Ajio vs Meesho: Which is Better?

AJIO and Meesho are two fresh e-commerce apps in India, and their presence has truly helped many Indians to purchase their wants and needs easily. E-commerce is now being readily accepted in India because of the ease of these apps.

Using either AJIO or Meesho to make certain purchases is sure to assist you in making your purchases easier and cooler. Of the two, however, Meesho takes the lead as the best e-commerce application and business.

Meesho is superior to AJIO because of the diversity of its catalog, the effectiveness of its deliveries (even complex ones), and the smoothness of the app’s operations.

Ajio vs Meesho

Meesho’s customers have enjoyed 7 years of doing great business on the app and getting their items delivered, or picked up, in perfect condition.

For Indians, getting “just what you ordered” would mean you have to shop with great e-commerce apps like Meesho.

Meesho’s online shopping avenue is fast–rising and already witnessing an unprecedented level of success with a customer base that far surpasses that of AJIO.

Also, if you look at the catalogs of both businesses, it is clear to see that Meesho has more depth and variety in the range of products that it offers online customers.

Meesho is a great e-commerce company that many Indians love to patronize to purchase their products online in ways that are safe, convenient, and comfortable for them.

Major Reasons Why is Meesho Better than Ajio (Explained)?

Ajio vs Meesho

Meesho is better than AJIO because of many reasons that have been evident to Indian customers in the e-commerce space for a while now.

The truth is, if you are in India and you want to buy something online, you would most likely shop with Meesho, rather than AJIO.

These two e-commerce apps are great, but, when it comes down to it, Meesho steps forward as the better app to shop with – many Indians can attest to this fact.

  • Ease of shopping
  • Wide variety of products
  • Loyal customer base

Ease of shopping

Shopping online is not stressful on Meesho, it is seamless and fluid. There is so much comfort and safety in the payment system that Meesho offers and customers who shop with them rarely have any complaints.

Wide variety of products

Apart from the fact that Meesho sells ways more products than AJIO, which only deals with fashion products.

Loyal customer base

Meesho also has a stronger and more loyal customer base than AJIO.

Meesho was founded by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in 2015 as one of the online stores that are meant to serve the whole of India with great products and services.

Fast forward to the year 2022 and Meesho has become one of the most successful online shopping apps in India, despite its relatively young age and experience.

As it turns, the design and quality of the Meesho app (as well as the awesome customer service offered by the management) has contributed well enough to its evident success and perceived presence in the Indian e-commerce world.

Because of how well Meesho is doing, great companies like Facebook. SoftBank, Naspers, SAIF Partners, etc. have offered several investments to the company to further boost its gains and reach.

The great thing about Meesho is that you can, as an entrepreneur, start up your own online business on the app and start making money by selling products from your phone.

Therefore, not only can you shop on Meesho, but you can also earn.

What strong points does Ajio have over Meesho? 

Ajio vs Meesho

AJIO is a splendid e-commerce app that you can still shop with if you are in India right now. The thing is, for the purposes of what we are discussing, and when AJIO is compared with Meesho, Meesho is better than AJIO for many reasons.

However, that does not take away from the uniqueness and functionality of AJIO at all. AJIO still has a whole lot of loyal customers who are perfectly satisfied with their shopping experiences on the app.

AJIO specializes mostly in fashion wear and accessories which they offer to their customers at the most affordable prices. The mission of this online sales business is to give Indian customers the best fashion value for their money.

Some of the strong points that AJIO possesses over Meesho include:

  • Specialization in the sales of fashion products
  • Effective Offline Pick-Up Stations
  • Quality Assurance

Specialization in the sales of fashion products

AJIO focuses on one aspect of online sales – fashion, and this is why you can see their superb success in that field for the six years that they have been on the scene.

When it comes to purchasing quality clothes online, AJIO definitely has the edge over Meesho because this is the singular field that AJIO is invested in.

AJIO’s parent company is The Reliance Company, this business has been supplying several Indian customers with fashionable wear that can be delivered to them in their homes for free.

The beautiful thing about the fashion products on AJIO is that they are mostly procured from fashion designers and official fashion brands all over the world at prices that are really affordable and reasonable.

Serving Indians with the best of the global high-fashion at a really good price is what AJIO is all about. They specialize in supplying some of the best fashion products in India today.

Effective offline pick-up stations

The Reliance Company has been doing (and is still doing) good business in India for years before it considered taking its fashion sales to the online space.

Due to this, when you shop on AJIO, you have the option of picking your purchases up yourself at select pick–up stations all over the country as soon as your orders are ready.

Customers love the fact that AJIO has over 25000 stores and pick-up locations that they can choose from should they choose to get their deliveries themselves.

This is a way to ensure accountability and thoroughness in the product delivery approach, and AJIO customers are really satisfied with this option as well.

Quality assurance

The quality and professionalism of AJIO can be attested to on many occasions due to how many good reports and great buys customers have given online.

AJIO sorts for the best fashion products, and duly authenticates their originality and condition before they put these wears up on their site for sale.

What strong points does Meesho have over Ajio?

Since Meesho came on the e-commerce scene, it has been recording success after success in its business approach and model for selling products to many customers online.

Meesho is a social commerce app that assists people in creating their own online stores where they can sell original products and services to people all over India.

When you use the Meesho app to start your online business, you will quickly discover that you can earn a lot of money with no initial investments whatsoever – provided that you sell quality merchandise.

The strong points that Meesho has over AJIO include the following: 

  • Different products for customers’ choice
  • Earning Capacity For Users
  • Huge Number Of Investors and Partners

Different products for customers’ choice

Meesho doesn’t just offer fashion products for sale, they also give Indian customers the opportunity to purchase electronics, gadgets, electricals, furniture, sports gear, etc. online whenever they want to.

Many users are also to sell and resell their products at the management’s due approval; therefore, you can get items here for really affordable prices once you shop right.

Meesho makes the shopping experience easy for online customers because they can shop for items at standard value or resale value – depending on what budget they are going for at the moment.

The fact that you can shop for more things on Meesho than on AJIO is one advantage that Meesho has continually had over AJIO over the years till today.

Earning capacity of users

Delighted users of the Meesho App are very happy with the fact that they can actually become certified entrepreneurs on the app when they put up their authentic products for sale.

You can shop on Meesho, and you can earn as well as you do so.

Not only can customers save money on Meesho when they get massive deals and discounts, users can also earn some good money when they choose to sell and resell great products on the app using their phones.

Meesho makes the process quite easy for users who choose to sell with them – provided that they follow the rules and come through with the set requirements on registration.

A lot of Indians have benefited duly from this service by Meesho, and you can really see that in the glowing reviews and special recommendations that they give online.

Meesho has significantly more app downloads than AJIO does, mostly due to this fact.

Huge number of investors and partners

The huge number of investors that have been calling Meesho for collaborations and partnerships is at a high rate that cannot be ignored at all.

Facebook, Naspers, Softbank, SAIF Partners, and many others, have all put investments in Meesho because of its sustainable business approach and veritable modes of satisfying customers online.

Meesho satisfies customers speedily with the way the social commerce platform is run – there are rarely any bad reviews here, and this is due to how well the company is run.

The awards and investments that Meesho has gotten over the years just show how much more favored and efficient it is, when compared to AJIO.

Differences between Ajio and Meesho 

AJIO and Meesho are great shopping apps to use when you want to shop online in India. They are both well-suited to handle your online shopping needs if you know what you are looking for.

Customers tend to pick either AJIO or Meesho based on choices that are particular to them, but if you were to shop in India today, you would most likely make use of the Meesho app because it is more vibrant, expensive, and user-involved than AJIO is.

Some of the differences between AJIO and Meesho are:

  • Areas of Specialization
  • Number of App Downloads
  • User Experience
S/no Features Ajio Meesho
1 Areas of Specialization AJIO specializes in the sales of fashion products only. Meesho has a diversified catalog of products that includes fashion items, gadgets, electronics, books, furniture, and more.
2 Number of App Downloads


AJIO has fewer app downloads than Meesho. Meesho has been downloaded more times than AJIO has been.
3 User Experience The AJIO app has fewer downloads than Flipkart. Flipkart has enjoyed more app downloads than AJIO and most other e-commerce apps in India over the years.

Areas of specialization

This is the top consideration on the minds of Indian customers whenever they want to use either AJIO or Meesho to do their shopping. In fact, this is the main reason why Meesho has more customers than AJIO today.

AJIO only offers fashion products – which it specializes in – and when you decide to shop with this e-commerce app, you are not going to be able to make any purchases of products asides from fashion products.

Meesho, on the other hand, prides itself in procuring and selling a whole lot of products and commodities to the Indian online community at reasonable prices that are suitable for many budgets.

Shopping on Meesho means no limits on the kinds of products that you can order as you surf the app. Meesho Customers appreciate the fact that they can get fashion products, sports gear, gadgets, accessories, home appliances, electronics, etc. all at the same place.

Because you can really get anything you want on Meesho, there is a certain freedom in your shopping and there are no hassles and bustles. AJIO does not have this kind of unlimited freedom and wide catalog.

Number of app downloads 

Meesho has been downloaded more times from the app stores in India than AJIO. On the records, Meesho’s number of downloads amounts to 100 Million downloads and more.

Customers have downloaded AJIO about 50 Million times, till today.

Given the huge difference in the download rates of these two great online sales platforms, it is clear to see that Meesho edges well past AJIO as the best e-commerce app in India – between the two.

User experience

The user experience on AJIO is not at all like what you will find on Meesho. Users of Meesho readily appreciate the smooth and connected interface that the social commerce platform affords them.

Unlike AJIO, when you shop on Meesho, you also have the veritable to become an authentic business person yourself when you get registered as a seller and/or reseller on the app.

This feature provided by the Meesho app is one that is enjoyed by several Indian users across the country as they used this medium to earn some money for themselves on their phones.

Final words

People choose where to shop for different reasons, but if you are putting AJIO and Meesho in the same place, the reasons for you making your choice between the two will be clear-cut and true.

When you consider the variety, class, functionality, and user-friendliness of the Meesho app, you can definitely see why it is rated much higher than AJIO in the Indian e-commerce space.

Meesho clearly has more great company policies and customer satisfaction levels than AJIO, and this is why this social commerce app will continue to be patronized more than AJIO in the years to come.

The main strong point that Meesho has over AJIO is the fact that Meesho offers more products for sale than AJIO does. All the products sold on Meesho can be accounted for, and they mostly always reach customers and/or users in perfect condition for use.

Meesho is also more patronized than AJIO because the app gives its users the chance to create their own online stores where they can offer up their genuine products for sale to Indian customers that are all over the country.

Meesho is a better place to shop online than AJIO. You can have a sweet trial of both these apps today if you want to see things for yourself.


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