancement
  • Durability
  • Foot striking platform

Z-Coil Men’s Slip-Resistant Leather Tennis Shoe

Fourth on my list is the Z-coil Men’s Slip Resistance Leather Tennis Shoe with an excellent patented coil situated at the heel region that reduces impact by 50%, reduces leg pain, foot pain, and back pain as well.

Just close to the forefoot is an almost-inch soft cushioning that protects the ball of your foot not to get affected by excess strain. It also features a round sucker at the bottom that helps you in forwarding motion.

It has an inbuilt orthotic protector that helps to eliminate pains in the foot, plantar pasciitis, where the uneasiness from SI joint pains usually thrives in and gives you heel support.

However, there’s not much attention given to arch support here, but then, it comes with a soft heel collar, a padded one, and a tongue that brings comfort to accompany your every step.

There is no better spring shoe than the Z-coil footwear that makes sure your planter ligaments are protected and neutralizes pressure.

This is one shoe that is specially made for the relief of SI joint pain, foot pain, and other sensitive foot problems. My sources were able to gather that this shoe has sold over one million pairs since 1995.

It is the summation of the qualities of this footwear that has made it posture-improving, stable, easy, lightweight, enjoyable, and provides you with confidence as you go about your daily routine without pain.


  • In-built orthotic protector
  • Soft cushioning
  • Slip resistance
  • Neutralizes pressure
  • Soft heel collar


  • Not quite big on arch support

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture SI Pain Running Shoe

A high percentage of my testers voted for this shoe the last time it was discussed on what shoe holds the best smooth transition to midstance.

My review team also discovered that this easy transition to midstance is made easy by the shoes’ rear foot gear cushioning system.

This effect fully comes to play when it attenuates shock during the impact phase and plays a major role in the accommodation of medical orthotics.

Furthermore, its anatomical midsole puts it on the ground of becoming the best footwear during post SI joint fusion surgery.

Another cool thing about this shoe is how its designers eliminated terrain limitation by featuring a trail-specific outsole as it reverses lugs and makes provision for uphill and downhill traction on every kind of terrain.

It also features the signature ASICS high abrasion rubber (AHAR) sole for exceptional durability. This AHAR is well placed on different strategic areas of the shoe for both arch and heel support.


  • Anatomical midsole
  • Up and downhill traction.
  • Smooth transition to midstance

Nike’s Air Monarch’s SI Joint Cross Trainer

The sixth Shoe on this review list is Nike’s Air Monarch SI Joint Crocs Trainer. The wide shoe vamp pattern of this shoe gives it the versatility of being compatible with SI joint pain patients with both wide and flat feet.

It is only medically right that people who suffer from SI joint pain shouldn’t be saddled with the burden of moving around with heavy shoes still.

This is the reason this footwear is made with Lightweight technology that helps its users to move with much ease.

At my introduction, I mentioned the core qualities for the 10 best shoes for SI joint pain, I mentioned “breathable upper mesh” being one.

Well, there’s no shoe with a better breathable upper mesh than this. The moderate size perforation of its upper Leather plays a major role in air and foot blood circulation so that there is good internal metabolism, especially around the areas where the SI joint pain thrives, and melts it down or possibly brings it to a halt.

Here is why it made it to the best training shoe on this review—its midsole is made of the Foam phylon, and just so it delivers the perfect cushioning, comfort and support, it is made with a full-length encapsulated air sole unit.

Have you ever thought of the possibility of a shoe designed to have an excellent mesh shoe tongue that improves its breathability, plus a heel pull tab so you can find it easy putting it on and taking off? Well, here you have it.


  • Wide shoe vamp
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect cushioning
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Air and blood circulation

Brook’s Women Hyperion Tempo

The Si joint pains could be very intense sometimes, and energy-draining too. What shoe will better suffice for a person with the said problem if not one that is energy-saving?

This shoe’s geometry is what keeps your feet stable when you move and allows you to efficiently run in your natural motion path thereby saving your energy.

Are you a fitness enthusiast who suffers from SI joint pain but still wants to get the best out of your workout sessions? Yes? Then this is just perfect for you.

This is because the Hyperion Tempo is made with ultra-lightweight technology and there is a responsive trainer that helps to reduce your deviation in a way that allows you to run and recover pretty quickly.

Another quick feedback I got from my testers is this shoe’s responsive cushioning. The designers did a great job by creating the all-new DNA flash midsole by inserting an adaptive DNA material with Nitrogen, which in turn, provided an unbelievable lightweight and awesome springy experience that gives this shoe its uniqueness.

Unlike other shoes that deliver little or no performance fit, the Brook’s Women’s Hyperion Tempo has a woven upper that makes sure there is breathability and stretch for maximum comfort.

This was a testers’ feedback, verbatim; “Love going fast in this shoe, though it is cushy but yet so light, and this combination is just great for longer races and workouts, I have found.”

What do you say about great feedback as such from a user’s experience? Awesome!


  • Energy saving
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive trainer
  • Breathability

Adidas Men’s SI Bounce Running Shoe

Adidas did a great job here by making use of the BioMogo insole DNA technology which has its effect as an added cushioning to have created a safer foot landing platform.

This super Adidas footwear comes with a knit upper that is adaptive, enhances comfort, stability and coolness.

Note how this shoe appears simple, yet strategically designed to be able to accommodate runners having both wide and narrow feet.

The foam midsole technology adopted for this shoe is what makes it one of the best corrective running shoes that helps for the prevention of spondylolisthesis and SI joint pain.

The balance this shoe has is traceable to its heel counter, which is responsible for the minimization of the possibility of slipping heel and makes it one of the best shoes for post-surgical spondylolisthesis.

My testers also confirmed that the 100% fibre upper of this shoe, in line with its intelligently padded tongue, secures a cool type of fit at instances where they were involved in the pavement, trail, grass running, or artificial turf and also for the enhancement of positive energy return.

The flexibility and versatility of this shoe is just on an entirely different level.


  • Cushioning
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Safe feet landing platform
  • Versatile

Nautica Men’s High-Top Sneaker

The Nautica Men’s High-Top Sneaker With Extra Ankle Support is the ninth shoe on today’s review for the 10 best shoes for SI joint pain.

It is the best ankle support shoe in this review. It is styled with a design that never goes out of fashion, yet without neglecting the importance of balance and desire.

However, it gives your feet comfort and a massage-like feeling, which also eases the SI joint pain from its padded insole and cushioned footbed.

It is quite big on both arch and heel support such that there is great user experience all through the period of use.

Its sole has a great shock-absorbing capacity that also provides your feet with added support.

One core reason why it made it to this review is because of its dual-density midsole that shortens the time it takes to heal from SI joint pain, this is because it neutralizes all pains around the knee, ankle, and toe areas, which in turn, delivers comfortability.


  • Ankle support
  • Arch and heel support
  • Dual-density midsole
  • Great cushioning
  • Balance

Vionic Women’s Vasher Supportive shoe

Ever thought of a shoe with Three-zone comfort and extreme arch support? Here you have it.

This shoe’s design fuses both style and science by its ability to combine innovation and biomechanics, and deliver both on a platter of coveted trends, yet still paying credence to the importance of the qualities that made it suitable for people with SI joint pain.

It has a removable insole, rubber outsole, and a footbed covered in Ethylene Very Acetate (EVA) which makes it foot-friendly and comfortable.

This is the most supportive shoe on our list. Its sole makes it shock-proof and the toe area is designed to perfectly align with the wedge for awesome heel support, which in turn, helps with relief from SI joint pains.

The fact that it is built with lightweight technology, and it is lace-up, and still delivers an on-trend euro vibe puts it on a scale of uniqueness distant from other shoes.


  • Supportive
  • Three-zone comfort
  • Biomechanics
  • Lightweight
  • Relief

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