Allen Edmonds vs Thursday Boots: Which is Better?

The major difference between Allen Edmonds and Thursday Boots is that Thursday boots are slimmer boots, while Allen Edmonds feels wider and are of better all-round quality. The Allen Edmonds are also more pricey than the Thursday Boots.

Allen Edmonds vs Thursday Boots

Allen Edmonds shoe company doesn’t make cheap shoes. If you ever bought an Allen Edmonds shoe before you’d agree they are pricy. The company makes shoes for the affluent.

They are quality shoes, no doubt but they come at usually steep prices. Thursday shoes on the other hand are cheaper. This is based on the company’s mission to solve the problem of high shoe prices that is prevalent with other shoe brands.

The motivation behind the manufacture of Thursday boots and shoes is customer experience. The company is more customer-centric than Allen Edmonds. Further down this article, you’d find out more about the Thursday company.

Which One is Better Between Allen Edmonds and Thursday shoes?

Allen Edmonds are definitely better. Although this is a tough decision to make since they both are very durable and comfortable products.

It is true that costlier does not necessarily imply better, but in the world of shoes like the ones these two companies make, you couldn’t price shoes like Allen Edmonds do it and not make sure the shoes exhibit value for every penny spent on them.

I have used Thursday boots and I can tell you for a fact that they are ridiculously cheap considering their price. But when placed on a scale, I have to admit to you that Allen Edmonds put in more work in their shoes.

I checked the internet to see what the majority of users have to say about the two brands. I find that users have praises for both shoes. So what influences my decision? The market does.

Affluent folks love quality, it follows since they are able to dole out a lot of cash for quality shoes.

Allen Edmonds is better because they have better quality, class, and versatility.

Allen Edmonds is a brand of better quality

Allen Edmonds is one of the most respected shoe companies in the United States. The company is widely known for its high-quality upper. I will recommend Allen Edmonds shoes if you are looking to buy a great dress or casual shoes.

One of the signs of quality you notice in Allen Edmonds shoes is the construction which utilizes the 360 degrees Goodyear welt.

This type of welt allows the sole of the shoe to be replaced. And this is a big deal because the leather uppers last very long. It would be a waste to have to throw the shoe away just because the sole is worn out.

Secondly, the uppers of the shoe are made from open grain leather which makes them extremely durable.

Allen Edmonds is more versatile

Allen Edmonds shoes are more versatile in that they are more suited for different occasions than Thursday boots. You can’t wear Thursday boots to a ball or a fundraising party but Allen Edmonds shoes will suit those occasions just fine.

You can wear Allen Edmonds shoes to a factory floor if you don’t mind but most Thursday boots are just fine for outdoors and workplace.

Allen Edmonds is of the better class

Allen Edmonds are the unbeatable shoes when it comes to showing off your class, wealth or social status. The designs are fashionable and stylish.

They are worn by men of fame and wealth. One example of such famous people is former president George H.W. Bush who has several pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes.

Open a regular tabloid or magazine and take a look at the photos, I’m willing to bet my craft that before you open the last page of that magazine you’d have come upon a celebrity with an Allen Edmonds shoe on their feet.


My Experience Wearing Allen Edmonds shoes?

Allen Edmonds vs Thursday Boots

I have a pair of Park Avenue Cap-toe shoes from Allen Edmonds that I’ve been using for two years. Park Avenues are dress shoes with classical shapes, it was what drew my attention in the first place.

I also wear an Allen Edmonds Montauk Sioux Chukka. Let me explain my experience with the shoes broken into sections: comfort and durability.


The shoes took me awhile to break them in, about a month and some days. I have to admit that right after that, it felt more comfortable. I have a slightly bigger left foot so I continued to experience a small pain in my small toe there.

I remedied this by wrapping a cut piece of blister prevention tape on the toe. A week after this I tired of the tape and soon that toe fell in line.

The Chukka took me less time, and I’d have to say it must be because I’m a fan of boots. I broke in the boot and wore it more than the Park Avenue shoes.

Okay, how comfortable have they been? I say very comfortably. Once you’re the leather molds to your feet, it becomes extremely smooth in there. I wear the Park Avenue all day at the office right before the pandemic had us back indoors.


Allen Edmonds shoes are made from superior leather and it shows. The more I use the shoes, the better they get. I have a fetish for shoes so I take care of my pair like pets, especially the Park Avenue.

The Chukka on the other hand I have been more reckless with. They are boots after all. I treat boots like they should be treated, with hard-wearing. Chukkas are tough.

I noticed the wrinkling around the edge of the cap toe but that is normal since I wear it in the house a lot and when I’m working in my garage. I’ve worn them out hunting with friends too and they’re still holding up.

I can tell you for free those Allen Edmonds will last three generations after me. They feel so.

My Experience Using Thursday Boots?

Allen Edmonds vs Thursday Boots

I have a dark brown Cavalier from Thursday Boots that I bought long before I fell in love with Allen Edmonds shoes. I will share my experience in terms of comfort and durability:


Those boots are extraordinarily tough and resilient. Thursday Cavalier is a Chelsea shoe boot with dusty tan suede uppers and leather outsoles with TPU for traction. The interior is lined with supple leather which makes it amazingly comfortable after I broke them in.

The cork-bed midsoles formed to my feet after three weeks. In my experience wearing them, they are never stuffy like many boots in their category. They have generally stayed in form since I’ve been using them.

Thursday boots have one peculiar thing about them: they never develop that musty smell that other boots have. And I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with my wearing them with socks. They are just cool like that.


The durability of Thursday boots are outstanding. Thursday boots break in quite quickly and that may put you on edge, and begin to feel they won’t last. But that’s exactly the beauty of these boots and shoes.

A week after I stopped feeling the discomfort of breaking the Chelsea boots in, I checked the Chelsea for a shadow of wear. Thursday shoes were designed for eternal life on earth.


Are There Similarities Between Allen Edmonds shoes and Thursday Boots?

Yes. The similarities between the two shoes are in the material and construction of the shoes. Although Thursday brand makes mostly boots and only just began to make sneakers.

And Allen Edmonds makes mostly casual shoes, boots, and sneakers, they share one thing in common: the material used in their shoe construction.

  • Material
  • Shoe construction


Both companies make use of leather in their shoes and boots. Leather is a highly durable material and most brands who want to deliver durability and comfort often use the material in their shoes.

Although Allen Edmonds has other shoes and boots in their line of products where they combined other materials with leather, it is still a major part of the brand.

Shoe Construction

Both brands handcraft their shoes, following a long process that involves machines and humans. Both brands practically use ethical methods that are environmentally friendly.

For example, both Thursday and Allen Edmonds brands use Goodyear welts in reinforcing the upper leathers with the sole of their boots.

Depending on the styles of the shoes, they are polished and burnished. Both brands make sure the shoes match their individual standards and traditional designs.

What Are The Differences Between Allen Edmonds and Thursday Boots?

There are three clear differences between the two brands:

  • Different target markets
  • Allen Edmonds is more expensive
  • The difference in shoe types

Different target markets

Allen Edmonds shoes are designed for upscale customers. Allen Edmonds brand targets history and status as their selling point. They appeal to Americans whose style is deeply rooted in nationalism and status.

They are mostly rich and affluent members of high society, CEOs, celebrities, politicians, businessmen. They are luxury shoes.

Thursday boots are specifically made to appeal to people who value work and play. They are made for people who wanted high-quality boots but at a price that didn’t hurt their pockets.

Thursday Boots aren’t classy or upscale but appeal to everyone from the factory, construction workers, to women who work at offices.

They are for day-to-day New York city dwellers. Thursday brand was borne from the owners’ frustration at finding that cheap shoes didn’t last long, better shoes cost an arm and a leg, overpriced.

They decided to make ridiculously high-quality shoes at what they call honest prices.

Allen Edmonds is more expensive

Upscale brands are expensive. Allen Edmonds shoes are costlier than Thursday boots. The latter built their business model on their frustrating experience of not being able to find boots that were not costly but offered quality.

They understood that other inhabitants of the city faced the same issues. Most of the other brands were unaffordable for many people. Hence the prices of Thursday boots are quite moderate compared to Allen Edmonds shoes.

The difference in shoe types

Allen Edmonds shoes are classics, the focus is on style. They make dress shoes, casuals, and accessories. The focus is also on fashion. On the other hand, Thursday boots are functional and purpose boots.

Of course, Thursday boots are fashionable as well and can be styled by anyone to their taste but the functionality seems to take precedence in their shoe designs.

For Thursday boots, buying and wearing footwear should be fun. For Allen Edmonds, not that much.

Thursday boots pride themselves on the fact that their shoes are all-purpose boost; they can be worn during the week at work, and also be worn as casuals on weekends.

I like to think Allen Edmonds shoes are the types for work alone. Except you decide to dress up with your sneakers.

Final Words

Boots and shoes, what will we do without them? Your favorite of the brands depends on factors like your budget, your lifestyle, and where you reside.

If you are a New Yorker, you’d probably show some solidarity for Thursday boots, and if your wage level is above most Americans which puts you in the small percentage of high-income earners, then you may be looking to create a line of Allen Edmonds for your wardrobe.

Another factor is where you live. If your area is such that you have ranges or woods where you hike, then I recommend Thursday boots. Some are of the opinion that Thursday boots aren’t very good for hiking.

I hike with my own boots all the time, and they have been my best buddies every time I’m traveling out of town.

Allen Edmonds are recommended for days when you feel like expressing your style, or on days when you wish to appear in more formal dresses. I have gone weeks without wearing my Allen Edmonds shoes.

And winters are some of the best seasons to wear Thursday boots. Both brands share water resistance in common so they both got you during wet seasons.

Although some brands lose their water resistance after some years of wear, Thursday boots never lose theirs. So do Allen Edmonds.


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