Which of the Following Brands Do Not Sell Shoes in Ajio

Just as there are tons of shoe brands on Ajio, I also find out that a number of shoe brands are unavailable on the huge site. In this post, I will be sharing most of these shoe brands that are not on Ajio with you.

Let’s jump into it.


Which of the Following Brands Do Not Sell Shoes in Ajio

Chanel is a popular brand that sets itself apart in the fashion industry with the quality of its products and wears.

They have a reputation for offering luxurious and quality designer wears that simply catch the eye of customers all over the world.

But it is interesting to know that despite the surge in a number of companies rushing to set up online, Chanel has held back from joining the fray.

Not only is Chanel absent on Ajio, Amazon, eBay, but none of their products are also available for purchase directly online.

What Chanel does online is showcase its products; allow customers to view the products online and make the decision to buy before coming to make the purchase in-store.

They have set themselves apart in the industry for this.

Chanel released a statement in which they said they considered selling their products a waste of its value.

One thing being absent online does is increase the scarcity of the product, but Chanel has claimed that is not why they refused to go online.

They would like to preserve the tradition of employing the store’s facilities, in-store dressing, and so on.

If you are buying a Chanel shoe on Ajio, you might want to be sure it’s not Channel you’re buying. Sure they look alike, but they’re different, you see?

Stuart Weitzman

Which of the Following Brands Do Not Sell Shoes in Ajio

A shoe brand with over 35 years of history running in the soles of their shoes.

And despite being one of the most popular brands in the market, they do not have their shoes on Ajio.

The brand which was christened after its founder, Stuart Weitzman, has given itself a reputation. They make shoes for high fashion and high function.

The Stuart Weitzman is also one of the most expensive shoes out there.

It’s not unusual to have the purse feeling much lighter after a Stuart Weitzman is purchased. However, the quality they dish out speaks for itself.

We believe that it is possible they do not have their shoes on Ajio for exclusivity reasons.

Not to mention the fact, that they might also be protecting the market value of their products.

It is said that the founder of the shoe brand would always say a beautiful shoe was useless until it felt as comfortable as it looked.

Stuart Weitzman shoes are footwear with history and a long line of tradition.

And as such, they are one of those who have decided to limit their retail partners.

Whether there will be future links with Ajio remains to be known. But as at the time this article was written, there was no sign of the classic Stuart Weitzman on the popular retail store.


Which of the Following Brands Do Not Sell Shoes in Ajio

A search result for Primark shoes on Ajio will reveal a result very much similar to Chanel.

“Unfortunately we currently do not offer an online shop. Primark products are available in our stores.”

That is the exclusive message a search of Primark products anywhere online will receive.

Primark is one of those less ubiquitous fashion brands that believe in the tradition of self-preservation.

They have this cultural belief that an online store will take away a certain effect from their products.

Primark does not have an online store, and its products are not available for sale on any online retail store.

A search on Ajio went on to prove our claim. As at the moment this article was being written, Ajio does not have access to Primark shoes– no one does.

The only way to get Primark shoes is to visit their physical store. They do have a website and an app. But like Chanel, those only function to showcase what’s inside the store, they do not allow the purchase of any kind.

Several pleas have been tendered on social media for the fashion giant to come online, but there has been no indication they are going to be changing their minds anytime soon.


This is another exclusive and gigantic fashion brand of the attendance register of Ajio.

A search result for Prada Shoes will lead to Samprada. And while we agree both names share a Prada, many of us would rather leave Sam out of the matter.

Prada is one of those top fashion brands that take their products with such traditional view.

They have a culture, a tradition, a feel they would like to impose on their products and they do that how best they can.

Usually, that is the determining factor behind the selection of an online retail partner for these fashion brands.

And from the look of things, Prada has not yet considered the option Ajio is providing for them as a retail store.

A search result for Prada shoes on Ajio would turn out null, as many online retail stores as well.

As at the moment of writing this article, not one Prada shoe was not found anywhere on Ajio. It remains to be seen if that will change by daybreak tomorrow.

We do not know why, but for some reason best known to both parties, there has been no form of collaboration between them.

The fashion brand, however, has its shoes available for purchase on its online store and Amazon.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Malletier is a French fashion house founded by, the clue is in the name – Louis Vuitton!

The fashion powerhouse is known for the exotic and luxury products they release. A range that goes on from luxury trunks and other leather goods, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, ready-to-you, and books.

Founded in 1854, the fashion house has gone on to be one of the reckoning forces wherever fashion is the subject of discourse.

The label has the LV monogram appearing on most of their products, it’s their brand logo.

As one of the forerunning international fashion house in the world, Louis Vuitton sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high-end department stores, and through its website.

This brings us back to the matter at hand; Louis Vuitton shoes are not available for sale on Ajio.

You might possibly get Louis Vuitton shoes, but they wouldn’t be from Louis Vuitton because the brand does not sell its shoes on Ajio.

We pulled up a search for Louis Vuitton and the search gave no result for LV shoes.

As at the time this article was written, not a single Louis Vuitton shoe was present on the website.

This is not entirely surprising; Louis Vuitton is a big fashion brand, one of those with history and specific cultural insistences.

An open market like Ajio or even Amazon might not suit their cultural inclination.


Which of the Following Brands Do Not Sell Shoes in Ajio

This is a UK-based retailer that provides fashion solutions to women only.

They are one of the trendsetters in the new fashion market we have out there and for a good reason.

Missguided is one of those fashion brands with a specific niche, style, and target market. In this case, the brand is aiming for women who fall between the ages of 16 – 35 years.

Are their shoes on Ajio? Capital NO.

Somehow, Missguided has managed to not get listed on Ajio, which would probably increase the revenue generated for the fashion brand.

But like in the case of Chanel, many of these brands acknowledge that revenue is important; it is literally why they’re still in business.

However, for them the culture and message they believe they are sending their customers and faithful followers matter even more.

This is usually the driving force behind their decision to, or to not join a specific marketplace.

While the brand’s shoes are not available on Ajio, orders can still be placed via their official website.

We would also like to state explicitly that Missguided only offers for women, again, clue is in the name.

They have a different brand, Menance, for men’s fashion needs.


Which of the Following Brands Do Not Sell Shoes in Ajio

Bonobos is a perfect example of what the internet can do.

When the company first started, it began as an upscale, apparel subsidiary of Walmart that designed and sold men’s clothing. As at the time, it had its headquarters in New York City.

Bonobos is not an ‘unknown’ fashion brand, although they are relatively new compared to the other brands on this list.

The fashion store was started up in the year 2007 by Stanford Business school students Andy Dunn and his partner, Brian Spaly. It was, however, launched as an exclusively online retail store at the time.

The fashion store features Jimmy Butler, an NBA star as one of their partners and he runs ads for the store now.

However, the brand does have its products available on Ajio.

A search for Bonobos shoes on Ajio will draw up no result whatsoever.

We think this might be because the store does not want to compete with itself, or like the rest, they have their own interests and ideology to protect.

Bonobos store is probably the biggest fashion store built on the web in the US.

They place specific emphasis on men’s suits, shirts, accessories, denim, shorts, outwears, shoes, and loafers.

The store has recently gotten its first offline store. But it’ll always be cool to check out products on their official website first.  

North Face

The North Face does not sell its shoes on Ajio. 

The North Face is a street fashion/Retro brand that started out initially as an American outdoor recreation products company.

It was reportedly founded by two hikers on a San Francisco Beach who decided to go for their dream by equipping other hikers with what they thought was quality wear.

Their niche when they started out was the needs of climbers, hikers, and the likes. They produced clothing for outdoor use, footwear, and other such equipment.

However, they have also released stylish fashion wear that bridges the gap between functionality and fashion.

Most of their products have their roots in some form of outdoor activity or the other.

The North Face brand is a popular brand among hikers, people who love skiing, mountain climbers, swimmers, divers, campers etc.

Ajio is not the only online retail store missing the North Face exquisites, even a search on Amazon might prove equally futile.

People who love and trust the Northface brand for their shoe needs should not bother checking Ajio.

Northface shoes are not available on Ajio.

Their products are easily accessible via their e-commerce website. And one thing they promise is quality.


Barbour is a British brand that focuses on luxury and lifestyle.

What they do is manufacture, design, and sell ready-to-wear, sneakers, shoes, and accessories for women, children, and men alike under a different brand.

We conducted a search for Barbour shoes on Ajio and it did not yield any result at all.

As at the time this article was written, Barbour footwear was absent from Ajio.

The fashion brand is one of those brands that focus heavily on tradition and style in South Shields, England.

They quickly became popular and more well known for their waxed cotton jacket – a regular element in the British Clothing Syllabus.

They offer quality shoes such as the Barbour Readhead for excellent prices on their websites, however.

And in addition to that, unlike Primark that doesn’t sell at all on its website, Barbour even offers doorstep delivery.


Which of the Following Brands Do Not Sell Shoes in Ajio

Are their shoes present on Ajio? 


Patagonia is one of the shoe brands whose products cannot be found anywhere on Ajio.

The American fashion brand is well known as a company that sells and markets quality outdoor clothing for both men and women.

The company, formed in the year 1973, have spent decades learning to perfect their products.

They have researched varying materials, working environments and ethics, and colors to define their standpoint in the market today.

Also, Patagonia is known for having concerns that go beyond fashion. They have some of the best working ethics and promote a safer environment.

The company is also renowned for its interest and commitment to raising the next generation of environmental activists.

Put all of this history together and you have a possible reason for their exclusion on the Ajio market.

Patagonia looks more to its tradition and history when making choices.

This is a probable reason for the absence of their shoes on Ajio.

If you want Patagonia wear, you might want to check out their official store.

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