Thursday Boots vs Clarks: Which Is Better?

Thursday boots and Clarks are some of the most reliable shoe brands out there today as they never fail to produce quality and long-lasting footwear. They’re worth your money and you don’t have to think twice before purchasing either of them.

The main difference between Thursday boots and Clarks is in their price point. Clarks are more affordable than Thursday boots due to the type of leather Clarks use in manufacturing their shoes.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks

Thursday boots are much more expensive because they have more quality assurance in the materials used in manufacturing their products.

Thursday boots and Clarks’ goal is to strike a balance between the line of function and fashion. At the end of this article, we’ll see who takes the lead.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks: First glance

The first appearance can leave a lasting impression whenever you take a glance at a person or any object.

Whether you are shopping for a pair of boots or shoes, the first thing that comes to your head will determine if you like them enough to purchase them. It can probably be how cool the color of the footwear is or how authentic they look.

Whatever it is, the first impression is pretty important on a basic level.

What does first glance say about these shoes? Let’s see what to expect.


Thursday Boots vs Clarks

  • 100% leather
  • Goodyear welt construction ( water-resistant seal)
  • Rubber sole
  • Cork-bed midsole

With Thursday boots you can always look your best no matter the outfit you rock it with. Their products are highly manufactured with original leather from the best cattle hides in the USA that gives the shoes a more authentic look.

Thursday boots are water-resistant and help keeps your feet dry during rainy days this is because of the Goodyear welt construction that serves as great support between the upper and the sole – its main function is to prevent water from entering the shoe.

The Goodyear welt does not just serve as a waterproof seal, it also makes the shoe resoleable.

The very attractive rubber outsole offers extremely good excellent traction, you are safe to wear the boots in a gruel situation and you won’t find yourself gliding into a gutter.

Thursday boots are highly made with quality, versatility, and durability in mind. After the outsole, you’ll see the cork-bed midsole that serves as anti-fatigue steel for arch support.

You’d always fall in love with these shoes at first sight


Thursday Boots vs Clarks

  • 100% leather
  • Bicycle toe
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Orthotic insole

The styling of this shoe will make you feel like heaven as it is made of leather, especially as they feel so comfortable on the feet.

The non-marking outsole is made from a rubber-type material that helps increase fraction and assures you of a smooth walk. The reason why they are called “non-marking” is that they will leave no mark on the floor as you walk.

The orthotic insole gives the long-lasting comfort you need. This synthetic classic styling shoe is a go-to for casual days in the office as it will be the most flexible, and durable shoes you’ll ever buy in the market today.

The shoe is rounded up with a bicycle toe that helps maintain your sense of movement, this makes it reliable to wear every day.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks: Let’s get to the comparison

Thursday boots are Clarks are two different types of shoes. The comparison between these two brands can be seen in the following:

Features Thursday Boots
Leather Thursday boots are constructed with either chromexcel leather or Thursday chrome leather. Clark is known for crafting their shoes with bovine leather i.e. cattle leather.
Sole Studded rubber sole Non-slip resistant sole/rubber sole
Durability Thursday boots are more durable than Clarks. Its stitch-down construction of Clarks makes its shoes durable. But they are not as durable as Thursday boots.
Price Their price point is in the range of $150-$250. Most of the boots on their website are sold at $199. You can get Clarks shoes within the price range of $30-$150
Insoles Thursday boots are built-in comfort in mind as they apply the Good year welting construction in their shoes to avoid letting water get into the insole Clarks’ insoles are completely orthotic
Sizing/Fit Thursday boots are not true to size so it’s recommended you get half a size down for both men and women Generally, Clarks shoes are true to size, so you are advised to make sure you get the exact length and width of your feet before purchasing their shoes
Style Thursday boots are stylish, they are known for their fashion designs that can be worn in all seasons Their styles are more fashionable than Thursday boots
Overall Quality Generally, Thursday boots come with Goodyear welt construction. Generally, Clarks shoes have better quality than Thursday boots because of how comfortable their shoes are.


Thursday boots are made with chromexcel (CXL) leather that is unique and long-lasting.

Also, most Thursday boots are made with chrome leather; a double-tanned leather with natural oil and waxes that gives a shiny and vibrant look.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Thursday’s vibrant leather

Clarks on the other hand are made with bovine leather, i.e. they make use of raw materials that come in different unique styles.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Clarks’ bovine leather

But when it comes to the quality of the leather products used in producing these shoes, both Thursday boots and Clarks seem to use very good quality leather to manufacture their products.


Remember that what matters in a shoe it’s the solid base and without a solid base, the quality of the shoe is Irrelevant; the entire body of the shoe will wear out on time.

Knowing that the sole of a shoe is the foundation, just like a car’s tires – the sole gives a safe, smooth, and steady ride and this is what Thursday has taken as a priority to invest in their boots to give a long-lasting outsole with better comfort and traction to your feet.

The sole of Thursday boots is made of studded rubber soles with oil and electricity resistance which means the footwear can be readily worn to any place.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Thursday boots Sole

Clark shoes are designed with a non-slip resistant sole to keep you stable and safe by preventing you from slipping. The “non-slip” resistant sole gives a firm grip and they are made of rubber.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Clarks’ non-slip resistant sole

Although Clarks shoes can protect you from slippery surfaces, Thursday boots are preferable because of the Goodyear welt construction that is sewn around the boot for better and more resistance.

This construction ensures a sturdy, long-lasting, and durable water-resistant boot and not all shoes from Clarks are water-resistant, so you can see Thursday boots have a better outsole.


Thursday boots are durable and will last longer this is due to the Goodyear welt construction that helps prevent water from getting into the boots.

The soles are also oil and electricity resistant which gives you the option to wear them to any place, and since most of their boots are made of Thursday chrome leather; the combination of the Goodyear welt construction and the chrome leather won’t make Thursday boots wear out easily

On the other hand, Clarks shoes are not as durable as Thursday boots even though their jeans are constructed with a stitch-down construction. Thursday boots seem to be the best when it comes to durability.


Thursday boots are relatively more expensive than Clarks. Thursday boots are priced between $150 and $250. Most of the boots on their official website cost $199.

You can get Clarks shoes in the price range of $30 – $150, they are much more affordable than Thursday boots.


Before you purchase a pair of shoes, cushioning is one of the most important features you need to look out for because that will tell if you’ll have a comfortable shoe or not.

Thursday boots’ insoles have a comfortable feel it’s like the insole is made out of butter but one thing about their boots is how stiff and sturdy they are, a lot of people have attested to this that it takes a while before you get comfortable in their shoes.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Thursday boots insoles

Clarks designs their shoes with an insole that can take in any force contact on your feet while you walk, Clarks’ cushion soft technology provides comfort and softness inside their shoes, and the shoes are entirely orthoLite giving long-lasting comfort to your feet.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks

Clarks cushioning insoles

When talking about the insoles of each brand, Clarks seems to take the lead because the brand works hard to provide footwear that you can be comfortable in to walk with all day.


Thursday boots are not true to size even though it says otherwise on Amazon sales. You need to get half a size down. Thursday boots are snug at first but the leather will stretch to form your feet.

Have it in mind that they will be snug. There is a duly report that Thursday boots are tight and uncomfortable but with time it will fit well.

Clarks on the other hand are true to size and they fit perfectly well. You don’t need to worry if you are buying online, all you need to do to get your feet measured and make sure you get the appropriate size.

You can check Clarks’ size chart and choose the correct size for your feet.


It’s not all about getting the perfect and durable shoe size, if your pair of shoes are out of style and mismatched, it shows your lack of fashion sense and you don’t want to be all that at all.

Your fashion taste will help give the perfect look and add to your passion for fashion accessories. Now, this is where Clarks shoes come in, their shoes are highly fashionable, stylish, and unique in design than Thursday boots.

See what I’m talking about:

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Stylish Clarks shoes
Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Fashionable Clarks shoes

Thursday boots are also fashionable but not when compared to Clarks’ shoes.

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Thursday boots
Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Thursday boots


When we talk about the Fashion quality between these two brands, A stylish man will tell you Clarks shoes are all you need. Clarks shoes are always on trend and at the leading position in fashion.

Overall quality

With all the features being considered. Clarks shoes have a better quality than Thursday boots because of how comfortable they make their shoes for their customers.

The orthoLite do not only give softness to the insole but also helps prevent foot pain. This is a feature Thursday boots do not have.

Thursday boots have good quality, they have a lot of amazing features but they need to step up their cushioning game to give comfort to their customers.

Why not compare them visually and see for yourself:

Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Clarks shoes
Thursday Boots vs Clarks
Thursday boots

Why you should buy Thursday boots

Thursday boot is an American brand that has been in existence since 2014 and ever since they’ve been working hard to produce excellent styles of boots for both men and women.

They saw that work boots can be very heavy and old-fashioned to serve as outwear so they saw the need to create their boots and strike a balance between versatility, durability, and quality for their customers.

Here’s why you should get a pair of Thursday Boots.

Thursday boots have style and versatility

In this aspect, Thursday boots are extremely perfect, the brand has done pretty well to cross the gap between comfort and style.

Their boots can go with most outfits in your closet, especially jeans. Thursday captain is a very good example when we talk about style and versatility.

Thursday boots have durability and quality

You’ll be so impressed with the quality of Thursday boots, they make use of real leather in the construction of their boots.

The Thursday President style I got my dad on his last birthday is made up of full-grain leather, studded rubber outsoles, glove leather interior, and Antimicrobial shock absorbing insole. All these features give the boot an unmatched quality.

And I’m still impressed with how the boots are still looking.

They offer free shipping and returns

This can be done within 30 days of purchase, if your order is over $50, you’ll be offered free shipping.

You should check out these Thursday boots ONLINE:

Why you should buy Clarks

For over 100 years now, Clarks has been a trusted name when it comes to men’s footwear after their first shoe – The Deserts boots.

What comes to mind when you think of Clarks’ shoes? – Authenticity and Originality which means that their shoes are a perfect example that comfortable can also be fashionable.

The fact that their shoes are reasonably affordable is a bonus. The brand has gathered a lot of people all over the world that saw the need to invest their money in their products. You should too.

Here’s why:

Clarks shoes last longer

This is one feature you look at when you are about to purchase a pair of shoes right? Clarks is all you need. Their shoes last longer because of the material used in making them

Clarks shoes have comfort and a good fit

Nothing feels good than when you purchase a pair of shoes and it fits perfectly well, we once talked about how Clarks shoes are true to size. It doesn’t matter the shape of your leg, it will be comfortable. Clarks’ got you

Clarks are soft cushioning

Clarks shoes are produced with ortholite insole that gives a durable cushioning while you wear the shoe. The function of cushioning is to protect your feet from shock while you walk.

Apart from soft cushioning, another feature of ortholite is that they are light-weighted and also can be cleaned with a washer. Now tell me why you haven’t purchased a pair of Clarks yet?

You should try getting one today ONLINE:


One thing that people do not want to get involved in is buying a shoe that they’ll end up regretting. You don’t want to be in such a situation.

In the case of Thursday boots vs Clarks. I’d recommend you go for Clarks even though Thursday boots have good quality but it cannot be compared to the soft cushioning Clarks gives to your underfoot, that is what matters.

Will you be able to wear something stiff that you’re not comfortable in? Hell no!

In the words of DONALD J PLINER – “When the feet are comfortable, so is the mind, body, and soul”.

This is more reason why the Clarks shoes are worth it. Don’t also forget how Clarks shoes are true to size and can fit your feet perfectly. You don’t have to get a problem with sizing, unlike how you’ll do with Thursday boots.

Yes, Thursday boots indeed have the Goodyear wire construction. Clarks also have the Gore-Tex^® feature that makes their shoe water-resistant to help expand the life span of the shoes.

Clarks shoes are like MAKEUP for the feet. BUY THEM!



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