Tecovas vs Thursday Boots: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Tecovas and Thursday boots is their appearance. Tecovas boots are mostly cowboy boots while Thursday boots are made for a more general audience.

This does not mean that those who aren’t cowboys can’t wear Tecovas boots, but they do appeal better to cowboys on account of their look.

Tecovas vs Thursday Boots

Before we go further, let us take a quick peek at what the two brands say about themselves.

Tecovas vs Thursday Boots: Brief History

Tecovas was founded in 2015 by Paul Hedrick. Since then they’ve been making cowboy apparel. Hedrick is a native Texan and an avid boot wearer so you can imagine why he’d go into making cowboy boots.

Nolan Wash and Connor Wilson founded Thursday boots in 2014. Their goal was to make boots that were high quality at honest and moderate prices.

Tecovas vs Thursday Boots: Why this comparison?

Both brands make boots that would have looked the same because they use leather uppers and other similar construction techniques.

Though cowboys are the targets of Tecovas boots, this doesn’t mean they can’t be worn anywhere else other than on ranches.

If you are a boot lover, none of these stereotypes means a thing.

This is why a comparison is important; boot lovers need to understand how the two boots compare and contrast. This helps you make a more informed decision in your purchase.

Both brands are priced moderately, and both are high-quality shoes. So, unless you intend to have them in your collection – which is such a great idea if you asked me – then you’d be wondering which is better, more durable, and ultimately more comfortable.

So come along with me on this journey.

What are the pros of Tecovas boots?

Tecovas vs Thursday Boots

The following are the pros of Tecovas boots:

  • Handmade
  • Quality
  • Timeless design
  • No middle man
  • Cheaper than most


Tecovas boots go through over 200 steps from beginning to the end of the line. The makers are committed to meticulous artistry to achieve comfort for their customers.

It is not the easiest technique to make shoes or boots by hand. Many shoe companies cut out the hassle with machines but Tecovas has a mission, and it is to make sure you feel every drop of pride in their work.

You only need to keep your feet in one Tecovas boot to discover just how flexible they feel around your feet once you’ve broken them in.


Tecovas uses high-quality materials they get from proven collaborator companies who supply them leather and other materials.

Each shoe is made with a 100% leather outsole constructed with ¾ Goodyear welt and lemonwood peg.

Full-grain leather is the best for quality and this is what Tecovas uses. If you are familiar with a cowboy’s lifestyle, then you’d understand why they have to be so rugged and how much work goes into making this happen.

Timeless design

Yes, a design that you can trust to stay in fashion yesterday, today, and generations to come. Tecovas has hacked the timelessness gene.

Their boots won’t be losing their appeal ever. Take the Cartwright they are a pair of angled heel boots, hand corded decorations on the shaft – the essential cowboy getup.

The boots are available in calfskin, bovine, and goat.

Tecovas vs Thursday Boots

Tecovas Cartwright boots

No sale middleman

Tecovas does a brave thing with their marketing—they sell directly to you. They are stubborn about making sure you get value for your money – which isn’t a lot, to begin with -so they are ready to attend to you if you aren’t happy about your purchase.

They call this arrangement The Square Deal. With a middleman out of the way, business between them and customers is more open and streamlined.

If you buy a boot that you don’t like, you can simply send it back and have your issues resolved easily.

Cheaper than most

Tecovas boots’ prices are almost unheard of for boots that promise such a high quality and comfort. If you are a fan of boots you can attest to this inordinately low price.

Around $200, those boots are aliens in the land of boots. You begin to wonder how the company makes profits, but it is what it is.

I’ve worn boots that are much more high-end than Tecovas but aren’t even close in quality.

I’ve worn boots I bought for almost a thousand dollars and yet have fallen apart in just under two years of hard wear.

Readily available sizing chart

Another pro here – every boot you click on has the sizing chart down below it. For many other boots companies, you have to scroll down or find the sizing page elsewhere, such a cumbersome exercise before purchase.

And one more thing: their delivery, shipping is free! How about that for a business that began less than 50 years ago. I’m definitely buying more Tecovas.

What are the cons of Tecovas boots?

Yeah, for all the hype, let me show you a few cons for Tecovas boots:

  • Limited availability
  • Limited retail shops
  • Not everyone wants to be cowboys
  • Fewer women boots

Limited availability

Sorry, if you aren’t living in the US of A, it is almost unlikely for you to buy Tecovas boots. But wait, is there any other Texas anywhere other than the one in the US?

I do know the cowboy lifestyle is exclusively peculiar to America so maybe this is why Tecovas boots are mostly found here. Word is the company is working on that.

Limited retail shops

Most of the shops for Tecovas boots are online. More shops are slowly cropping up but the wait may be longer than you think.

Hopefully, the company realizes their boots are now loved all over the world and would hasten the process.

Not everyone wants to be a cowboy

I do want to try the cowboy lifestyle. Do you? This is one of the downsides of the boots. They are purpose boots built for life on ranches, western country life, and horseback riding around.

Don’t get me wrong, Tecovas boots can be styled and worn outside this environment, but it would be hard not to wear them with blue, rugged denim and stetsons, and probably a whip in hand.

Fewer women boots

You’d wish there were more boot designs for women, you know, to balance things out in a world craving some gender equality.

I’ve seen a few women in men’s boots though and no one’s asking any questions. Quite frankly why should they?

Hopefully, we will see some improvement in this area soon too.

What are the pros of Thursday boots?

Tecovas vs Thursday Boots
Men’s Diplomat Moc Toe

Thursday boots are greatly accepted among boot lovers. Here are the pros of these boots:

  • Rugged and stylish
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Free shipping
  • Great prices

Rugged and stylish

There’s no way I’m talking about how Thursday boots are rugged without mentioning how utterly stylish they are in the same breath.

Their leathers are sought from the two best tanneries in the world—one in Mexico and the other in Chicago.

Good leather equals rugged boots. They’ve got a silhouette that makes the boots functional yet easy to style with casual clothes outside work sites.

They are hardy, tough, and extremely fine.


Thursday boots are some of the most durable boots anyone can wish for. They hold up under any weather and condition you can imagine.

Speaking from experience, I got myself a Diplomat some three years ago before I even realized how popular the boots were. I’d bought it because I thought they were ridiculously cheap at $198 or so. I didn’t expect much from the boots at the time. I was wrong.

I’ve been wearing them since then, oiling them up occasionally. But I can tell you for free that those boots are going to outlive me. And that’s a fact.


These boots are out-of-the-box comfortable. And a few weeks after breaking them in they’re even better.

They have a full glove leather interior lining that you’ll find super soft and comfortable. I wear mine with thick socks – because I get sweaty feet – and I can swear they’d feel the same if I wore them barefooted.

One of the rings I love most about Thursday boots is the ease of breaking them in. Unlike some brands, these boots never leave your feet with blisters.

It is no wonder why one of the first words in their Our Story is comfort.

Free shipping

Who doesn’t like freebies? Thursday boots do not offer discount codes, promos. They do offer free shipping and returns for all orders placed in the United States though.

So you can enjoy these pros from Thursday boots for free.

And oh, if you are on a tight budget they offer discounts on factory seconds or lightly used pairs. They ask interested persons to send them a mail to make their requests.

Great price

Finally, their prices are some of the most honest ones on earth. You can practically buy 2 Thursday boots with the same amount you’d buy some other brands.

Their pricing is based on the principle that they’re selling their boots to friends, family and new customers they’d like to keep.

I sometimes have to remind myself how much I bought my Thursday boots, and I’m always amazed at how cheap they are.

What are the cons of Thursday boots?

You would think Thursday boots won’t have cons. They have nothing to do with the enjoyment of their shoes however so you can relax:

  • Lack of discounts or promos
  • Too few physical locations
  • No children shoes
  • Thin leather, less cushioned insole in the captain

Lack of discounts and promos

Thursday boots won’t provide discounts, won’t run promos, the very attractive company-business incentives we have all gotten used to.

I can say though that everything they lacked in those areas they made up for in the price of their boots.

Too few physical shops

They have only two physical shops and both are in New York City, one in Soho and the other in the Flatiron district.

If you are like me who likes to walk into the shop of my favorite footwear then this is a con. Except if you live in the New York area where their shops are, you’ll be getting your boots shipped to you.

Some like to walk in because that reduces the worrisome event of buying the wrong size as you can get live sizing in the physical shop.

No children shoes

Some like to share the gospel of their favorite brands with everyone in their family. With Thursday boots, this is not possible as they don’t make children boots.

Thin leather, less cushion in the insole of captain

If you’re buying Thursday’s Captain Lace-up Boot you will notice the thinner leather in the upper. Depending on how rigorous the use you put the boots to, it can constitute a downside for Thursday.

Some users complain about the insufficient cushioning in the insole of the captain too.

I recommend wearing thicker socks or buying an extra footbed to remedy this downside.

Tecovas vs Thursday Boots: What are the similarities?

Tecovas and Thursday boots share some similarities. I’ll open this up with the first glance features.


The following are the elements you see at first glance:

  • High shaft with the lace-up closure
  • Narrow toe box
  • High heels
  • Leather uppers
  • Seams
  • Leather soles or Vibram rubber sole
  • Arch support

Overall Quality

Both boots are of great quality as a result of their use of high-quality leather from reputable tanneries. The handmade construction makes this even more possible.


Thursday boots use matte leather sourced exclusively from Tier 1 USA cattle hides which gives them the timeless patina. This makes them look unique and better as they age.

Tecovas boots use water-resistant bovine leather, full-grain.


The majority of Thursday boots have rubber studded bottoms. Some of their shoes feature a mix of rubber and leather materials.

Most Tecovas boots have 100% leather in their outsoles with rubber to cap it for grips. Some of their shoes offer Vibram and butyl-treated leather soles though.


No question here. Both brands offer the best quality. They are both extremely durable shoes.


Moderate and honest price is how I like to describe Thursday boots. They are very affordable.

Tecovas boots are less so. These boots are from $200 upwards. They are considered cheap still for the quality they promise.


Thursday boots use removable foam in their insoles. Tecovas insoles are not removable – the men’s ranch boots are – and they feature EVA strip abs glove leather lining which in turn is attached to a leather midsole.

Sizing and fit

Generally, you are advised to order the same size or ½ larger than you normally wear.

Tecovas boots fit true to US standard sizing. This means you should simply order what you usually wear or the size that appears mostly in your existing collection of shoes.

Why should you buy Tecovas boots?

If you love the cowboy lifestyle or live in Texas, you should rep the brand. If you need work boots too that allow you to vibe the western spirit then buy Tecovas.

Why should you buy Thursday boots?

If you love the freedom of versatility, or you live in eclectic New York, then buy Thursday boots. If you want quality boots but are on a budget you should buy them too.

Which is better: my verdict?

Thursday boots are better. This is because they are more versatile boots and shoes. They can be styled more easily than Tecovas.


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