How Many Ugly Converse Do You Know (Check My 9 Ugly Converse)

Converse has had an unresting change of fashion trends in their footwear production, which has given birth to some really ugly-pretty styles that we can not unsee.

It is almost impossible to ignore that ugly shoes, particularly sneakers, dominate the discussions (as long as footwear is concerned) during this period. The trend continues to grow as many decide to feel indifferent to them.

Ugly Converse

I barely scroll past twenty consecutive posts on Instagram without seeing a pair of shoes, often Converse, that is ‘uglily’ appealing and attention-grabbing.

The irony is that several converse shoes are surfacing online, intending to clinch the laurel of being uglier than the previously circulated one.

As an extension to this exciting, up-to-the-minutes parade, I have taken it upon myself to share with you 10 Converse footwear that we wish we hadn’t seen – and why people are willing to pay insane amounts to own these styles.

List of the 9 Ugly Converse I’ve come across

Despite the judgment on these Converse sneakers in this list, it is worthy to note that the American fashion brand has maintained consistency in being simple yet classic.

While ‘All-Stars’ are of the strongest sneakers of Converse, there are other designs that prove beyond the opposite. In other words, as you scroll through this ‘nitpicking’ list and review, you will discover that these Converse styles are ugly by the definition of being attractively ugly. They are:

  1. Converse Run Star Motion Trainers
  2. Converse Women’s Pink Mid Sneakers
  3. Converse x Feng sneakers
  4. Converse Wade 1,3 Navidad Edition
  5. Converse Men’s Chuck Bosey Sneakers
  6. Converse x GOLF OX sneakers
  7. Converse x Joe Fresh  High sneakers
  8. Converse x AMBUSH Duck sneakers
  9. Converse x Kim Jones Utility Wave sneakers

List of my 9 Ugly Converse

1. Converse Run Star Motion Trainers

Ugly Converse

Showcasing a completely redefined style, these Run Star Motion shoes adopt an ultra-modern, innovative midsole of the classic Converse DNA. Still, it seems the pair did it too much.

It is an expressive shoe with a lugged base fused with an organic cotton canvas upper. The footwear is made up of materials, including a CX sock liner and a CX foam midsole. It is lightweight and comfortable, with the hard-to-ignore premium Chuck 70 detailing.

In what suppose to appear like a stand-out style, the heel pods come with ultra-expressive lugs and then the CX sock liner. Basically, the shoe is outrightly going against the unwritten manufacturing code of form and shape.

As far as I know, this converse shoe may likely not command any kind of lovability or admiration at the first look. But when you learn to embrace the beauty of being odd, then you might just see the fun and unique side of Run star motion.

Interestingly, these kicks are extremely well made with various modified styles and designs with different colors. To make grace a better dress look with this shoe, it is best to pick one with a singular color like Black.

And, yes, by being unique and rare, they are pricey for sneakers.

2. Converse Women’s Pink ERX Mid Sneakers

Ugly Converse


Pink is a very attractive color. But, what happens when the footwear, though with the lovely pink, but too busy with ‘unnecessary’ body structures.

Simplicity makes the best footwear, but some Converse adamantly goes the opposite with the view of being greatly aesthetically pleasing. A good example is the Converse Women’s Pink ERX 260 Mid Sneakers.

Built with quite an impressive rubber sile, this pink Converse features an integrated mesh and patent leather upper.

The round toe and lace-up front classifies it among other normal converse styles, but add the metallic gold-tone accents, 3D embroidered logo, and padded heel counter? Ugly-pretty!

Not only that, it is very obvious that the footwear would thrive well without the star appliqué and unnecessary contours.

It is pretty hard to tell how owners of this shoe are holding up because it is obviously selective when it comes to casual outfits. But, looking at the price might change the mindset as it costs under a hundred bucks.

3. Converse x Feng sneakers

Ugly Converse

Converse hightop sneakers are among the brand styles that won many favorite stars. But what happens when the designers try to outdo, for impression or expression.

Similar to the previously reviewed Converse, this collaboration with Feng Chen showcases a pink/cream leather, two-tone designed footwear that displays a crinkled finish.

Of course, the round toe and flat rubber sole structure keep it within the confines of what we term a shoe shape, but it has an irregular ankle-length and front lace-up fastening.

It appears to be the kicks for the new season and that right footwear to complete the odd look from everyone else in the room. Ugh!

4. Converse Wade Edition

Ugly Converse

Those who have been following the trend since the fall of 2003 will agree with me that Converse Wade speedingly outshone other styles to become the topic of footwear discussion. It became somehow famous…for being attractively ugly.

I don’t mean to resurrect the already defunct convos, but I think the Navidad Edition beats the record, being an edition of the Wade Signature series.

Designed with an applaudable rubber sole and outsole, the footwear displays a weave pattern for great grip and then assures stability and comfort with its leather uppers.

It is fancied by basketball players and should be considered a potential trigger for ridicule if worn outside the court. The shoe is designed with croc nubuck upper and top-stitch detailing.

The internal neoprene bootie construction gives it a different body structure, but the CMEVA innersole allows for personalized comfort. It is difficult to get these kicks at online stores these days, but the price is unbelievably reasonable.

5. Converse Men’s Chuck Bosey Sneakers

Ugly Converse

It is possible for a shoe to be designed with Cowhide Leather, have an old-school appeal, and still appear aesthetically pleasing.

Where did this Chuck 70 Bosey Sneakers miss it? The rubber sole is encouraged, and to add that it is water repellent makes it a cool one for some.

Many wearers are also of the opinion that the footwear is quality and comfortable. However, footwear’s goodies and praise-washing functional utility do not necessarily conceal its appearance.

The toe cap details must have been included for a reason, which obviously meant good, but many won’t find that pretty…or sexy. I’m among the many. More daring, The ugly look doesn’t compensate with its price, and it sets back for above a hundred dollars.

6. Converse x GOLF OX sneakers

Ugly Converse

It took me a considerable amount of time to figure out where to place these Converse x GOLF le FLEUR Gianno OX sneakers – between normal, ugly, or just somewhere in between.

Generally speaking, the style will most likely have a good appearance appeal to any sneaker fan. The shoe construction does a good delivery.

Many of the Converse styles that make it to the ugliest shoe list are usually there because they are unique. This one is no exception.

The color combo of the footwear qualifies it as ugly-pretty. Still, everyone knows that Lavender Grey and White Asparagus tones create an effortless feel for this silhouette which reminds us of the 90s.

It features a front lace-up fastening, round toe, paneled design, and mesh detailing. The logo patch at the tongue is something you may not find in many traditional Converse designs, plus the branded insole and chunky rubber sole.

Suffice to say, it is among the hardest to find sneakers worldwide.

7. Converse x Joe Fresh High sneakers

Ugly Converse

Awful colors combination and complex structures are not the only things that make footwear ugly. However, these Converse x Joe Fresh Goods Chuck 70 High sneakers give us a reason to object to that unwritten code.

It is impossible to keep things simple and classy by wearing this shoe. It is a product of Converse and Chicago-based artist Joe Fresh Goods.

The sneaker silhouette is a high-top pair that displays a multicolor mix of bold and bright prints to give the pair a classic look.

The multicolor is eye-catching…eye-catching enough to judge ugly at first glance!

Although, it has a lovable pull-tab at the heel, front lace-up fastening, and impressive ankle-length with the logo at the side to create the usual Converse effect.

With those of this kind, you have the power to make it appear ugly or dope. That power relies on your outfit and color choice. For instance, the shoe will look admirable when you match it with probably black cotton track pants and a black hoodie.

It is a No-No to wear this footwear style with a color riot.

8. Converse x AMBUSH Duck sneakers

Ugly Converse

We can’t have enough of the ugly shoes coming as a product of collaborations done by the American fashion brand and other exquisite designers worldwide. These Chuck Taylor All-Star duck sneakers are another example.

Although, I carefully tagged this ugly with the view of a selected outfit. In other words, the ‘ugliness’ of this shoe will only be evident in certain types of outfits. It is easy to argue that this is a normal shoe given that it is all Black.

But, I believe the designers were trying to pass an impression of uniqueness when they decided to make the footwear punchy, thereby crafting from tonal black panels of canvas and rubber.

Innovative label AMBUSH partnered with Converse to make the shoe have a round toe, flat rubber sole, front lace-up fastening, with a branded insole…only available in Black.

9. Converse x Kim Jones Utility Wave sneakers

Ugly Converse

If Vans were to enter god-mode, it would probably transform into a modified version like this Converse x Kim Jones Chuck 70 Utility Wave. The goal in producing this design was most likely to help sneaker lovers put a spring in their step.

The sneaker collection, quite, on the contrary, must have outdone itself with seemingly extravagant overlay detail. While the latter gives the pair contemporary touch, it also grants it a narrow escape into my list of the ugly converse shoe I’ve come across.

It has the logo print to the side that extends to the rear and then the tongue. The sneaker adopts a round toe design with front lace-up fastening and durable, very durable rubber sole.

Shoes like this usually go well with, perhaps, mid-rise slim-fit trousers and a slogan-print denim jacket. (just my recommendation).

Add Yours

Seeing this earlier, you must have batted an eyebrow in confusion.

Well, a list of the ugly Converse shoes I have come across will not be interestingly complete without hearing from you on the Converse styles you have seen or own that you personally do not consider aesthetically pleasing.

So, after running through nine of the shoes that I think are not anywhere near admirable in terms of appearance, it would be really interesting if I get to read about your opinion in the comments too.

It is no news that Converse footwears are among the designs at the forefront of the fashion industry, particularly for casual and specific sports outfits. So, identifying some of their creations that are comically against this reputation is among the things we live for as fashion pundits.

Looking forward to getting entertained with yours in the comments, as you’ve been with mine from the above article.


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