Which Products Does Ajio Not Sell

The concern of choosing where to shop for items reduces our energy a lot of times. So much so, the thought of having to go out to buy them is discouraging, to say the least.

And this is the reason behind online markets like Ajio (an India-based online market) providing a solution to shop any items online in the comfort of your home.

This is true for the most part, but there are products you won’t find on Ajio like prescription drugs, automobiles, medical devices, etc. However, these items are available in other online markets.

So next time when you scroll through on Ajio online platform to check for some items, here are 10 items you should expect not to see.

Which Products Does Ajio Not Sell

Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs like antibiotics, antifungals, allergy meds, oral contraceptives, decongestant nasal sprays, high blood pressure medications, and cholesterol-fighting drugs are not available on Ajio’s online market.

Fruits and vegetables

When you are looking to stock up your kitchen and refrigerator, Ajio is not a place to think of.

The quality of fruits and vegetables reduces significantly if not properly stored or store for a longer time.

So, this may be the reason behind the unavailability of both fruits and vegetables on Ajio or difficulty that may be encountered when transporting.

Also, there are some regulations on online purchases and out-of-state shipping of fresh fruits and vegetables. due to fear of agricultural pest infiltration.

Most administrations have restrictions on labeling, dealing and packaging that must be fulfilled as well.


Ajio doesn’t deal with Automobiles like fuel cars, electric cars because they are big investments with standard documentation.

However, the cost of the dealership to provide test drives to the customers and deliver the car will also be difficult to maintain.

Some customers will prefer buying the car offline at this time, buying a car is not a small decision to make. People will certainly want to see the car in person rather than giving attention to online pictures or videos.

Medical devices

Medical devices are complex products with selective buyers majorly hospitals. So selling expensive medical devices is a big task and requires several stakeholders to make big sales and this may be the reason an online market like Ajio will find it discouraging to market that on their platform.

In addition, selling medical devices needs an expert to showcase the importance and how the devices work and make this expert available for any questions for weeks, months, before and after the sale is made.


Batteries are sold either apiece or in bundles. Depending on your requirements and needs, you might need to stock up on a few packs for use in the long run.

Big retail stores like Ajio are not specialized in the sales of batteries, and this may be due to unbranded batteries that are much in circulation offline and less expensive. Meanwhile, Ajio majorly deals with branded products.

Getting a pack of branded batteries is more expensive than getting an unbranded battery of the same capacity.

Furthermore, buying these unbranded batteries in bulk from other stores helps to save more money than buying branded batteries at megastores.

Sex toys

Sex toys are not available on Ajio online market and this may be founded on Indian law prohibiting the display or exhibition of sex toys. As it was stated in section 292 of the Indian penal code, 1896.

Although, as cited by the Indian laws, any individual who trades, distributes, publicly showings or has any indecent material in his/her possession, pictures, diagram, portrait, or any obscene element which showcases ‘obscenity’, is punishable with both imprisonment and fine.

Then, from the above-mentioned opinion, everything associated with sex toys is prohibited by a democratic government.

However, there is a record of Indian brands which sell different types of sex toys online. Many online Adult websites have been trading these varied items in the country and people have been buying them.

Statistics show unexpected expansion in the number of consumers for adult staff in India over a previous couple of years.

The major thing that the vendors or agents have to keep in mind is the dealing technique to make sure that the products that they are trading are legitimate in every perspective and are under the policies legislated by the government.


Paints like enamel, oil, emulsion, cement, bituminous, plastic,anti-corrosive, cellulose are not available on Ajio for sale. People prefer buying these products offline (hardware store)as it is cost-efficient compared to online.

Also, these products are available at almost every remote place, village, and town.

Fertilizer and plant food

One of the products Ajio doesn’t sell online is fertilizer and plant food. You can see both products on other online markets but not on Ajio.


Liquor is among those products Ajio doesn’t sell. Liquor is part of the state list not to sell online under the Seventh Schedule of the legislation of India. This may be part of the reason Ajio keeps away from selling liquor.

Liquor in India is commonly sold at liquor stores, bars, and restaurants, hotels, lounges, companies but not online.

Some states, like Nagaland, Mizoram, Gujarat, and Bihar prohibit private groups from possessing liquor shops making the provincial government the only retailer of liquor in those states.

In some areas, liquor may be sold at malls,  stores, party halls, or event centers. Also, some tourist areas have different laws permitting the sale of alcohol on beaches and houseboats like in goa.

Nonetheless, in Delhi, home delivery of wine by private sellers and stores is permitted.

PlayStation consoles

Home games like PS4, PS5, Xbox are not available on Ajio online market but other competitive online stores offer these items.

Conclusively, Ajio offers great deals all year round, basically fashion and lifestyle brands e.g male and female wears, jewelry, cushions, and covers, etc. But these 10 products can’t be found on Ajio’s online platform.

Be proactive about checking out other competitive stores like Amazon, Dollar Store, and Costco around you that sell these items for better deals. The chances of getting them at a satisfactory price are significantly higher

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