8 Non-Slip Converse You Should Know and Buy

Converse best-selling shoes have grown into wardrobe staples and have remained so for over ten decades.

The fashion brand produces functional and ultra-comfortable footwear, making them buyers’ favorite.

However, comfort is not the only vital feature to look out for when choosing the right converse shoes.

If you use your footwear for walking or standing for long hours, you want to prioritize getting a pair with reliable nonslip traction.

Fortunately, Converse has developed its versions of slip-resistant walking shoes for its buyers. It is easier to categorize all Converse styles as slip-resistant pairs, but some will have such without other vital features.

To help you pick a decent nonslip Converse pair that is superbly functional for leisure and work, I have tested and reviewed recommendations across various categories of Converse designs.

A detailed review of the best non-slip Converse shoes

Most Converse designs are slip-resistant as they usually have little squiggles, circles, or hexagons on the bottom of their outsole.

With this understanding, my fieldwork and testing have revealed the following eight Converse styles as the best in the slip-resistant category:

  1. Converse One Star CC Slip-On Sneakers
  2. Converse Sherpa High Top Sneaker
  3. Converse Lugged Hi Sneakers
  4. Converse Lift Canvas Low Top Platform Sneaker
  5. Converse Leather Street Mid Top Sneaker
  6. Converse Platform Trainers Shoes
  7. Converse Leopard Platform Sneakers
  8. Converse High Top Sneaker

Converse One Star CC Slip-On Sneakers

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

These star CC slip-on kicks are the first pair that cracks the top list of favorite nonslip Converse shoes. It is a very effective pair of compromise to those who hate elegant shoes.

The underneath of this footwear outsole has been designed with a unique smaller pattern.

It prevents water from being trapped underneath, ensuring a steady grip on any terrain or surface, including slippery, wet, or muddy.

It may not be ideal for work shoes because of the white color, but it is good that the Canvas material is easy to wash. It also features a rubber sole that allows for flexibility and a Lightly padded footbed for comfort.

If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and slip-resistant Comverse design, this is determined to pique your interest.

This ox slip-on offers the proper balance of casual elegance for your pool party or social comfort without sacrificing all-day comfort.


  • Lightly padded footbed for comfort
  • Plain white sneakers to match most outfit ideas
  • Easy to wash
  • Uniquely tread pattern for ultimate nonslip
  • Elastic details at the side to fit a wider foot


  • No color variety. All-white shoes may not be ideal for work, especially where they can get stained easily.

Converse Sherpa High Top

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

Next is one of Converse’s stylish and timeless sneakers ever created – Chuck Taylor All-star. This model is a modified version characterized by its raised rubber sole that serves as a booted height advantage.

But what makes it stick out in respect to this review is an insanely reliable slip-resistant feature that makes it a versatile sneaker.

This modified “Lift” version is fortunately true to size and can be worn everywhere. I am particularly in love with the classic style and trendy sole.

It is considered a great find for those who want to rock trendy converse designs with the confidence of standing steady, no matter the terrain, environment, or surface.

Converse shoes are of great quality, presentation, and fashion. This Hightop sneaker is no exception.


  • Seven golden colored lace eyelets at each side for added aesthetics
  • Grey shoe color to match most outfit ideas
  • Raised sole for added height
  • Durable upper material
  • Iconic Chucks Taylor badge at the side
  • The rigid pattern on the shoe’s bottom for great traction and steadiness.

Converse Lugged Hi Sneakers

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

The slip-resistant feature of every ideal footwear heavily lies in the sole’s structure underneath and the grip’s functional utility.

This Chuck Taylor Lugged Hi sneaker is an excellent example of converse shoes that you can use to be nonslip.

As a higher version of the popular Converse high tops, the converse is an improvement from the classic All-Star silhouette.

It features a chunky lugged outsole that grants you added height and gives the shoe a cool look.

The high-quality Canvas fabric used for the upper is easy to maintain and comes in black, Pink graze, White, grey, and Light Field Surplus.

The aesthetically appealing lacing system ensures firm grip with the iconic Chuck Taylor branding details engraved on the rear of the shoe’s sole and then a logo patch at the side.


  • Rounded toe design
  • Boosted hight
  • Durable sole
  • Affordable


  • Various correlating reviews on packaging below expectation
  • Uncertain good fit for individuals with wide feet

Converse Lift Canvas Low Top Platform Sneaker

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole of this shoe means that the shoe has more flexibility and is, therefore, more comfortable.

It also indicates that the low-top platform sneakers are lighter rubber, coupled with the quality canvas upper.

The Allover color-popped leopard prints that catch the eye when this shoe comes to sight are the Allover color-popped leopard prints that give it an effortless attention-grabbing look.

The shoe has the same underneath sole pattern as most Converse sneakers to ensure slip resistance. The EVA cushioning is present for premium comfort.

The only thing to frown at is the lack of enough arch support, which makes them best of fashionable but not ideal to use for walking or standing long hours.


  • Not heavy, despite the solid sole
  • Fashionable sneakers
  • Constructive tread pattern underneath for great traction
  • Available in various cool color options
  • Reasonably priced



Converse Leather Street Mid Top Sneaker

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

Made with hundred percent Leather, this All-Star Street Mid Top Converse kicks features suede accents that make it handle liquids and external components well to repel, including oils.

It features a padded collar and tongue with a warm lining for improved comfort.

Ultimately, the underneath of this shoe is structured with kite-shaped patterns to ensure steady traction and remain firm when used on wet or slippery surfaces.

The speed lace and speckled details also add to the overall aesthetics of the pair. It has true color options and enough edge with a modern attitude.

You’ve found one if you are looking for those rare Converse designs that blend leather and suede.


  • Leather and suede design
  • Arch and ankle support
  • Great body construction
  • Warm lining for improved comfort
  • Unisex


  • It might run large for women, so it is best to order like two sizes down.
  • Doesn’t do a good job as others on sidewalks with exposed rocks

Converse Canvas Junior Trainers Shoes

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

Available in black and white colors, these converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Platform EVA Ox trainer shoes are ideal for everyday use and tremendously versatile.

It is good that the actual footwear corresponds with every detail described, even down to being extremely nonslip.

You will feel very firm when you walk in these shoes. This is not only because of the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole that makes the shoe flexible and comfortable but also because of the culture details underneath the shoe that ensure it stays steady even when used to ply wet, slippery surfaces.

The color these kicks are available makes it suitable footwear for most outfit ideas as they can go well together with jeans or a sundress.

However, be careful not to order your exact foot size since they run slightly large.


  • Affordable for its kind
  • Nice body structure
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • It matches most outfit ideas


  • It runs a little large
  • Not as lightweight as expected

Converse Leopard Platform Sneakers

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

In this All-Star Lift Clean Hightop Converse sneaker, we see the modification of the iconic Chuck Taylor design into a classic silhouette and double-stack sole.

The style is further updated with a durable outsole with little hexagons that create friction, thereby helping you grip the floor without trapping water underneath.

Please note that the shoe takes about three long wears to get them to a more comfortable point (to break in). We all know that Chucks are always stiff when you first get them.

Nevertheless, you will find out that it is ideal for wearing all day long without giving any foot pains after breaking in.


  • Premium leather upper
  • Elevated outsole
  • 90s inspired (Vintage aesthetics)
  • EVA insole for cushioning
  • Ideal for long walking or standing hours


  • Requires about three long wears to break-in

Converse High Top Sneaker

Non-Slip Converse

What is interesting about it?

This is another decent nonslip high-top sneaker with leather and twill Upper. The padded collar and tongue offer great comfort with the Ortholite insole for cushioning. The black color makes it matchable for any outfit.

When you wear this high top, it rises above your ankles and fits comfortably. In addition, the profile of this shoe at the side makes up for an ideal “street” than regular Chucks.

It is not great that the pattern underneath the outsole is too large. This will not allow for creating the right friction for nonslip but is resist liquids underneath pretty well.

What might probably turn you off is the big tongue of this shoe. It appears too wide and puffy and would have had a better appearance if made a little slimmer.

It is a general thing with many similar Chucks styles, so the lack of arch support disqualifies it for being an everyday shoe.


  • Comfortable, snug fit
  • The stitching details of street attitude
  • Affordable
  • Available in a wide range of color options


  • While it does a good job keeping you steady on slippery surfaces, it would be better footwear if the insole protection was worked on better.
  • Not ideal for everyday wear

How to pick the right slip-resistant Converse shoe

Spending money on the right pair of Converse shoe that will help avoid slips and falls require you to be sensitive to special details of the footwear, which are slip- and oil-resistant.

While Converse generalizes their footwear features across all styles, they have shoes specifically engineered for people who work in environments where they commonly come into contact with wet, oily, or slippery surfaces.

Now, as you ponder which of the above-reviewed shoe to go for, keep in mind that a Converse’s outsole – the bottom – is responsible for its slip-resistant ability.

For this reason, while picking and reviewing these shoes, here are the factors I considered, which also accounts for the consideration you should take note of when picking slip-resistant converse shoes:

  • Examine the outsole pattern  the smaller the shape of the pattern, the better.
  • The space and depth of the tread – there should be enough space between the bottom of the tread and the bottom of the outsole.
  • The right shoe for the right environment – Consider the type of tiles and flooring you will be using the shoe on most time and how they apply to the split resistant shoe.
  • Looking beyond the slip-resistant feature – When prioritizing comfort, do not go for slip-resistant converse that compromised its extra support insole for the heel.


Many people who want slip-resistant shoes often work in certain environments that expose them to slippery floors and unevenly wet surfaces such as restaurants, hospitals, etc.

This is why considering the type of workplace when shopping for the best Converse slip-resistant shoe remains a major factor.

Whatever the case, I can assure you that selecting any of the above Converse slip-resistant shoes won’t let you down.


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