Thursday Boots vs Loake: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Thursday boot and the Loake boot is that the Thursday boot is made of a rubber sole while Loake boots feature a leather sole.

Chrome leather is the name of the leather used in producing Thursday boots. Meanwhile, Loake is made of two different types of leather which are the full-grain calf leather and the corrected grain side leather.

Thursday Boots vs Loake

The boots have some similarities like; durability, comfort, style and they are both rugged.

Let’s take a look at them.

What does the first glance say about these boots

What do you notice first when you see these boots? What type of leather are they made of? What type of sole do they feature?

Thursday Boot

Thursday Boots vs Loake
Thursday ‘Captain’ Boot
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Cotton lace
  • Handcrafted
  • Cork bed midsole
  • EVA foam

This boot is designed and well built featuring chrome leather and Goodyear welt construction and a verifying level of the detailed boot which means that it has fine detailing in the toe cap, in the heel cap, and in the midsection of the boot. It also features a glove leather lining.

All these little details are put together to form a durable and comfortable work boot. It is made of outstanding and quality materials.

Some Thursday boots feature a fabric pull-up strap at the back of the boot which can help get the boot on, but it can be cut off if you do not like them. It also features quick laces and eyelets.

The boot has a proprietary midsole which is the EVA midsole and the rubber sole, this features a more traditional leather outsole with a Goodyear welt.

This would last very long and can offer you versatility either for outfits or for events. The Thursday boot is true to size and absolutely waterproof. It is the perfect work boot for rainy days.

Loake Boot

Thursday vs Loake
Loake 1880 ‘Bedale’
  • Full-grain calf leather
  • Corrected grain side leather
  • All-round stitching
  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • A fabric pull up strap
  • Leather outsole

The Loake boot is made with two types of leather; the full-grain calf and the corrected grain side leather. The full-grain is the outermost layer of the skin of a relatively young animal.

This type of leather tends to be soft and supple which may not crack in the long run. The leather is expensive and takes time to shine. The corrected-grain leather allows a shinier finish and tends to be easier to maintain.

Meanwhile, this leather comes from an older animal which makes it less flexible than calf leather and they are cheaper.

It has the Goodyear welt construction as the sole is attached to the shoe by the stitching that goes all the way around.

The sole is also attached to the upper by way of welting. There’s also stitching through the top, the beauty of this is that it can be replaced relatively easily.

So, whenever the sole wears out, you can send the shoe back to Loake and get it replaced with a brand new sole.

It is very comfortable right out of the box and some Loake boots have a fabric pull-up strap. The boot is made of high quality.

Thursday Boots vs Loake: Comparison

The Thursday boot and the Loake boot will be compared based on the following technical features;

  • Leather
  • Outsole
  • Water-resistant
  • Place of production
  • Insole
  • True to size
Features Thursday boot Loake boot
Leather It is made with chrome leather It is made with two different types of leather; the full-grain calf leather and the corrected grain side leather
Outsole It features a rubber sole It features a leather sole
Water-resistant It is fully water-resistant It needs a suede protector to be water-resistant
Place of production It is produced in Mexico It is produced in England
Insole It features removable insoles with sheepskin lining It features leather insoles with perforated holes
True to size It runs big It is true to size


Thursday boots are made of chrome leather. It has the vibrance of chrome-tanned leather with vegetable-tanned leather that is durable. The chrome leather is very durable, it also uses matte leather for some shoes.

The Horween Chromexcel is the most loved American boot leather, it takes about 28 days to make and is packed with oil and grease alongside beef tallow and beeswax to add rich luster and color depth.

The process is called “hot stuffing”. The rugged Thursday boot is made of “Rugged and Resilient leather”.

These are oil-tanned leather, they have been incorporated with different oil to help keep the leather hydrated and weather resistant.

Loake boots are made of full-grain calf leather and corrected grain side leather. The full-grain calf leather is gotten from a young animal while the corrected grain side leather is gotten from an older or mature cow.

The full-grain calf is soft and supple, it doesn’t crack easily, it is the outermost layer of the leather. It is also quite expensive and involves a little effort to make it shine.

Meanwhile, the corrected grain is easy to maintain, though it is less flexible. Due to this fact, Loake uses the corrected grain in their less expensive products.


 Thursday Boots vs Loake
A typical Thursday boot sole

Thursday boot features a rubber sole. This studded rubber outsole is durable and versatile. The sole provides stability, durability, and unmatched grip.

The soles are abrasion-resistant as they tend to be softer than other types of rubber. It offers an extra bounce, this sole provides amazing traction as they are designed purely for traction.

It also features water-displacing lugs, they prevent the sole from sliding whilst in contact with water, which would help prevent spillage.

With this rubber sole, Thursday boots can take you anywhere and is perfect for every occasion.  This sole is also resoleable whenever it wears out.

Loake boot features a leather sole. This is due to the Goodyear welt construction which is used in making the boot. This sole features longevity, traction, and a good grip.

 Thursday Boots vs Loake
Loake Boot sole

The leather sole has been seen to be the best soling material for boots. As it is a natural composition, it is breathable and helps the feet to stay comfortable all day long, especially in warm weather.

Research has shown that leather feels good on the feet, this is because they mold the shape of the feet and gives exceptional comfort.


Thursday boots are water-resistant and will absolutely keep your feet dry on rainy days and even in the snow.

The leather welt construction that is between the upper and the sole helps to prevent water from entering the shoe and also makes the boot quite resoleable.

The boot also features a WeatherSafe Suede which is a blended solution of hydrophobic compounds and waterproof that is added to the leather at the beginning of the tanning process. This solution helps to prevent water from entering the leather.

Excessive water can affect the sole and moisture too can affect the boot. Loake boot uses a suede protector to repel water and helps to prevent stains from the shoe.

Regular application of this protector will help the boot stay waterproof. Also do not dry your shoe artificially, allow it to air dry naturally.

 Thursday Boots vs Loake


Thursday boot has a removable insole foam which is covered in sheepskin lining. This foam makes running around in this boot enjoyable and comfortable.

Loake boot leather insole features a padded foam section underneath its top layer.

 Thursday Boots vs Loake

This insole helps to take away depth from the boot and the perforated holes allow for breathability by allowing air to circulate around the feet.

The insoles are made of thick and genuine leather which runs through the entire boot.

Place of production

The Thursday boot is made in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico while using American leather. The leather is sourced from America because they have top-quality leather.

Most Thursday boots are handcrafted by experienced artisans in Mexico. They have a full-time team of experts who work to make only the best kind of boot.

Though, the high-quality leather used in producing this boot is gotten from the U.S.A. The artisans make sure that each boot goes through a painstaking and time-consuming manufacturing process as it is handcrafted.

The Loake boot is manufactured in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. Loake’s shoe shop is located in the heart of London.

Loake has been crafting footwear in the same location since 1880s and they are one of the world’s oldest shoemakers.

Their shoes are made by skilled craftsmen and are constructed to the highest possible standards using the highest quality materials.

True to size

Thursday boot usually runs big. It is advisable to get half-size smaller than your normal shoe size.

Your Thursday boot should feel snug but not too tight when you try them on first. The leather will eventually mold your feet.

Loake boots are true to size, nice, and wide too. They offer straight out-of-the-box comfort. The boots are true to size, so you can order either using your UK sizing or US sizing.

Why you should buy Thursday Boots

You should get the Thursday boot because this boot is one of a kind. It is very versatile and has so many features that can’t be overlooked. The boot is handcrafted by the best artisans and with top-quality materials, especially leather.

When you put this boot on, it feels really substantial, durable, and very comfortable. It features a custom rubber sturdy sole, the rubber is not so hard so it does have a lot of shock absorption.

The boot has a leather stack midsole and a leather heel, the durability of the boot is built into the sole.

It has a 3600 Goodyear welt, which means that the boot can be resoled at a pretty affordable price. It also has a cork midsole for better shock absorption and a soft EVA foam.

The Goodyear welt construction helps to make your boot water-resistant and helps it to stay in one piece for a long time.

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Why you should buy Loake boot

The boot is handmade, quality, made of natural material, and looks really nice. The natural material tends to give you the best balance between flexibility, breathing, water resistance, and so on.

The sole can be resoled when it wears out. It has a stiff leather that constitutes the sole and it is very durable and can as well shape around your feet. You can apply cobbler cream to the boot to ensure it shines and last long.

One benefit of the Goodyear welt construction is that not only is the boot made by hand but when they need repairing, they can be dismantled and rebuilt by hand.

It has a leather sole and a rubber midsole. It has cushioning and it is very comfortable. This shoe is a formal shoe because of the close lace system i.e lace-up.

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Conclusion: My verdict

The Loake boot is my overall best for this article. This is because it is handcrafted, its sole can be resoled, the boot looks stylish, it is comfortable, durable, and made of natural quality materials.

Though it may really not be water-resistant, it has a suede protector to protect the boot. The boot is also a work boo and can be for casual occasions too as it is both rugged and stylish.


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