Joybees vs Crocs: Differences & Similarities

JOYBEES is a company that was started by the former CEO of Crocs and his son to compete directly with CROCS. This is why there are so many similarities between JOYBEES and CROCS brands and the style of their shoes and clogs.

I once bought JOYBEES instead of CROCS because of how identical they look. Out of the numerous similarities between these two amazing brands of shoes and clogs, I have listed the five major and obvious similarities which I would be explaining briefly in this section of the article.

The main difference is in the shape of both Joybees and Crocs. Joybees is a little longer at the top than Crocs. It has a curve at the top which is more bent than the curves of Crocs.

This was what stirred up curiosity on the inside of me to do more research into these two amazing brands; I am sharing my discoveries with you in this article).

I am pretty sure you are getting confused between which one is CROCS or JOYBEES. This is how identical both brands are.

Similarities between Joybees and Crocs


Looking at these two shoes, there are similarities between them which it is important for you to know. Crocs is the best alternative to Joybees while Joybees is the best alternative to Crocs.

Material quality

Both Crocs and Joybees are made of EVA material. This is what makes it look different from other shoes. This material has been misjudged by many people to be PLASTIC OR RUBBER.

However, the material used in producing both Crocs and Joybees is called CROSLITE. This material looks like foam/is foam-based and this is what makes a lot of people feel that Crocs and Joybees are made of plastic and rubber.

Croslite material is a closed-cell resin that is neither plastic nor rubber. This misconception has made a lot of people refer to Crocs and Joybees as RUBBER/PLASTIC shoes because they feel like plastic/rubber when you hold them and they also melt like rubber/plastic when you get them close to extreme heat.

The Croslite material is what makes both Crocs and Joybees easy to wash and dry. Furthermore, the Croslite material is not expensive to maintain.

It takes absolutely nothing to maintain both Crocs and Joybees.

This is one of the most obvious similarities between Crocs and Joybees. Just by touching the JOYBEES work clog and CROCS work clog, this similarity is very obvious to the hand.

They are both made of the same material quality which makes it almost impossible to differentiate them.

Sole quality

Both Crocs and Joybees have EVA sole which is lightweight and of good quality. This is what makes both brands of shoes and clogs comfortable and durable.

Both brands have the same quality of EVA insole which is soft and durable. When I wore the JOYBEES work clog and CROCS work clog, I noticed the similarity in their sole quality within a short time. You don’t need anyone to tell you about this.

The same way your feet are absorbed into the insole of Crocs is exactly how you would feel when you wear the JJoybees brand of clog as well.

Both brands’ soles are extra comfortable and have a pillow-like feeling whenever you wear them. Furthermore, they offer the same traction quality.

Crocs refer to its insole as “Massage-pod foot-beds†while Joybees refers to its insole as “Honeycomb insolesâ€. However, both offer the same amount of comfort and experience.

Their sole has the same weight and quality.


From the pictures above, it is nearly impossible for you to differentiate between Crocs and Joybees. This is because both brands look alike in design. Most especially their work clogs. The JOYBEES unisex work clogs look exactly like the CROCS specialist work clogs.

Both of these clogs do not have openings at the side and on top; they have straps at the back for a comfortable fit.

They also have a curved toe cover which is identical when you take a close look at them. It is almost impossible to differentiate between both brands just by looking at them from afar.

If you were going to judge Joybees and Crocs based on how they look, you might mix both up.


Just as I stated clearly earlier, both Crocs and Joybees are made from Croslite foam material which makes them very lightweight. Both Crocs and Joybees weigh the same on an average scale.

On average, Crocs weighs 11-12 ounces which is almost equal to a pound. This is the same as the average weight of Joybees.

This simply means that both brands have clogs that weigh the same. I can tell you this because I have used both brands. There is an absolute difference in how heavy your feet feel when you wear the two.

As a matter of fact and to make this straightforward, both brands have lightweight shoes of the same measurement and weight.

Overall usage quality

A lot of people have been asking questions whether Joybees is of higher value than Crocs or not. I have seen a lot of people criticize Joybees and I couldn’t disagree more. Joybees is not less in value than Crocs.

Let me make this straight, I am a fan of Crocs, but I enjoyed my JOYBEES clog when I bought it. I used it for a long time before I gave my brother; it was the first alternative to Crocs which I have ever bought and enjoyed using.

When it comes to the quality you would derive when wearing either of these brands of shoes and clogs, I would simply tell you that they are identical in satisfaction.

I would list out the qualities you should expect to get from both brands of shoes and clogs:


Joybees and Crocs both have breathable features which allow air to enter your clog and feet. The breathable feature is what keeps your feet cool and comfortable while walking.

Furthermore, Joybees and Crocs both have EVA insoles which are very soft and pillow-like; the insoles make your feet comfortable and this is what is responsible for the comfort you feel even after standing for long hours with either the Crocs or Joybees clog.


Crocs and Joybees are made from Croslite foam which is an extremely durable material that lasts forever.

The only disadvantage of this material lies in the fact it cannot be replaced or repaired once it is damaged either as a result of melting or as a result of wear and tear.

Apart from this disadvantage, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this material. It costs very little to maintain. Both Crocs and Joybees are extremely durable clogs that would last almost forever. None is made of lesser quality than the other.


Crocs comes in different color variants just like Joybees. This is what makes them very attractive and beautiful to behold. When you wear them, you should expect to look elegant (if you choose the right color that suits your outfit).

Joybees vs Crocs: Differences

1 Product variation It does not have loafers or sneakers for men and women.


It is mostly suitable for casual outfits

It has loafers and sneakers for men.


It is suitable for both casual and corporate outfits

2 Fit It has an accommodating fit which makes it suitable for all. Different clogs and shoes come with different fit according to the purpose of each shoe.


3 Price It comes at a cheaper price than Crocs It comes at a little more expensive Crocs than Joybees
4 Shape JOYBEES is longer at the top than crocs CROCS is shorter at the top than joybees
5 Design
Joybees has more holes than Crocs Crocs has lesser holes than Joybees

Crocs and Joybees also have some differences which make some people decide which brand they want to wear always.

I am not a fan of Joybees, but I would recommend it for a particular set of people. However, this does mean it is restricted to these sets of people.

There are slight differences between Joybees and Crocs brands and we would look into these differences briefly.

Product Variation

Crocs has more products than Joybees brand of shoes. This might be caused by a few reasons. Joybees is new in the market compared to Crocs and this might be the reason why they have not begun to diversify.

Joybees has mainly casual footwear which is appropriate for household chores or going to the mall or other casual activities. The work clogs available are very few in number.

However, Crocs brand has a variety of work-based shoes like flats, clogs, loafers, and other work shoes which can be worn for interviews and other corporate events.

Furthermore, there are no clogs without adjustable straps in the Joybees brand which makes it different from Crocs.

Crocs has clogs without adjustable straps at the back. An example of this is the CROCS women’s free sail clog which cannot be found in the Joybees brand of clogs.

These are a few of the differences you would find in their products. As I stated earlier, the problem might be the new entry of Joybees. We hope to see more of their new products and innovations soon.


This is also differentiating factor between Crocs and Joybees. Every shoe and clog produced by the Joybees brand has an accommodating fit which simply means that it is both suitable for wide and narrow footed individuals.

You would only need to size up or down if you are looking for a half-sized clog or shoe. However, this is different for Crocs. Crocs has shoes of different sizes.

The CROCS women’s freesail clog has relaxed feet which run a little big. This is suitable for those with wide feet.

The CROCS Serena flats for women is a type of Crocs that has true-fit or standard fit which means that it is suitable for both wide and narrowed foot individuals; this is just like the Joybees brand.

The CROCS unisex slip-resistant work shoe is a type of Crocs with a tight fit. This type of crocs is suitable for those with narrow feet. Unlike the Joybees brands, you can size up or down when you want to wear the Crocs brand.

This is another unique difference between Crocs and Joybees.


Crocs are more expensive than Joybees brand of shoes and clogs. This is one of the competitive edges of Joybees over Crocs.

One of the major reasons for the existence of Joybees brand is to make good and quality Crocs that is cheaper than Crocs in order for a wider range of people to have access to quality footwear at an affordable price.

However, Crocs has cheap shoes and clogs of different ranges and qualities. Crocs has shoes as high as $100 which makes it on the higher side than Joybees. This is another distinctive factor between them.


Crocs has a higher sole than Joybees. Joybees has a lower sole which makes it pretty flat on the ground, but Crocs has a higher sole which allows for a higher arch feature.


Crocs has about 8 holes even though there are other crocs that have 13 holes. However, Joybees has an average of 42 holes on the top which allows more room for air to blow through.


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  1. Hi, thanks for all the great “comparison” info. I wear mainly the CROCS with the sheepskin
    insert. I realize the Joybees have their own non-removeable liners. Could you please tell
    me whether the liners in the Crocs are/used to be real sheepskin/leather, as I have always Tthought they were? Can you buy these original liners anywhere? Thanks a lot, Marlene

  2. I have tried cracks and never bought a pair because they seem to slip off my feet. And I bought a pair of joybees yesterday because I feel they hug my foot in such a way they stay on without even having the strap up. And I have multiple sclerosis and the joint bees are much easier to walk and then the Crocs ever were. I’ve never bought a pair of Crocs because I didn’t like how they fit but the joy bees are amazing! Thank you for making them.


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