Ajio vs Myntra: Is Ajio better than Myntra?

Fashion trends are changing every day. People like to shop online because it relieves them from the stress of shopping from place to place.

It also helps them to see what they want to order and have the opportunity to choose from a variety of products.

Both Ajio and Myntra are for individuals in India that like to shop online for products, especially in fashion.

They offer spectacular brands of clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry. They are also Chinese shopping apps that are widely known and patronized by their customers.

Is Ajio any better than Myntra?

Is Ajio better than Myntra

Ajio and Myntra are great shopping brands, but Myntra is better.

What distinguishes Myntra from Ajio and makes it an exceptional e-commerce site for shopping is its ability to please and satisfy its customers at all times.

This was achieved by Myntra by making its customers the top priority. Though Ajio’s products are good when it comes to quality, Myntra’s products are better.

Considering the reactions and actions gotten from some shoppers, it is obvious that Myntra has won the hearts of many shoppers over the years and it is still winning.

How I feel about Ajio

Ajio, a local fashion and lifestyle brand that aims to bring out the uniqueness, beauty, and fashionable side of Indians.

Despite their shortcoming, they still try to market their product and give discounts on products.

Lately, Ajio has been experiencing a great loss in their business, they receive a whole lot of criticism and backlash from their customers every day because of the dissatisfaction they get before and after their order.

Shoppers are no longer happy with their services and even their products. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are full of so many complaints.

Where has Ajio really gone wrong?

  • Poor customer service
  • Poor delivery method

Is Ajio better than Myntra

Poor customer attention/interaction

It has become obvious that Ajio no longer cares about its customers’ welfare, it ignores comments and complaints, even after so much dissatisfaction from their customers.

Due to this act, people do not patronize them anymore but criticize them using any opportunity given.

Shoppers are not satisfied with their services anymore, they now look for alternative ways to shop. Even though their product is appreciated by a few shoppers, the criticism is more than the praises.

A customer of Ajio named Yuvika Garg complained bitterly about Ajio’s Facebook page as regards the service.

Poor delivery method

Ajio’s method of delivering products is not reliable at all. It takes days and even weeks to deliver products to shoppers.

Shoppers complain all the time about the delay in the delivery of their products, no one likes to order for products and get it very late and even end up not really liking the product and to this effect, people go to places where their demands can be met.

The refund amount is not being paid to customers

Shoppers refund money which is supposed to be given to them by Ajio is not transferred on their return order.

Shoppers’ money is being withheld and not refunded through due process, they do not consider if the amount is being transferred to the right person or not.

Issues like this discourage people from shopping with them.

Products are not quality enough

The majority of the products sold by Ajio are not quality products, so many customers have laid several complaints about the products being delivered to them.

People want things that would last for a long time and not things that do not have originality in them.

Reasons you should shop with Myntra

Is Ajio better than Myntra

Myntra is a fashion e-commerce site in India, it was acquired in 2014 by Flipkart and it is popularly known as the largest e-commerce store for fashionable products that offers clothes, shoes, bags, etc for both the young and the old.

Myntra provides its customers with a hassle-free shopping experience all over the world.

It sells clothes from brands like Forever 21, Vero Moda, etc and they try as much as possible to deliver in a very short period of time. It has a very good and reliable return, exchange policy which Ajio lacks.

Myntra is popular for having a wide range of clothing apparel alongside accessories. It is more reliable and has gained a good amount of confidence and trust from its customers worldwide.

This brand is making a lot of effort to bring the power of fashion to shoppers with an array of the latest and trendiest products available in the country.

It deals with quality products that always leave the shoppers wanting more. It offers maximum satisfaction to shoppers, exceptional services, and also considers its customers’ wellbeing.

Moreover, Myntra really get to fathom the needs of the customers and gets to them as soon as possible.

It provides several lifestyle products from top brands like Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Catwalk, Benetton, Biba, Colors Plus, Lee, Levis, and many more.

Different payment options are made available to make shopping effortless, options like Credit and Debit cards, Net banking, and Cash/card delivery.

Furthermore, shopping is also made fun of on Myntra’s site. Searching for several beautiful designs is made easy and fast through the site.

The site features new looks, trends, and products as per the change in fashion trends; it also keeps you updated with the fashion for all seasons throughout the year and other years ahead.

Myntra is also known to be one of the best online clothing stores where shoppers can get trending products at a very affordable price.

It has everything you need to look gorgeous. It includes products from various offline sellers who wish to list their products on their site.

Myntra and Ajio are compared on a variety of workplace factors which was gotten from their employees.

It was said that Myntra had a very higher score in 8 areas which are overall rating, career opportunities, compensation & benefits, senior management, culture & values, CEO approval, and positive business outlook. Meanwhile, Ajio scored higher in 1 area which is work-life balance

The benefits of shopping with Myntra

  • Customers tend to enjoy shopping always
  • Customers are not left behind on the trends of clothes and accessories
  • Customers satisfaction is a priority
  • Customers are offered discounts
  • First-timers are offered free shipping of products

Customers tend to enjoy shopping always

Myntra aims at providing a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience to its customers.

It reduces inconvenience from shoppers and enables them to have stress-free shopping anytime any day.

This is achieved by making sure that customers get the products they ordered within a short period of time.

Delay in delivery does not take place in Myntra, products are delivered just the way shoppers order for them.

People are looking for easy means to shop and due to the way it treats its customers, shopping has become more and more exciting to carry out.

This is because it is a stress-free transaction with a little amount and a product of great quality.

Customers are not left behind on the trends of clothes and accessories

Myntra always provide its customers with the widest range of brands and products on its portal.

It makes sure that customers get the latest and trending clothes and accessories ranging from different colors and styles.

Myntra sends the latest offers to its shoppers via email or SMSs. It offers a wide range of brands and the best design of products that are available under one roof.

Apart from giving the trending and latest fashion styles, it offers quality products that are worth the amount it was purchased.

Their products tend to last for a long time and this encourages shoppers to shop more and more.

Customers satisfaction is a priority

These days it has become very important for each and every organization to enhance the level of their customer satisfaction.

They try to meet up with the several needs of their customers so as not to end up losing them to others.

Studies have shown that customers are mostly satisfied with the price, delivery safety, returns and refunds, quality of product, the authenticity of the brand, after-sale service (customer support), and e-commerce service quality and perceived value.

Myntra gives shoppers a great deal of satisfaction, it ensures that customers do not complain about products and services thereby rendering quality and satisfactory services at all times.

Myntra is very reliable and the majority of its products are good, refunds are most of the time instantaneous. Some of the reliable and reasonable brands are dress berry, roadster e.t.c.

It has friendly customer service, this is because you can contact them when faced with any difficulty through message emails and calls.

To enable a quick response, contact them through calls from the numbers mentioned on their site.

Customers are offered discounts

Myntra offers a great discount that really helps in saving money. They deliver goods to customers who are able to use free Myntra online coupons and Myntra discounts codes to avail good discounts on all of the products from various brands.

Myntra also offers discounts and sales that run throughout the year to provide shoppers with their favorite brand at a huge discount.

It hosts the annual End of Reason Sale (EORS) where prices of most products are massively dropped.

First-timers are offered free shipping of products

An advantage of shopping with Myntra is getting free shipping of products.

This means no standing in a queue and waiting for your turn, all you just need to do is to choose your product, pay the money and they will be delivered to your doorstep within 1-2 days.

Customers can also track their orders from their tracking system so as to know how long it would take for the delivery.

Myntra’s recognition

Myntra is not just called Indian’s largest e-commerce store for nothing. It has gained a reasonable stand in India over the years.

In 2013, it was awarded “Fashion eRetailer of the Year 2013” by Franchise India -India eRetailer Awards. In 2012, it was awarded “Best E-commerce Wedsite for 2012” by IAMAI- India Digital Awards.

Also in 2012, it was awarded “Image Most Admired Retailer of the Year: Non-store Retail” by Image Group.

Myntra got the award as “Best E-commerce Partner of 2011-2012 by Puma India.

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