Does Converse Make Your Feet Look Big and Fat?

Converse makes your feet look big and fat especially around the ankle if you are a bigfoot. But it makes small feet look smaller than they already are.

Many people believe Converse shoes are designed with people with small feet in mind. This is curated from the opinion of people who have had experience using Converse shoes.

The shoe, which is already about half an inch thick clasps tightly around the feet of those with small feet.

As many people observed, it seemingly makes their feet look even smaller. And for most people, smaller-looking feet are ideal and preferred over fat-looking feet.

Reasons why your feet look fat in converse

Does Converse Make Your Feet Look Big and Fat

Your feet look fat in Converse because you have wide feet, are wearing an oversize Converse, or it just isn’t your style.

Converse is a long and narrow shoe. It has a light sole and was designed in such a way that the front part of the shoe is noticeable pointing upwards.

It is even possible to see the space between the floor and the front part of the sole. This is true because Converse was originally designed for basketball use.

Now, for someone with wide feet, it is sort of awkward having the tip of the shoe pointing upwards so.

The first thought that might cross the mind of those wearing it is someone in the clownery department. Although that is often exaggerated, still, it is right to agree the shoes look a little weird that way.

Converse shoes look smart, stylish, and are one of the most comfortable shoes out there. Not to mention the fact that they are quite versatile and can be worn for almost anything.

The practicality of the Converse shoes is a quality that cannot be understated. There’s hardly a fellow who doesn’t appreciate a good old Chucks.

One might begin to wonder why a brand as old as Converse still remains in fashion at all. Why should you care about getting a Converse?

Versatility: One important thing to note about Converse shoes is their versatility;  so many people appreciate the fact that one shoe can go with jeans and other casual options. There are very few wears that don’t go well with a nice-looking Converse.

Not to forget that it adds style, flair and speaks volumes about a person’s personality.

Affordable: Converse shoes are as affordable as shoes go. It is not unusual for the purses to get ultralight after purchasing a pair of decent sneakers. But Converse has proven style doesn’t have to cost an arm or leg.

Comfort: Converse shoes are also known for being very comfortable. Even from the minute they are bought, they usually come with a soft and comfortable interior.

Some shoes have to be ‘broken-in’ before they can be enjoyed as much. But with Converse, it comes ready for long time use.

Also, Converse shoes age well like a bottle of proper wine. The older they get, the different they look – a healthy kind of different.

It’s also crazy easy to maintain a pair of Chucks. You can simply toss them into the washing machine and they’ll be looking good for use. A little bit of Sole cleaning would also get them looking smart and fine again.

All of these reasons are why people love Converse. It has become a tradition to own at least one pair in a horde of sneakers.

That’s why easy to get disturbed when such fine shoes don’t seem to fit in properly.

For people with big feet, this might pose a bit of a problem. That’s not to say there’s something wrong with the feet, just that the style might be less suited to them.

Converse official site once declared that they ran half size larger than normal shoes. So, if you’re wearing a size 8 in your normal shoes, you might want to consider getting a size 7.5 or even 7 so you don’t have a pair of clown boots on your feet.

And, chances are the pair of shoes only look fat to you. You should ask a friend or family how it looks on your feet. Looking down on any shoe gives it this bloated look, so maybe your shoe has done nothing wrong. Maybe you’re just too self-critical.

What to do when your feet look fat in Converse

Downsize, ask someone who is not you, try another wear to go with it.

People often complain their feet look fat in Converse shoes. They worry so much that it begins to affect their self-confidence which is the best wear anybody can rock.

Converse is a shoe loved by many, misunderstood by few, cherished by a ton, and obsessed over by a horde.

Chances are you have a friend who has at least one pair of Converse in their shoe rack.

If after purchasing it and trying on it doesn’t fit or look as it should, it might leave a person feeling very bad about themselves. Especially if wearing the shoe is a company kind of thing, and it seems you’re the only one with dinosaur feet.


The first thing we advise if a pair of Converse make you look like a clown is to downsize. It might seem apparent, and it might feel ineffective, but you’d be surprised what wonders that simple change can affect.

Converse shoes are roomy, lengthwise. They have enough room in the front for the toes to wiggle and dance in.

Fact is, Converse shoes were designed half size larger than normal shoes. So it is imperative that for a better fit, one should always buy half size or full size of their normal length.

Otherwise, one would have a scenario where there’s an unused, empty room at the front of the shoe, giving the feel of a larger than life feet.

Let a friend give a review of your shoe

The second thing we advise people to do when their Converse looks fat on their legs is to have someone else, preferably a stranger, give them an honest review or opinion about it.

Do this with three or four people, tell them to tell you what they think about the pair of shoes you’re wearing.

Chances are if you ask a friend, they might not want to hurt your feelings. But if you are certain of a pal who is going to tell you the truth, then you should certainly ask that pal what they think.

The reason for this is that when you are putting on your Converse, except you are viewing from a mirror, the only way you’d be able to see it is from above. And from above, it’d always be too large, always.

Sometimes, it’s not the shoes that have a problem, it’s how we see our feet, and what we think of them that matters.

So, be certain you do not have a biased view of your feet before deciding if the shoe fits or looks too fat.

Sometimes, the size of the shoe might be flattered by the kind of clothes one is putting on.

Chucks are generally known for their versatility; they seem to go well with a whole lot of clothes. Which makes it hard to imagine what wouldn’t go well with them.

But it is always nice to see if they only look fat when one is putting on certain pants or outfit. A change of outfit might be all you need to get the best from your shoes.

Ensure you are not wearing a Converse knock-off

Also, ensure the Converse you’re getting is original. It is not uncommon to see counterfeit products flying around.

If your Converse is a counterfeit, fat might not be the only thing it does to your feet. There’s a risk the sole would plain fall off as you walk the streets someday.

Consider a change of style

Finally, if after getting original pairs of Converse shoes, downsizing, and asking for honest reviews you still feel the shoes make your feet larger than they should be, then you might want to consider a change of style.

A style might be popular, but it’d be madness to assume it’ll fit everyone. And that is perfectly okay, feet vary from feet, as taste does from each other.

In the end, fashion is all about making the best decisions for your body.

How to make your Converse look smaller

The best way to make your pair of Chucks look smaller than they are is by giving the impression they are your perfect fit.

People can easily tell if a shoe doesn’t fit, and confidence sort of wanes when the shoe doesn’t fit.

Let’s face it; you’re in a crowd full of friends laughing and smiling. There’s someone with a shoe missing a sole, but you don’t notice.


Because you’re worried about your own pair of big-looking shoes. They’re not as bad as you think they are, you know this, but you can’t seem to shake it off your mind. A friend of the opposite sex approaches, and all you worry about is how to open a door in the ground or bury your feet.

Straight to the tips.

Number one, try a pair of socks or footies

You can always give your everyday socks a trial. Pull them on and watch your feet fill the shoes. A filled shoe never looks oversized.

If you are worried about the socks showing, then you might want to consider footies. That’s precisely what they’re there for.

Footies are hidden socks no one would ever notice.

Shoe Tongue Pad

A shoe tongue is that strip of material under the shoelace. For people with flat feet, the shoe tongue pad can come in very handy.

The shoe tongue pad makes shoes taller, and more narrow. It also keeps excess sides of a shoe from spreading out or giving the shoe a ‘fat feet’ look.


If you have a pair of Chucks that’s too long for your feet, you might want to consider a toe insert.

What a toe-insert does is that it occupies the space in front of the toes so the shoes fit perfectly.

How to wear Converse with big feet

Does Converse Make Your Feet Look Big and Fat

People with big feet are very conscious and self-aware. Most of the time, that’s where the problem stems from.

Be confident

The first thing to do when wearing Converse, or any other brand, with big feet, is that you have got to be confident.

Half the time, things aren’t as bad as we see them. Someone is dying to have the fashionable shoes on your feet, while you’re thinking of throwing them out because you feel like a clown.

We have people with big feet, who use Converse, say that it’s one of the most comfortable shoes they have and that they’re sticking to it no matter what.

Always buy from a recognized store

So, for someone with big feet, we recommend always buying from a store. If your feet it big, you can start from your size, and then also go up a size bigger.

Converse shoes don’t expand much or become more ‘roomy’ because of the material they’re made of. So if it is tight when you bought it, it will be tight till the day you throw it out.

For people with big feet, we strongly advise that clothes that cover the shoe more should be worn.

There’s no hard rule in fashion, even for people with big feet, so what we won’t actually work for you.

Rock your Converse with the right outfit

For women, we found out one of the best ways to rock Converse is to wear it with straight-leg jeans or bootcuts instead of skinny jeans.

No skirts, dresses, or walk shorts. This is only is speaking from what we’ve seen. But people who tried it have confessed they felt less confident trying it on with the clothing above.

For men, we recommend some skinny jeans or chinos if the sneaker pair is dark-colored. Lighter-colored sneakers that go well with simple skinny jeans or slim chinos will do the trick for pants. As for your top half jumper will keep you both warm and sharp looking.

If the Converse ends higher on the ankle, we suggest leaving the pants long instead of cuffing them. A fine white shirt, and a dark jacket alongside a pair of fine white Converse sneakers.


In summary, your Converse might not be as ‘fat’ as you claim, it might only seem that way due to the angle you’re viewing from.

Converse in itself is a long narrow shoe; it wasn’t designed to make shoes look fat, however, if you get an oversized shoe, you end up with a clown feet situation.

When purchasing your Converse, we suggest that you always go for a size or half size smaller than normal. This is because these Chucks are half a size longer than normal.

And finally, whatever the outcome of all my tips and advice is; never feel bad about yourself.

Remember there’s always a fashion style to suit your needs.


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