Thursday Boots vs Huckberry Rhodes Dean: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Thursday boots and Huckberry Rhodes boots is that while most Huckberry boots are cowboy boots and a few dress shoes, Thursday boots are majorly work boots.

Hence the difference is in purpose.

Thursday Boots vs Huckberry Rhodes

If you work on factory floors, you’d appreciate Thursday boots, while Huckberry boots are more suited for ranches and Texans.

If you are a boot lover you probably have a Thursday boot in your collection.

Fun fact: they are called “Thursday” because according to the company, Thursday is the unofficial beginning of the weekend.

Huckberry on the other hand is an online store. The Rhodes line of boots is one of the shoes from Huckberry.

And this is the shoe I’ll be comparing with Thursday boots. Most of their shoes are from other brands but the Dean boots from the Rhode Dean line are their most popular boots.

So you are contemplating a pair of boots and don’t know which of these two brands to buy. I got you covered. Here I have done the research and I’m going to go into a discussion of features, similarities, and which is the better boot.

Why this comparison?

Yes, why this comparison though? The answer is not far-fetched. Thursday and Huckberry are both quality footwears with a slight difference (which we will get into presently).

If you are someone who loves boots and have a few in your collection, you may be looking to add either of these brands if you don’t already have them.

Investing in boots is a serious business; most boots are functional, which means they are designed for certain purposes. This purpose influences how they’re built.

It is not advisable to purchase boots randomly as this may be counterproductive for you.

For example, you could buy the Roper from Huckberry boot which features elements of a cowboy boot and dress boot. But you may wonder if it would suit your lifestyle needs.

If you are one who’s not into horse riding and don’t love the bulkiness of high shaft boots, then it may be better to opt for Thursday’s Captain which has a shorter shaft and is more suitable for dresses.

In this article I’m going to show you the pros and cons of each shoe, delve into a comparison of features, sizing and fit, differences, and why you should buy either Thursday boots or Huckberry boots.

What are the pros of Thursday boots?

Thursday boots are known by boots lovers all around the world for the following pros:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Resoleable
  • Cheap
  • Rugged and stylish
  • Free shipping


Thursday boots are extremely comfortable boots. They’re some of the easiest to wear after breaking them in.

Take the Thursday Cavalier which has a suede top, and TPU in the outsoles for traction. The insoles are lined with supple leather that caresses your feet, making them amazingly comfortable once broken in.

Thursday Boots vs Huckberry Rhodes

Thursday Cavalier boots

The corkbed midsoles form with your feet after weeks of wearing them. They are never stuffy after you wear them for long, unlike what you may be used to with other boots.

One thing you’d come to learn from wearing Thursday boots is that they never develop that musty smell that other boots have after a while. Even if you don’t wear them with socks.


Outstanding durability is what Thursday boots offer you. These boots break-in so quickly you can begin to wonder if you have not been scammed.

It would seem like these boots were designed for the afterlife too as they hold up their shapes for years.

Of course, you have to put in some measure of care on the leather. And your lifestyle influences the lifespan too.


Every pair of Thursday boots you buy are resoleable, except for their sneakers. This is because their shoes are constructed with all the benefits in mind.

Plus longevity. Resoleable shoes are long-lasting shoes. They have extremely durable leather uppers and tough outsoles for the long haul.

If you have a Thursday boot already or are planning to buy one, check Thursday guide here for a trusted cobbler near you.


Thursday boots are cheap for the level of quality they offer. They were made for men and women, workers, who would welcome a cheaper alternative for the usually expensive boots in the market.

They are ridiculously high-quality shoes at honest prices. Honest is subjective, you might say. But a high-quality boot at $190 is quite a fit.

Rugged and stylish

Thursday boots source their leather from some of the best tanneries in the world. One in Mexico and the other in Chicago. With quality leather comes a rugged construction. They are designed in a stylish silhouette to give a versatility that allows you to wear them outside factory floors.

Free shipping

Since Thursday boots do not offer discounts and promos, they offer instead to ship for free, if you live in the contiguous United States, that is.

However, they offer discounts on factory seconds or lightly used shoes. This is great if you need quality boots but are on a budget.

What are the cons of Thursday boots?

The cons of Thursday boots are:

  • Just two physical stores
  • Lack of children shoe lines

Too few physical shops

Thursday boots have only two physical shops in the US. Both in New York City with one in Soho and the other in the Flatiron district.

This is kind of a letdown for those who love to stick their feet in shoes before making purchases. I am like this. I love buying from the brand’s own shop, getting my sizing and fitting right in the shop.

Except you live in New York or close by, it would be impractical for you to travel over to their shops.

Lack of a children shoe line

Unfortunately, they don’t have a children’s line in Thursday boots. To understand what this is so, you only have to check their history. Thursday started out making boots for factory workers so this figures.

I personally would love to see a shoe line for children too. But there’s no news or any indication from the company if this would happen in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

What are the pros of Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots?

Using the Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots to represent the long line of boots here are the pros of Huckberry boots:

  • Rugged leather
  • Great arch support
  • Water-resistant
  • Versatile for dresses
  • Moderate value

Rugged leather

The leather on the Rhodes Dean line of shoes is rugged. You can tell from their look, their gritty feel that they would age superbly. You would love these boots for this reason if you are someone who loves the sight of aging leather.

The uppers are calf leather, and it is between 1.4 to 2 millimeter thick. They come from Portuguese tanneries in and round Alcanena.

Great arch support

There’s a fully leather-lined shank in the shoes that provides great arch support. It’s all held together by Blake Rapid stitches. This style of stitch basically combines the properties of a Blake stitch and a Goodyear welt.

This stitching gives rise to the next pros for these boots.


One of the ups about Rhodes Dean boots is how versatile they are. If you need all-weather boots then head over to the Huckberry online store and order these boots. They can be trusted to keep your feet warm and dry even in winter because of the double stitch style mentioned above.

Versatile for dresses

As I’ve said before, the patina of leather as they age enhances just how versatile the boots can be for dresses. Rhodes Dean boots quickly go from deep brown to a faded one in a short time.

Some customers would find this attractive for dress and styling.

Thursday Boots vs Huckberry Rhodes

Moderate value

Huckberry wanted to make boots that could match the best quality in the market and would be inexpensive. They achieved this with the Rhodes Dean boots. Compared to other brands with about the same quality and comfort, the Dean at $220 is quite a catch.

Thursday Boots vs Huckberry Rhodes

Rhodes Dean boots.

What are the cons of Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots?

Even the best of us fall sometimes, so it is with footwears also. Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots have the following shortcomings:

  • The speed hooks twist around with wear
  • Lacks good shock absorber
  • Imperfectly cut leather
  • Leather uppers age fast

The speed hooks twist with wear

You may be familiar with the nuisance that speed hooks become as they wear in some boots. Well, this is one of the problems with these boots. You won’t enjoy lacing your shoes in the dark as the speed hooks begin to twist around after much use.

How fast they wear out depends on the conditions you use them, and how often you have to lace them.

Lacks good shock absorber

Beware: you will feel the hit in your heels when you wear them. The boots don’t have shock-absorbing mechanisms in the midsoles like some other boots on its level.

This could be a letdown for you if you are tall, and are used to landing heavily on your heels when you walk.

Imperfectly cut leather

You may personally have to think deeply about buying Rhodes Dean boots for dressing with. You will notice the raggedy way the leather looks where the seams join. This is perhaps a deliberate attempt at style. It does add to the rugged look.

For this reason, styling the boots may mean wearing them with only jeans and other casual, rugged-looking clothes. This rough cut limits styling.

Leather uppers age fast

These are outdoors shoes that are expected to morph into a beautiful patina which is what leather does. With the Rhodes shoes, they arrive at this patina earlier than most shoes.

So if you fall in love with the colors they were when you bought them, you may experience a feeling of disappointment as they fade quickly.

Thursday boots vs Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots: Comparison

The two boots share many similarities which I will break down into segments. First, let’s see what they both share in common upon a first look:

First glance features

  • Rugged calfskin or bovine uppers
  • Leather laces
  • Steel eyelets and speed hooks
  • Round toe boxes
  • Visible welting
  • Leather soles (Huckberry) rubber outsoles (Thursday)
  • Ankle-high shaft

Thursday Boots vs Huckberry Rhodes

Rhodes Dean boots

Thursday Boots vs Huckberry Rhodes

Thursday Captain Boots

Overall Quality

Thursday boots deliver excellent quality. Their leather can be compared with the best in the market. According to some experts, if you wear Thursday boots every day you’d probably need to replace them in 2 to 3 years.

And it is unlikely that anyone would wear one particular shoe every day for that long.

Rhodes Dean boots from Huckberry exhibit overall quality in the upper and outsole too. Like Thursday boots, they age fine over time and can be trusted to hold up well in all conditions and weather.


As I’ve already highlighted, Thursday boots make their boots using the finest leather from their own dedicated tanneries. They use 100%, tier 1 cattle hide. They use full grain leather to give a great quality they advertise.

Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots are made with Calfskin which has more tensile strength than most leather. They are thicker even though Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots seem not as thick.


Thursday boots are made with rubber soles while some of their dress shoes have a mix of leather and rubber soles.

Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots are made with thermoplastic Rubber soles. These are recyclable soles.


Thursday boots are extremely durable boots that get even better as they age. Wear one a Captain every day and you will need to replace it after 2 to 3 years. But this won’t happen since you have other shoes in your collection.

Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots are rugged, and that speaks to durability. They are designed for the versatility of life shuttled between work and play.


Thursday boots are some of the cheapest boots of high quality. You can buy them for as low as $199.

Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots are a little higher with a price tag of $220. Considering the high quality though I’d say you are making a pretty cheap investment.


The insoles in Thursday boots are foam-lined with sheepskin on a Poron board.

Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots have a proprietary Texon insole with thermal insulation and antishock EVA foam layer for extra comfort.

Sizing and fit

Thursday boots run a half size larger than your regular sneaker sizes. This means when you buy, order a half size smaller than you would. You can also order the size you usually wear on other boots.

Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots don’t have half sizes. Rhodes Dean boots run from size 8 to 13. If you are a size 10 ½ for example, better to order a 10 which is likely to fit you just fine.

Why should you choose Thursday boots?

Buy Thursday boots if you value versatility; they are work boots that look good on any dress.

If you want boots with great quality but cheap, if you want a shoe that can be resoled any number of times, or a boot that features exceptional comfort like a sneaker, then Thursday boots are for you.

Why should you buy Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots?

If you want hybrid boots that can serve you both at work and outside of it, go for Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots. If you want boots that give a rugged look with jeans and other casual dresses, and you want them cheap then these boots are for you.

Which is better: my verdict?

Thursday boots are better, for one reason: they offer better shock absorption in the insoles and heels. They provide better comfort too. And of course, they’re cheaper than Huckberry Rhodes Dean boots.

I love that Thursday boots do direct-to-customer sales.


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