Ajio vs Flipkart: Which is Better?

Shopping online has been made enjoyable especially in India, it even gets interesting and amazing when you can shop all kinds of products with ease and at the same time get quality services.

They are so many online shopping brands in India such as Myntra, Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Koovs, and so on. They all have their specialties and the products on which they focus.

These e-commerce stores would make shopping online enjoyable, worthwhile, and hassle-free. In this article, we will focus on two very popular stores in India known to be Ajio and Flipkart.

Ajio vs Flipkart

The major difference is that Ajio store focuses on customers that follow trends from time to time while Flipkart focuses on being one of the most popular and biggest e-commerce stores in India.

Ajio lifestyle brand aims at bringing the uniqueness, beauty, and fashionable side of Indians. It primarily focuses on offering the latest and trendiest products especially fashion and giving Indians the Indie experience.

Flipkart sells fashion, mobiles, books, jewelry, sporting equipment, electronics, home appliances, and many more. Its focus is to supply the all-round needs of Indians.

Are you based in India and like to shop online for most of your home appliances and needs? Do you need an online store that can supply you with varieties of products from the smallest item to the biggest, then Flipkart is the best store for you.

This all-purpose store is always there to supply you with those items any day and anytime.

Why is Flipkart better Overall?

Flipkart is a very popular e-commerce store in India that deals with not only fashion but everything shoppers need. It reduces the stress of moving from one online store to another just to get a particular item or product.

Flipkart deals with books, clothes, shoes, jewelry, home appliances, electronics, kitchen utensils, and many more. It showcases varieties of products such that the shoppers have several options to choose from.

This online store has great customer service, they offer quality products and ensure that the product gets to the customer on time. This store offers millions of products across India including books, mobile phones, appliances, and electronics.

Initially, Flipkart focused on just online book sales and then gradually it expanded into products categories such as groceries, fashion, home appliances, and lifestyle.

Research has shown that this online store competes primarily with Amazon, knowing Amazon and how it offers services, competing with them must be really tasking. Its competition in electronics and mobile phones was described as being “neck and neck” with Amazon store.

It has combined technology and sales with the aim of focusing primarily on customers’ needs and bringing up new innovations that can help Indian shoppers have easy access to their products.

It also makes online shopping hassle-free and quite easy because shoppers no longer have to go through the stress of shopping from one store to the other but instead they get all they need from a particular store.

Flipkart creates ideas to solve online shopping problems and issues of Indians. These ideas range from providing varieties of products to making these products accessible and affordable for all customers in India.

They also try to work on customers’ complaints and try to give them the best and satisfactory customer service they would need.

Flipkart customers have been able to gain their trust especially those in small towns in India and this is due to the great services which they offer customers.

Where is Ajio better than Flipkart

ajio vs flipkart

Fashion and lifestyle store

Ajio is a fashion brand, it deals specifically with clothes and fashion in general. Ajio’s main focus is to bring out the fashionable and stylish side of Indians.

It helps shoppers to get any products that are “fashion-based” at a very cheap and affordable price.

Cheap purchase

The prices of Ajio products are cheap and affordable. Anyone and everyone can purchase products from Ajio with a very little amount of money. It is the only store that sells very cheap products among all other Indian online store.

Varieties of clothing and accessories

It sells several kinds of clothing and jewelry. It deals with necklaces, earrings, bangles, wristwatches of all kinds, and brands such that shoppers have varieties of fashion options to choose from.

Latest fashion wears

This store offers the trendiest and latest fashion wears. It enables shoppers to have an “up-to-date fashion sense”. With Ajio, shoppers can follow trends and order for the one that matches their style.

The Indie experience

It gives the Indie experience in the sense that shoppers feel at ease when shopping because the products are “homemade”.

Where is Flipkart better than Ajio?

ajio vs flipkart

All-purpose store

Flipkart as earlier stated is an all-purpose store. Unlike Ajio that specializes in just fashion, Flipkart is an all-round store, it sells varieties of items ranging from sports to fashion, to furniture, to appliances to kitchen equipment and jewelry.

Quality services

This store offers the best service shoppers will ask for. They attend to their customers’ needs and make sure they are satisfied at all times.

Quality products

All products that are sold by the Flipkart store are quality. They deal with quality products that would keep smiles on shoppers faces after buying them.

Their products last for a good amount of time and shoppers are free to return the product if they do not get the exact thing which they ordered.

Fast delivery

They make sure their product gets to their shoppers as quickly as possible. With good and reliable customer service and quick and fast delivery, Flipkart is a store you would like to shop with from now on.

Good end of year bonus

This online store gives discounts at the end of the year. It gives discounts on most of its products and this is a great advantage on its side as an online store.

It offers a reasonable discount that makes shoppers keep coming back to them.

Differences between Ajio and Flipkart

It is an all-purpose shopping store It specifies only on clothing and fashion
It offers fast delivery Late delivery
It gives a high price Prices are at a low rate
The best for purchase of electronics, home appliances, and kitchen utensils. The best for clothing and fashion in general.
It offers good customer service It does not offer good customer service
It offers the latest and trendiest fashion wears It offers the latest and trendiest electronics and appliances.

Flipkart is a huge eCommerce store while Ajio majors in fashion

Flipkart store is an e-commerce online shopping store that deals with all kinds of electronics, books, sports equipment, clothes, shoes, mobile phones and appliances.

Whereas, Ajio deals specifically on the latest and trendiest clothing brands and accessories. Its focus is on fashion and lifestyle of Indians.

The best store in India that sells nice and gorgeous clothing and accessories is Ajio. While the best online store in India that offers varieties of products including clothing and fashion is Flipkart.

Ajio offer low prices while Flipkart prices are higher

Ajio prices are low and very affordable for all customers. Whereas, Flipkart prices are on the high side. Though both stores (Ajio and Flipkart) have quality products.

Ajio has a slower delivery process than Flipkart

Flipkart offers quality services and fast delivery to all customers across India. Whereas, Ajio has a very slow delivery and poor customer service.

Flipkart prioritizes its customers’ needs and looks into their complaints as soon as possible. Ajio on the other hand ignores customers’ needs and complaints.

Flipkart offers a wider range of product sales than Ajio

While Ajio store offers the latest and trendiest fashion and lifestyle across India, Flipkart offer the latest of so many products. It offers the latest of books, shoes, jewelry, electronics, furniture, fashion, and so on.


Online shopping is a great means of getting those needs without having to step into a store but rather having the store come to you. It saves stress and it is a safer means to shop. In India, these online stores have been made available for those that love to shop and order items online.

Flipkart and Ajio are amazing stores that help you shop without limit online. Though Ajio is a very good store, Flipkart is better.

This is due to the fact that Flipkart is not focused on a particular product but deals extensively on so many varieties including fashion which is the specialty of the Ajio store.

This store is known for offering good customer service and quality products across India. If you have been looking for an all-purpose store in which you can order several products all at a time, then the best place to shop is Flipkart.


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