Thursday Boots vs Chippewa: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Thursday boots and Chippewa boots is that the Thursday boots are made of a studded rubber sole while the Chippewa boot is made of a Vibram sole.

Both sole types offer traction and as well as stability.

Thursday Boots vs Chippewa

Also, Thursday boot is made of Chrome leather while Chippewa is made of Horween leather. But, this is not all to know about these boots as they possess outstanding and exceptional features. Let’s delve deeper to know.

First glance at the boots: What does it tell you?

What features do you see when you critically examine these boots? What are the boots made of? What type of sole do they have? Are they waterproof?

Let’s check out these boots

What you need to know about Thursday boots

Thursday Boots vs Chippewa

  • Matte leather uppers
  • Chrome leather
  • Handcrafted
  • EVA foam
  • Anti-fatigue steel shank
  • Glove leather lining
  • Cork bed midsole
  • Eyelet
  • Cotton laces
  • Rubber outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction

This boot is made of matte leather uppers that are gotten from Tier 1 USA cattle hides that produce well-made and good-looking boots.

The boot is handcrafted by skilled artisans who are trusted to produce exclusive boots by offering the best craftsmanship.

The comfort of Thursday boots depends on the following; it incorporates EVA foam comfort strips which help to provide shock absorption.

A glove leather lining for a soft touch, a cork bed midsole that helps to mold your feet, and an anti-fatigue steel shank that helps to provide maximum arch support and give added stability to walking or standing. All these put together will give you the comfort of a lifetime.

It has a lace-up closure type which is made of premium flat waxed cotton laces alongside custom-developed reinforced eyelets.

It also features a durable studded rubber outsole for traction on slippery surfaces. It is constructed with chrome leather for durability.

Thursday boots are made of Goodyear welt construction, this construction features leather between the upper and the sole.

This has helped to prevent water from penetrating into the shoe and also makes the shoe resoleable. This construction made the boot to be water-resistant.

What you need to know about Chippewa boots

Thursday Boots vs Chippewa

  • Leather
  • So many eyelets
  • Shoelaces
  • High performance
  • PU insole
  • Ultra insulation
  • Vibram sole
  • Horween leather

This boot is a rugged outdoor, field, and riding boot. It is made with heavy-duty leather. This boot can be both a work boot and a casual boot. Not all Chippewa boots are waterproof, this would depend on the type of boot you get.

Its sole is made of Nitro Vibram and a 900 heel. It has no cushion but incorporates a nice hard footbed such that the more you wear it, the more shape it takes on and the better it fits. It also features a rubber midsole.

Chippewa makes boots like; the engineer boot, linemen boot, and so on. They are quite durable and made of quality leather.

The sole is resoleable. In as much as it is a work boot, it can also be worn after work or for riding. It is not an out-of-the-box kind of boot, this is due to the fact that it is hard and has no insole.

The boot has about 400 grams of insulated ultra, it is the thinner, warmer insulation. This thin insulation is the best for harsh weather conditions and also it retains its insulating value while in damp conditions.

It offers a good amount of comfort and warmth to the feet. It has a super thick strong leather which is the Horween leather, this leather keeps the boot warm and dry.

It incorporates a single-density PU insole, which makes the boot a little more comfortable. The same hard leather used outside is also used inside, this is down for the purpose of longevity.

The boot incorporates a Solid Steel Plate which is inserted between the insole and the outsole of the boot to prevent sharp objects from penetrating into the boot.

Thursday Boots vs Chippewa

Thursday boots vs Chippewa Boots: Comparison

These work boots will be compared based on the technical features below:

  • Waterproof
  • Insole lining
  • Leather
  • Outsole
Features Thursday boot Chippewa boot
Waterproof It is fully water-resistant Not all the boots are water-resistant
Insole lining It is lined with supple glove leather It has an interior Dri-Lex lining
Leather It is made of chrome leather It is made of Horween leather
Outsole It features a studded rubber outsole It features a Vibram outsole


Thursday boots are water-resistant. They are constructed to keep your feet dry and warm on rainy days.

It can as well be worn in the snow. The boots give you the protection you require when the weather begins to get tough.

Chippewa’s road riding boots are not waterproof, Chippewa’s general utility workshop boots are also not waterproof. The majority of Chippewa’s boots that are waterproof are outdoor and field boots.

Insole lining

Chippewa boot is lined with a Dri-Lex lining. This lining is incorporated in the boot with moisture management in mind. this lining helps to offer maximum breathability and improves air circulation in the boot.

The lining has quick-dry properties that automatically kick in once the feet begin to sweat, it starts to wick moisture away and keep the feet dry and as well super comfortable.

Thursday boot is fully lined with supple glove leather in its interior. This lining ensures that the boot has soft touch.


Chippewa boot is made with only the finest leather across the globe from the Horween leather company.

The boot is exclusively made with Horween leather, this leather is made by hand and produces sophisticated boot.

Thursday boots are constructed or produced with Chromexcel (CXL) otherwise known as chrome leather.

The suede boot is made with WeatherSafe suede which makes the boot waterproof.


Creating a durable outsole for comfort has been a top priority for Thursday boots. It features a studded rubber outsole.

This outsole has abrasion resistance and amazing traction. Thursday boot outsole is purely designed for comfort and durability.

The sole provides an extra bounce while walking. the sole has round lugs that grip the ground. It has a special texture that prevents the sole from sliding when it comes in contact with water.

Instead of penetrating the boots, the liquid fills the circular recesses within the lugs and allows the inner knob to come in contact with the ground thereby preventing spillage. The sole is also oil resistant.

Thursday Boots vs Chippewa
Thursday boot sole

Chippewa is made of Vibram sole. The boot has been engineered with an extra thick sole to provide protection from sharp objects and as well help to absorb impacts.

Vibram is widely known for its high-performance outsole. A Vibram outsole offers you exceptional traction and stability while walking or standing all day long.

Thursday Boots vs Chippewa
Chippewa boot sole

Why you should buy Thursday boots?

You should get a Thursday boot because the best materials are selected for the production of the boot. From its leather to its laces down to the sole, they are thoughtfully designed and meticulously tested.

The mission of this boot brand is: to provide high-quality boots without any compromises. The boot is built with the wearer’s comfort in mind and it is a functional and fashionable boot.

So many procedures are put together in order to produce a very comfortable boot for all-day wear. The leather gotten from the hides is from either USA, France, or Italy.

The boot is water-resistant and would surely keep your feet dry on rainy days. It is also durable and has been proven to last for years to come.

The boots are resoleable, so you don’t have to worry about your boots coming apart. Thursday boot is made with the Goodyear construction, this construction creates a waterproof seal at the insole and as well makes the shoe resoleable.

This is where the durability of the Thursday boot comes in. The boot is constructed to offer comfort, versatility and last pretty long.

The durability and sophistication of this work boot will keep you ready for any activity at all. The boot is very easy to afford

Lastly, the brand has an endless list of cobblers that can be recommended to you whenever you want to resole your boot.

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Why you should buy Chippewa Boots

You should buy Chippewa boot because it is somewhat a fashionable boot that looks cool and provides you with full-grain leather that can withstand any tough activity that might come its way.

This boot has the Chippewa text membrane system, it is breathable. The footbed inside the boot is critical, it has good leather construction.

It has a breathable insole that offers shock absorption. Its rubber sole provides traction and stability, it is high-performance, flexible, and keeps you ready for all-terrain.

It is a rugged and durable boot. The nice thing about Chippewa is that there’s a boot for every adventure, with its heel height of about 11/2 inches.

The premium material makes it the most comfortable boots ever. The boot can hold up any terrain you put your feet on. It is an extremely rugged boot that provides grip and traction with a heel.

It is the highest choice of boot if you are in need of the best rugged outdoor boot.

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Conclusion: My overall verdict

Thursday boot is the overall best boot because it is handcrafted with comfort, durability, stability, and versatility in mind. The materials are quality and as well handcrafted.

It is made with the Goodyear welt construction for longevity and durability.

This brand employs only the best and highly skilled artisans are required for the production of the boot.

This boot is very functional and fashionable, it is a work boot that can keep you on your feet all day long. The boot is waterproof and above all very affordable to get.


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