Why Do Converse Fall Apart?

Every footwear is expected to be subject to wear and tear. So, you should not be disappointed that your footwear begins to rip or fall apart.

There are many reasons why footwears fall apart. However, the focus of this article is on the Converse Brand. Converse produces one of the best footwear that is comfortable, durable, and extremely affordable.

Converse may fall apart due to the following reasons:

  • Wear and tear
  • When the Converse sole comes in contact with water

This does not also exonerate this brand from depreciating in essence and quality due to some certain reason.

Why Do Converse Fall Apart?

Explaining the reasons why Converse sneakers fall apart

It is important that you come to terms with the fact that it is normal for wear and tear to occur in every asset (either long-term or short-term). I would briefly talk about the reasons why Converse sneakers fall apart.

Wear and Tear

Due to constant use, Converse sneakers can fall apart. This is the most common reason why Converse sneakers fall apart. Compared to other footwear with a leather sole, the Converse sneakers are made of rubber sole which makes them fall apart easily and quicker than footwear with leather sole.

Depending on how you use your Converse sneakers, they might fall apart longer than you expect or shorter than you expect.

For example, if you wear your Converse sneakers 5 times a week, you should expect them to fall apart quicker than the other individual that wears his Converse sneakers for just 2 hours a week.

The more you wear your Converse sneakers depends largely on how soon or further it would begin to fall apart. This does not mean Converse sneakers are fake or unauthentic, this same fact is true for every footwear out there.

The more pressure you put on your Converse sneaker would determine how quick or slow it begins to deteriorate and fall apart. This is a major reason why Converse sneakers fall apart.

Hydrolysis of Sole material

Generally, when it comes to choosing a sneaker, everyone goes for the sneaker with a flexible, lightweight, custom framed, and comfortable. However, the material used in constructing this type of sole is PU (polyurethane).

The PU has its benefits which range from comfort to stability in walking. However, it is subject to an aging process called “HYDROLYSISâ€. Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction where a molecule of water breaks one or more chemical bonds.

In a simple definition; hydrolysis occurs when a matter that is bonded by two or more chemical components disintegrates as a result of coming in contact with moisture. This is one of the reasons why Converse sneakers fall apart.

The sole is made of PU (polyutherane) which is subject to aging and deterioration as a result of moist and hot seasons. This has nothing to do with how frequently you wear it or not. I have seen a Converse sneaker fall apart after been worn just ONCE.

As long as your Converse sneakers are exposed to moisture or come in contact with water, the chemical bonds begin to disintegrate over time and suddenly break apart when all the glue is gone.

Furthermore, oxidation can also cause PU to break apart. There is nothing you can do about this fact. As long as the sole of your Converse sneaker is made of PU (which it is), it is normal to expect a falling apart sooner or later.

The more exposed to water and air your Converse sneaker is depends on how soon or later the falling apart would be. Furthermore, if the sole of your Converse sneaker is not perfectly vulcanized, it is possible for it to fall apart on the first day of use.

I have seen many reviews complaining of this situation recurring. This does not mean the Converse brand is bad. It simply means that there was a production error on that PARTICULAR shoe.

If your Converse sneaker does not have a perfectly vulcanized sole, you should expect wear and tear even more sooner than expected.

This is why good product research is necessary and I would help you do that in this article.

These are the two major reasons why Converse sneakers fall apart. Furthermore, how you use it also matters. The conditions you expose your Converse sneakers to also matter a lot because this determines largely on whether it is going to last or not.

In addition, TIME is also an essential contributing factor to the breaking apart of your Converse sneaker. With time, the sole would give in either due to frequent use or exposure to water and air.

I have stated clearly that this does not make Converse sneakers less effective compared to other sneakers. Converse sneakers are a brand I can vouch for when it comes to durability.

However, durability does not mean it would not be subject to wear and tear.

What to do when your Converse sneakers fall apart

Why Do Converse Fall Apart?

There are many resources available on the internet space which give various suggestions on what to do when your Converse sneakers fall apart. There are certain resources that suggest using glue to get them back together, leave it for two days, and then you would have a stronger Converse sneaker than before.

Other resources suggest using an ice cube to perform a wonder which I still find hard to fully digest. There are also other resources that suggest that you should use duct tape to hold the open joint together and then you should give it time to solidify before wearing.

There is also a shoe glue that has been said to be a better solution to getting your Converse sneaker back together. The shoe goo would heal up your Converse sneaker and its sole quality.

However, what is the point of trying to repair what has depreciated?

If your Converse sneakers fall apart, this is what you should do. BUY A NEW PAIR OF CONVERSE SNEAKERS AND DISPOSE OF THE OLD ONES. I would give you the reasons for this simple solution.

  • It is an extra cost to buy the shoe glue and other materials for repairing the worn-out Converse sneaker. Eventually, it would fall apart MUCH QUICKER than before and you would have to buy a new Converse sneaker. Buying a new Converse sneaker saves you some money and is more economical.
  • Buying a new pair of Converse sneakers instead of repairing the worn-out ones is good and necessary for safety. Using duct tape and shoe goo to glue back your Converse does not improve the efficiency of the sneaker. Rather, it makes it subject to easy wear and tear. This means that water and air can easily break it apart compared to the ORIGINAL state it was before the falling apart. Trying to glue back your Converse sneaker would subject you to danger because it can fall apart ANYTIME. I would not want my Converse sneakers to fall apart while running, hiking, biking, or at the office. This would cause a serious embarrassment to me and it might lead to accidents and injuries which is dangerous to my health. Buying a new pair of Converse sneakers to replace the old worn-out one is the best way to ensure your feet and toes and safe.

What is my verdict?

  • If your Converse falls apart, simply get a new one that can last for another 3 -4 years.

This solution is economical and safe for you. There is no point in trying to fix a worn-out Converse sneaker.

It would simply break apart again sooner than you expect which might even become more disastrous and terrible compared to the first.

There are amazing and affordable Converse sneakers that can be bought as a replacement for the old ones. This is what I am going to be talking about in the next section of this article.

I strongly recommend a new pair of Converse sneakers whenever your old Converse sneaker falls apart.

Converse Sneakers that do not fall apart easily

There are Converse sneakers that do not easily fall apart. Every Converse sneakers are durable and amazing.

However, I would talk about a few that I can guarantee from my experience with them and as a result of reviews from users that were gotten while carrying out further researches for this article.

S/N Sneakers
Features Rating


1 CONVERSE women’s CTAS Hi-top sneakers Best affordable Converse sneaker which does not rip easily 4/5
2 Converse unisex CHUCK TAYLOR all-star sneakers Best Converse sneaker with perfectly vulcanized rubber sole 5/5
3 CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR all-star sneakers for men Best men’s Converse sneaker which does not rip easily 4/5
4 CONVERSE women’s canvas sneaker Best women’s Converse sneaker which does not rip easily 4/5

CONVERSE women’s CTAS Hi-top sneakers

This is the best affordable Converse sneakers that do not fall apart easily. It has amazing qualities which make it stand out among my selection as “THE PEOPLE’S CHOICEâ€.

It has a rubber sole which is not just made from a normal rubber material. The sole of this footwear is made from a quality rubber material.

Looking at this footwear from afar, it is obvious that it has been built to last longer than most Converse sneakers. It is Hi-top and provides adequate support for both the ankles and toes. It is specially made for women.

CONVERSE unisex CHUCK TAYLOR all-star sneakers

This is the best Converse sneakers with a perfectly vulcanized rubber sole. In order to make your Converse sneaker last long, you must ensure that the sole is perfectly vulcanized.

This footwear marks that quality very well and I am giving it a full 5-star rating because I have used it personally. I have been wearing the CONVERSE unisex CHUCK TAYLOR all-star sneakers for 6 years and the sole is still as strong.

It also has a breathable feature that makes it comfortable to wear.

CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR all-star sneakers for men

This is the best Converse sneaker for men. If you are looking for a Converse sneaker to buy as a gift for your brother, spouse, father, or male co-worker, then this is the best pick for you. It has a masculine build that adds confidence to every man that wears it.

Furthermore, added to its durable sole that does not fall apart for at least 3 years, it has a breathable feature that makes it comfortable for use. Furthermore, it can be used for many activities ranging from indoor to outdoor.

Converse Women’s Canvas Sneaker

What makes this sneaker unique from every other sneaker listed in this article is the sole quality. The Converse Women’s Canvas Sneaker is made of a double-stacked rubber sole.

This makes it almost nearly impossible for it to be subject to wear and tear. Furthermore, it comes in different beautiful color variants that give you the option to pick any color of your choice.

It has an Ortholite insole for cushioning which makes wearing it comfortable.

How to care for your Converse

Why Do Converse Fall Apart?

  • Have more than one pair of Converse sneakers: This would prevent you from wearing single Converse sneakers consistently.
  • Wash your Converse sneakers – BUT NOT OFTEN: Washing your Converse sneakers often would further subject your sole to moist which might hasten the deteriorating process. It is good to wash your Converse sneakers because it keeps the sneakers in shape. However, it is very dangerous to wash it consistently.
  • Dry your converse sneakers often: This helps reduce moist and it also makes your Converse sneakers stay in the right shape. Although the disadvantage of this method is the exposure to air which causes deterioration to occur as well.
  • Whenever you wash your Converse sneakers, learn to dry at room temperature. Don’t apply direct heat in order to prolong the life of your Converse sneakers. Furthermore, in order to keep it in shape, learn to stuff your Converse sneakers with paper and leave it over time.

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