Ajio vs Amazon: Which is Better?

Shopping online has been made easy and enjoyable especially in India, it even gets more interesting and amazing when you can shop nice, latest, and trending products with ease.

They are so many online shopping brands in India such as Myntra, Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Koovs, Abof, and so on. These shopping stores make shopping online worthwhile and hassle-free. In this article, we will focus on two popular stores in India known to be Ajio and Amazon.

The major difference between Ajio and Amazon is that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world offering a wide range of products while Ajio is an Indian Brand that solely focuses on trendy Indian customers.

Amazon is one of the biggest, most popular, and fast-growing e-commerce companies not just in India but in the world. They are known for offering quality service and good products across the country.

On the other hand, Ajio store focuses on customers that follow trends from time to time. It deals with the hottest and latest fashion and lifestyle that can be purchased at a very cheap rate.

Ajio vs Amazon

This lifestyle brand aims at bringing the uniqueness, beauty, and fashionable side of Indians. It primary focus is giving Indians the Indie experience.

Are you based in India? Do you follow Indians trends and the latest fashion? Do you like to shop online always at an affordable price? Then Ajio is the best store for you, this lifestyle brand is ever ready to grant you your heart desires.

Why is Ajio better?

  • The Indie experience
  • Trending fashion and styles
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Deals with the latest fashion wear
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Offers discount

The Indie experience

This e-commerce online shopping store is admired and accepted by many Indian shoppers and shoppers all over the world.

It brings the hottest brand and styles from across the world to your closet, at the same time offering cheap and quality clothing and products to all Indian shoppers.

Trending fashion and styles

It showcases trending products and delivers the product to the doorstep of customers, ranging from dresses, skirts, tunics, and so on.

Ajio gives the Indie experience to all its customers. Indie styles and fashion are carefully handpicked such that only the most beautiful products made by legit artisans across the country are sold.

It is known for its uniqueness and quality products. It gives individuals a sense of newness and uniqueness whenever they buy products. It also brings a sense of awareness to people, they are always conscious of the fact that they are dealing with trending fashion styles.

Ajio has an advanced infrastructure alongside a robust physical retail business that gives room for online and offline purchases and it also creates an amazing customer experience and excellent delivery service.

It is cheap and affordable

It offers discounts on several of its products. This is a reduction of the original price to a lower one, it is usually used to win customers.

Customers are usually drawn and attracted to lower prices and this is a strategy used by Ajio to get more customers by making their product cheap and very much affordable than other online stores at any point in time.

It showcases different styles and fashion trends that can help customers express their choices freely. Shoppers are able to shop for any event, mood, or occasion at any time and season of the year.

Unique features of Ajio

Mostly concerned with fashion and style

Ajio specializes more in fashion and style. The e-commerce store gives more attention to the fashion and lifestyle of customers.

It concerns itself with the fashionable needs of its customers, it can be relied upon whenever it comes to fashion and style.

Deals with the latest and trendiest style

It does not only specialize in fashion but also the latest trends in India. It deals with styles that are new and current, styles that are spectacular, amazing, and new.

The Indie experience

Indie styles and fashion are carefully handpicked such that only the most beautiful products made by legit artisans across the country are sold.

Quality product

Ajio sells and delivers quality products to its shopper. It deals with products made from high quality

Discount and offer

Ajio offers a captivating discount on its product, this is done with the aim of increasing the sales of its products, getting more customers, and keeping its customers.

Capsule collection

It has varieties of clothes in which individuals can choose, this collection has the aim of satisfying the needs of individuals at any given time.

Use of social networking sites

Different networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used to advertise products and services. Through these sites, customers are able to lay their complaints and recommendations to Ajio to help them become better.

Use of artificial intelligence

Customers’ behaviors and reactions are being tracked through the use of artificial intelligence.

Enough time to check products

There is enough time for customers to look and choose before they buy or order. This helps to reduce traffic in stores.

It also gives room for customers to try the product before buying, this too helps to reduce the rate at which goods.

Unique features of Amazon

Ajio vs Amazon

Fast and quick delivery

Amazon offers a very quick delivery at all times, all you need to do is place your order and your products will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Refund is certain

If products arrive later than the Guaranteed Delivery Date, customers can call customer support and immediately ge a refund on shipping.

Easy linkage of account

A person’s account can be linked to other customers through the use of the Household menu. Amazon Household menu helps you to share books and videos with your friends and relation without any long or tough process, all you need to do is link their account to yours in the Amazon menu and you are good to go.

Discount on sales

Amount of goods are given at about 5% to 15% discount rate, the more you subscribe the more Amazon boosts your discounts. This discount helps to retain customers and at the same time increase purchase of goods.

Amazon flow

This is a feature of Amazon that allows customers to purchase items by simply taking pictures of them. All you need to do is, open the app, take a photo of the item and pick the correct item from the generated list.

This does not work with an unwrapped gadget like a torchlight but it works best for items with a distinct label like a box of cereal or a bag of potato chips.

Amazon smile

This is an initiative made by Amazon that donates 0.5% of the money you spend to any charity of your choice. To achieve this, you have to shop from smile.amazon.com instead of the normal Amazon homepage.

Friendly service

Amazon service is not just quality but also friendly. Am e-mail is sent to the customer when a shipment is about to go out, shipment can also be delayed if the customer is not ready to receive the product.

Help save money

Individuals can sell their used items at Amazon warehouse, though the goods may not come with their original warranty, they are sold at a discount rate and Amazon usually sells the goods itself.

Free reading of books and magazines

Amazon offers well-known books, magazines, and comic books for free, it also has audiobooks available for people that like to listen while working. You can read books on several aspects of life ranging from documentaries to sports, to academics, to health.

In what aspect is Ajio better?

Affordable prices

As earlier said, Ajio is a very popular brand in India that sells products at a very cheap and quite affordable rate, such that anyone can purchase any item of his or her choice with a little amount of money.

Any item can be bought or ordered with a discount on the product. This is the reason why customers keep patronizing them regardless of their shortcomings, after all, it is the most affordable store across the country.

Latest styles

Also, bringing home the latest and nicest style always is a prominent feature of Ajio. It is at the top list of stores that supply trending and amazing lifestyle and fashion wear from jewelry to shoes, to bags, clothes, and many more, they give the newest and most current.

Indie experience

The most beautiful Indian style and fashion wear made by Indians are sold. Bags, shoes, wears made in India by Indian experts are more enjoyable to purchase than foreign ones.

It brings a sense of oneness to know that some nice and authentic items are made by good artisans across India.

Artificial Intelligence

Customer’s behaviors, reactions, complain are being tracked through social media. Ajio sees these on their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page.

They get to know their shortcomings, the perception of the public concerning them and their product, how the public rate their customer service, do they have more positive reactions than negative ones? Are they still trusted by their customers and so on.

In what aspect is Amazon better?

Amazon flow

A unique feature that distinguishes Amazon and makes it different from other stores is the fact that it allows items to be purchased just by taking pictures.

Are you in need of an item urgently? Simply take a picture of the item, select the correct item from the generated list, and in no time it will be delivered. This feature helps customers to get the exact item in which they ordered for.

Amazon smile

This is an initiative created by Amazon to generate funds for charity organizations. Amazon gives 0.5% of what you spend to any charity organization of your choice.

It is a way of helping the poor and less privileged with just a little from your expenses. Though this is optional and to achieve this you have to purchase your item from smile.amazon.com and not Amazon homepage.

Quick delivery

Amazon is known to offer the fast and quickest delivery anywhere in the world. They try to meet up with their customers’ orders and deliver their products to them just the way they want it and when they want it.

Amazon has created a sense of confidence in its customers and to this effect, people can confidently purchase items, pay, and relax.

Free reading

Amazon is a great site for bookworms, books of different kinds can be read for free, novels that are no longer in stock in bookshops can be found on Amazon, magazines of all kinds can be read on Amazon, comics, sports, entertainment, health documentaries, fashion, the list is endless.

Friendly and nice customer service

When it comes to customer service, Amazon offers one of the best. Customer’s needs are seen as a top priority and they are given utmost attention.

They do not neglect their customers’ need but instead attend to them whenever they are called upon.


Everyone likes to shop with a store that is very much convenient and favorable especially when it is an online store and its products are affordable. Shopping becomes even more enjoyable and satisfying when you get the latest and trendiest style and fashion, especially in India.

Fashion trends are not just changing but also improving, people like to follow these trends and get themselves amazing and beautiful items like clothes and jewelry.

Ajio brand provides you with all these and more, you are allowed to choose items that can suit any occasion at all like a dinner party, a sporting event, or casual wear, or any season of the year like jackets, coats, and scarves for winter.

Ajio sells quality products and offers discounts to them, they sell a variety of collections to fit their customers’ needs. They are known for giving good services throughout India and the world at large.

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