Can You Wear Crocs To MEPs?

No. You cannot wear Crocs to MEPS. It is not advisable for you to do that.

MEPS is a place you must go to in a presentable and attractive way. Crocs is a good shoe. However, from my experience at MEPS, I would not recommend wearing Crocs there.

MEPS is a place where you need to take extra caution when it comes to how you look.

This is one reason why I would not recommend wearing Crocs.

Crocs is a good shoe to wear to every organization. However, from my experience at MEPS, I have not seen anyone on Crocs when coming for assessment.

To be on the safer side, just wear any appropriate shoe other than Crocs or clogs.

Types of footwear acceptable at MEPs

At MEPS, there is no stipulated type of footwear that is accepted. The only criteria is to look presentable and professional. Once this is achieved, then, you are good to go.

I would talk about the types of shoes you can wear to MEPS briefly in this article. But below are a few guidelines to help you with the choice of shoes to wear at MEPS:

Choose a shoe that has a firm grip and an anti-slip sole

This is important for stability when walking. Don’t go for a shoe with a slippery sole. It is not recommended because it is unsafe for you.

Choose a shoe that is lightweight and comfortable for you

You might be required to stand for long hours. A lightweight shoe is the best choice for this type of situation. Furthermore, it helps you walk around easier and faster.

Don’t wear a shoe that has flashy colors

This might be unprofessional. Select the following colors: Black, Navy, Ash/grey and Brown/carton. These colors are professional and cool. It would not portray you in a negative image or come out as offensive.

Don’t wear flip-flops or slippers

This is also very important. Flip flops and slippers are not allowed at MEPS. You would be disqualified immediately.

  • Closed-toe shoes are good for MEPS. Don’t wear open-toed shoes to MEPS.
  • Don’t wear sandals to MEPS. It can get you disqualified instantly.

Shoes acceptable at MEPs

The following types of shoes are acceptable at MEPS:


This is one of the shoes that are accepted at MEPS. Boots are heavy but comfortable enough to keep you standing for long hours. Furthermore, they come with a durable and quality material that lasts long for years.

I didn’t wear boots to MEPS, but I saw quite a number of people who wore boots. It looks presentable and also sends a positive image to anyone who sees you. You can check out the following boots if you love boots.

  • SKECHERS men’s Chukka Boot: This boot is appropriate for MEPS. It is not as lightweight as typical sneakers, but it is comfortable to walk in. Furthermore, it has a high traction sole that keeps your feet steady while walking around. It comes in a cool color that looks good enough and not flashy. You can try this boot out whenever you want to try out for MEPS.
  • SKECHERS women’s boot: This is for women. It does not have a flashy look unlike other boots, but it is strong and comfortable for your feet and toes. The SKECHERS women’s boot comes with a shock-absorbent and soft midsole that prevents your feet from coming in close contact with the hard surface ground. Furthermore, it is made of quality suede material.


This is very common among everyone who goes for MEPS. Sneakers are comfortable and very appropriate for MEPS. I would list the various types of sneakers you can wear to MEPS below.

  • VANS low-top sneakers: This sneaker is appropriate for MEPS as well. It comes in a very simple and classic design which makes you look appropriate and presentable. Furthermore, it is a very comfortable sneaker with a breathable feature that keeps your feet and toes dry and cool always. It also has a rubber sole which is lightweight and also slip-resistant for stability. You should try this out if you are a lover of sneakers.
  • VANS women’s old skool sneakers: This is the female version of the VANS low-top sneakers. The VANS women’s old skool sneakers is a cool sneaker to wear to MEPS. It is lightweight and offers a considerable amount of comfort to your feet and toes. It has enhanced arch support which makes it suitable for females with flat feet. Furthermore, it is easy to walk in and it adds a bit of class and elegance to your outlook. This sneaker is appropriate for MEPS.


This is also appropriate for MEPS.

Loafers are casual and corporate in fashion. Furthermore, it is closed-toe and has a slip-resistant sole which makes it suitable for you to wear to MEPS.

The following loafers are appropriate for you to wear whenever you are going to MEPS:

  • SKECHERS Men’s loafers: This loafer is made of fabric that is easy to wash. Furthermore, it comes in black color which makes you look professional enough to be considered when being evaluated. It also has a rubber sole which is slip-resistant and makes you stable while walking. It is light and you can find comfort as you put it on.
  • SKECHERS women’s loafers: This is for females alone. It comes in grey color which is a professional color. Furthermore, it is lightweight and makes walking easy and comfortable. It comes with a very durable sole that lasts. It is also very affordable. This is an appropriate shoe to wear to MEPS because it meets the necessary qualification of a good shoe which is appropriate for MEPS. It has a comfortable insole which makes standing for long comfortable.

These are the appropriate shoes you can wear to MEPS. I wore my VANS low-top sneakers to MEPS and it was accepted. Try out these shoes and you won’t have any issues regarding your outlook.

Have you been to MEPs in recent times? What shoes did you wear? Care to share with me?

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