Why Ajio Delivery Is Slow?

Ajio delivery is slow due to so many reasons. It might be because your package is lost in transit and needs to be retraced before being delivered to you or as a result of technical issues like shipping policy, excess orders.

Nevertheless, it is very important to note that delay in deliveries has become a common thing amongst top companies, especially since the beginning of the pandemic.

A thing about having less manpower that is bound to cause a shortage of hands-on board to receive process and make your order good to go cannot be overlooked in the discussion of slow delivery.

Major reasons why Ajio delivery is slow

Why Ajio Delivery Is Slow

There are many reasons why your delivery from Ajio can be slow, a few of the common ones and most talked about by many other customers with I inclusive, are the ones I will be discussing here today.

  • Wrong Address
  • Distance
  • Weather conditions
  • Lost Package
  • Failed delivery attempt
  • Manpower
  • Shipping policy
  • Customs
  • Technical issues
  • Excess orders

Wrong Address

Addressing is marked as a very important detail in order to ensure safe and on-time delivery of your package.

In most cases recorded on Ajio based on late deliveries, there happens to be an error on an address given by customers.

Some fill inaccurate details or misspell their address, therefore, making it hard for the courier to get to the location on time.

Customers are advised in this case to properly check their details and ensure correct spelling in order to avoid this kind of occurrence.


Ajio is a company located in India, which is a country in the Asian Continent.

Now you can imagine the distance between this continent and other countries that have customers making orders from all over the world because of their credible services.

It takes a duration of 3-6 days for standard delivery from Ajio to wherever you are in the world, that of course excluding any natural or manmade occurrence.

Weather conditions

We can’t talk about cases of slow deliveries and not mention weather conditions.

On a normal day, you can make arrangements on how you want your day to go, and then nature will ruin everything.

Besides research makes it known that Asia’s climate differs from region to region.

This is another major reason why the delivery on Ajio is slow. Sometimes the fault is all on the weather and no one else.

We can’t work against nature, can we?

Lost Package

Lost packages are even way worse than delayed delivery.

When this occurs, you are not even having a slow or delayed delivery. At this point, you can’t tell if your package will arrive sooner or later or even never.

This can happen as a result of accidentally removed shipping labels or your package being damaged in the course of transit.

It is advisable to try and hire a credible and reliable courier service in order for you to be able to keep track of your order to ensure It is on route to your location.

Failed delivery attempt

To be sincere, some customers are the cause of slow or no delivery at all. there are cases whereby the courier gets to the address given to them at the appointed time but ends up not having anybody to sign and receive the package.

Drivers work with time, once they get to deliver your package and you are not there, they will move to the next location as they can only wait for a limited time not to delay other customers.


Since the pandemic, manpower has been one affected factor in most companies, with Ajio not being an exception.

Due to the social distancing initiated because of the pandemic, there had to be a limited number of workers who come in every day. This has changed the way orders are received and processed and has taken a toll on how fast your order gets to you.

Shipping policy

Ajio does not offer international shipping. So if you are a shopper residing outside of India, you will need to rely on other international courier services to get your product delivered to you.

The standard time for delivery from Ajio is 3-6 working days.

But each organization with its policy so there is bound to be a bit of mix-up from the delivery in the sense of how fast your package gets to you.


Customs Is a notable variable for different companies that ship internationally. Sometimes, having all the required documents is to avoid delays is a tough one, and sometimes getting cleared even after getting all the required documents is another long process.

If you ever get a delayed or slow delivery, it is possible that your package arrived on time but is taking too long to be cleared by customs.

It is advisable to partner with a reliable and trusted courier to avoid this kind of delay.

Technical issues

Ever got a call from your courier telling you they are almost there, only for you to wait and they never show up?

This is because of technical issues.

Personally, in cases like this, I feel like the vehicle has a mind of its own.

Delivery can be delayed due to technical issues, the courier might have left the office on time in order not to disappoint the customer but due to one reason or the order, hell even a flat tire can cause a lot of delay with improper preparations.

Excess orders

This kind of delay occurs mostly during the holiday season. Ajio is known for its credibility and delivery of original products all over the world.

This has managed to keep them among the best and top leading brands which makes it have spikes in shipment delivery volumes.

Your order might be delayed due to excess orders received in order to not exceed the standard number of delivery made on a shipment.


One thing to note with Ajio Brand is that so far your order was received, processed, and marked as complete.

It may take time to get to you but be rest assured that your package will get to you sooner or later.

In rare scenarios, if they are not able to find your package to deliver to you, they will mark your order as RTO (Return to origin), and then they will initiate the refund process in order for you to get a refund or place another order.

Ajio products are worth the wait. They may take time to arrive because of some of the issues discussed here but they are recommended for the kind of quality products they make and produce so yea; it is worth the wait.


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