Long Converse: 10 Knee High Converse-Like Shoes

Knee-high shoes that adopt the Converse design were quite popular but were eventually overshadowed by newer fashion trends.

However, they remain a timeless fashion piece that can make a tremendous statement, depending on how you intend to style them.

Well, no matter what you wear, the structure of Converse knee-high shoes gives your outfit an edge, offering more comfort and warmth.

Meanwhile, the design can also be an outfit-ruiner if you don’t look out for the right toe shapes, heel heights, and materials.

To help ease the overwhelming search, I have put together some of the best knee-high Converse-like shoes – all of which you can’t go wrong by choosing.

Overview of 10 knee high Converse-Like shoes

Long Converse

  1. ANUFER Women’s Canvas Knee-High
  2. Momuk Punk Rivet Long Canvas Knee High Boots
  3. DW Women’s Lace Up Canvas Knee High Sneaker
  4. Women’s Mid-Calf High Top from DailyShoes Store
  5. Momuk Stylish Canvas Knee High Boots
  6. YING LAN Over The Knee Low Heel Lace Up Tall Shoes
  7. ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots
  8. Circus by Sam Edelman Women’s Lilah Knee High Boot
  9. Santiro Walking Breathable Knit Slip-On Shoes
  10. Ladies Knee High Laced Boots from GARGOYLE BELLS Store

1. ANUFER Women’s Canvas Knee High Bike Boots for Girls

Long Converse

What is interesting about it?

The first pair recommended on this list is this iconic ANUFER Women’s Canvas Knee High Bike Boots for Girls. The item comes with free four pairs of shoelaces (random colors are sent).

It is the go-to footwear for those exciting hip-pop jazz dance, cosplay, or rock any stage performances. The knee-high Converse features a side zipper and shoelaces to confirm fit and aesthetics.

It is easy to wear, but the shoelace must be loosened before putting it on, followed by the zipper. Another cool thing is that if the zipper gets stuck, you can smooth or cut off the excess fabric by adding wax.


  • Easy to wear
  • It comes with three extra lace of randomly selected colors
  • Multipurpose
  • Available in eight color options
  • Affordable


  • The zipper may be hard to zip up the first time, but it gets easier to zip up once you fit into them.

2. Momuk Punk Rivet Long Canvas Knee High Boots 

long converse

What is interesting about it?

Momuk Punk Rivet Long Canvas Knee High Boots features an upper made of quality canvas and quite a durable rubber sole. It is positively reviewed mostly for its breathability and comfortability.

What makes this one stand out is the black rivets on the side of the shoes. I like them because it gives them a cooler look.

And, of course, you can effortlessly adjust the fit and comfort using the laces that are long enough not to be too tight.

It is best used for parties and travel. It appeals more to those who love knee-high Converse that is rather thin in structure.


  • Special rivet design
  • Effortless lacing adjustment system
  • Black color to match most outfit idea


  • No definitive sizing idea. So if you want to wear looser, you have to choose the larger size.

3. DW Lace Up Canvas Knee High Sneaker

Long Converse

What is interesting about it?

Next is this stylish fashion piece from DW that features a breathable canvas and side zipper to make it easy to put on and take off.

This shoe is available in pure white and black; this shoe is the best bet for knee-high all-match and never outmode. The footwear is designed with the usual fashion design in mind such that it can be used as dance boots.

The shoe’s top’s construction allows DIY rhinestone body beautification to suit personal customization aesthetics.

And, not to worry, the laces are very long such that you can work them to the top of the boot.


  • All-match with full black and white available colors
  • Two lace system
  • Long shoelaces
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable fabric


  • Not a good fit for those with wide feet or muscular legs (except you take a chance with the bigger size.)

4. Women’s Mid-Calf High Top 

Long Converse

What is interesting about it?

If this is your first time buying a high-top Converse style, I strongly recommend this mid-calf high top from Dailyshoe stores. The aesthetics have a reassuring guarantee to make people notice you wherever you go.

The footwear is designed with a 14-Inch opening Circumference, and it is nonslip. Additionally, it is produced in various colors and patterns, which makes it versatile for any occasion or outfit.

Made with top-quality canvas, the sneaker boots have promising durability to stand the test of time.


  • Available in different patterns and colors
  • Top-quality canvas and durable rubber sole
  • 14-inch opening circumference for a comfortable fit
  • They fit wide calves just fine

5. Momuk Stylish Canvas Knee High Boots

What is interesting about it?

Unlike the regular boring knee-high Converse shoes, this one from Momuk takes an interesting approach to design by including holes on the shoe’s body with silver rings around each hole.

The footwear fabric is made of High-quality canvas and Rubber sole to match the young, modern, and popular fashion trend.

It is good that the outer fabric is easy to clean, so you can risk getting dirty without fear. The positive review mainly accounts for its comfortability and ease to put on and take off.

The shoe embraces a very stylish Punk style. It is best worn to activities like walking, going on a trip to the city, partying, and a good idea for girls’ school shoes.


  • Easy to wear, presence of a zipper
  • Interesting body design details
  • Black color to match most outfit ideas


  • Runs small
  • A little pricey compared to others of its kind

6. YING LAN Over The Knee Tall Boots

Long Converse

What is interesting about it?

This lace-up combat boot offers a personalized fit that will keep you in style. Although this knee-high from Yin Lang may seem to be the tilting away from the Converse design, it is synonymous with many that we’ve considered upon this review.

It is known as knee-high footwear that eases knee and calf muscle pain and is very comfortable, safe to wear

It has become a modern wardrobe staple worn to various functions, including the office.

The design appears very sexy and stylish and usually grabs compliments on the people who wear them. It is advised to get a bigger size not to run a little tight.


  • Comfort
  • Durable material
  • Outstanding design material
  • Handles getting wet

7. ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Boots

Long Converse


What is interesting about it?

Another is a reputable brand, especially in manufacturing knee-high boots and a good expression of this prestige is the fashion canvas boots.

Like the first pair reviewed in this list, this footwear also comes with three extra free laces of randomly selected colors.

What makes it more special is the 4 cm wedge heel that offers the wearer more height secretly, making one taller and slimmer.

This means that those with very slim legs and feet will need to size down the wedge heel. The shoe is versatile and can be worn to Halloween. For example, cosplaying some cartoon or game characters,


  • Bonus colorful laces
  • Zipper for easier wear
  • Wedge heel design
  • Meet needs for special occasions


  • Needs time to break-in
  • Fragile zipper

8. Circus by Sam Edelman Women’s Lilah Knee High Boot

ugly converse

Made with a padded insole for all-day comfort, these beautiful boots by Sam Edelman are worthy of consideration. However, it appears to run a little bit. Being sold for over a hundred bucks, I feel it should have come with better quality leather and nicer laces.

But the features are just right for anyone in search of nice knee-high shoes for the season without shelling out too much cash.

9. Ladies Knee High Laced Boots from GARGOYLE BELLS Store

ugly converse


We find this next pair somewhere between fashion and comfort. They are long with sufficient lengthy laces for an eye-catching appearance.

The shoe helps modify your leg shape very well and can be converted into a staple fashion piece. It features two straps that can be easily loosened and tightened.

Away from Converse styles, this one is made of high-quality leather and versatile and fashionable.

 10. Santoro Breathable Knit Slip-On Sneakers

Long Converse

The least recommended on this list is Santiro’s breathable slip-on sneakers. It best appeals to knee-high shoe lovers who wish to discard the lacing system without going off the designed rail.

This one is made from extremely breathable knit fabric, allowing you to wear the shoe for all-day without feeling uncomfortable.

The sole is lightweight MD material to absorb shock and resist daily wear and tear. It is also designed with unique line patterns that improve slip resistance for safety.

How to pick the right Knee-high Converse for you

When picking knee-high boots that feature the Converse design, the two factors that encapsulate what you should look out for are your personal preference and functional needs.

The knee-high Converse is made with similar materials and fabric, such as high-quality Canvas for breathability and durability and a rubber sole for flexibility. This is unlike other styles manufactured with smooth leather, suede, or snakeskin-embossed leather.

Aside from materials, you also want to look out for the heel and shaft height of the footwear. Most of the knee-high Converse are designed with a lower heel, while some the opposite.

But going for the latter is ideal for everyday wearing that won’t cause blisters.

The toe shape, threading details, and lacing system are also a place to check when choosing knee-high shoes to ensure they suit your style and needs.

Can I still wear Knee-high Converse shoes in 2022?

Absolutely! Wearing Knee-high Converse shoes appears to improve the trend of ankle styles for 2022. Knee-high or mid-calf boots were never in the mainstream sensation, but it is a hard style to take away from fashion.

Apart from giving you are effortlessly stylish and sexy look, wearing Knee-high Converse also makes you stand out in public, depending on how you style them.

However, this may not be very realistic, considering newer trends such as wedges that have overshadowed flat sole Converse high knee.

Again, how you style your knee-high Converse will play a role in its attention-grabbing magic. From the color choice of the lacing to the clothes you wear to match, there are a lot of dressing strings to pull when wearing knee-high Converse today.

How to style Knee-high Converse

You can never go wrong by wearing your knee-high Converse with midi skirts and dresses like a lady. It is also a cool idea to wear footwear over jeans or cut-out sweater dresses.

No matter what you wear, you can rest assured that knee-high boots are versatile to measure up with your outfit idea.

Some of the knee-high Converse shoes we have reviewed above come with special designs that will go perfectly for your jewelry. To make the shoe more outstanding and obvious, it is best to leave the rest of the outfit simple with neutral colors.

It’s a wrap

So, there you go – ten of the best knee-high Converse-like shoes that are ideal for any occasion or outing activity.

It is a huge plus that knee-high Converse shoes are more economically friendly than other knee-high boot styles out there.

Should there be any other style you think should be added to this list? Feel free to share in the comment section.


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