Why Do Chefs Wear Crocs?

There are several reasons chefs wear Crocs, they wear it not because Crocs help them cook faster or make them feel comfortable only.

Working as a food preparation worker or a chef in the kitchen requires you to pay attention to your feet, as you will be walking on a solid and slippery surface.

In some cases, you have to spend more than 6 hours working in others to secure your job.  So you need footwear suitable for what you do as a chef.

Crocs are slip-resistant

You work with food ingredients that are slippery and if care is not taken, ordinary footwear will make you fall off your feet. You wouldn’t want to imagine the mess that’d get you and the hazard it can cause.

Crocs are a great type of footwear for all types of situations, whether you are walking the kitchen or while serving customers at the restaurant, Crocs are one great and reliable option that will suit your occupation.

Many jobs require slip-resistant footwear but working as a chef, you are most likely to walk on oil that spills on the ground, this will be very dangerous for you if you are not using slip-resistant footwear, just like Crocs.

If you consider working in a restaurant, or any other places that seem to have a slippery floor, then you should be able to be sure you are getting slip-resistant Crocs.

Whenever you are about to purchase Crocs, I will advise you to check the feet, use a sliding surface to glide through if it is possible to do that. If the Crocs are slip-resistant, it will require some force to glide smoother.

This may be kind of confusing if you have never bought slip-resistant Crocs before, getting the Crocs Men and Women Bistro Clog will be the best option for you.

With this, I can assure you of getting it right at first.

Crocs are very lightweight

Why Do Chefs Wear Crocs?

Chefs may be quite picky while choosing their kitchen footwear, but I am sure you will want to get footwear that will relieve the stress of going to the kitchen and coming back to the restaurant.

I must tell you, this is a big deal if you are wearing heavy footwear.

Lightweight footwear is advisable for you since you need something you can lift easily. You have more benefit when you wear Crocs.

Crocs generally are known for lightweight footwear, and you don’t have to give yourself another phase of work by lifting and heavy footwear in the kitchen or restaurant.

Using Crocs will help you walk smarter. An average weighs less than half a kilogram, so you have less work to do when it gets to lifting your feet.

A pair of Crocs weighs between 300 and 450 grams, depending on the model and size of the Crocs you are buying. But no matter what the size may be, its weight does not exceed 450 grams.

As regards the weight, it has made Crocs very comfortable and also sturdy.

Easy to Clean

I bet with you, you don’t want to wear a regular shoe, stain it with kitchen dirt, get home and use the whole day to make it sparkle again.

The only thing here is that you are in for work and you will love to make your shoe sparkle, you will need a detergent for this to get it clean in one wash.

You will need a brush and detergent to get this done.

I use the easy cleaning detergent and a soft shoe brush to wash my Crocs gently to prevent the rubber from being elastic and at the same time making it sparkle.

The detergent has the complete chemical constituent which is important to make a Crocs look neat and sparkle without having to fade off. Unlike some detergents that make your Crocs white-fade when you use them.

Makes Chefs look professional

Why Crocs? Why is it ranked as the 2nd favorite shoe brand for the chefs and cooks?

You may decide to take our word for granted, but you have to know, I and my team made research before we updated this content.

We asked hundreds of professional chefs “what is your top 3 footwear in the kitchen†result shows that more than 64% of them placed Crocs in the second position and around 27% placed Crocs in the first position.

One thing I note is this, these chefs are professionals; one said the professionalism in it made him place Crocs above all others.

Professionalism in terms of making you look complete and, like a Crocs is generally used by professionals, majorly because it easy to use.

Although few experts only agree that the Crocs model looks very odd in the profession, they were not able to give a concrete reason for saying that.

Falling in love with the brand is very easy, even when you will be using it for the first time.

You fall in love especially when you have been wearing a reputable brand for a long, and this is as a result of you getting used to them in your profession.

Crocs are durable

Why Do Chefs Wear Crocs

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation, like a dog trying to hurt your leg, you will be surprised that your Crocs are not being hurt?

This is when the durability feature comes in. This is as a result of the shoe being made with a  thick and flexible rubber-like material that cannot be torn apart, except by a very sharp object.

Aside from that, I can affirm the fact that Crocs are one of the most durable footwear.

It is obvious, the kitchen tools are not meant to be used on your Crocs, they are meant to prepare delicacies.

So, using Crocs as regards durability is one of the best footwear I can recommend you to use as a professional chef.

Comfort purpose

I am a Crocs fan, and I can say it is one of the most comfortable footwear to get. This is important when you get a job offer as a chef.

A lot of Crocs fans decide to choose the comfort it gives over styles another brand seems to have more feature of – this does not mean that a Crocs shoe is not stylish enough.

The main point here is to get something that makes your feet feeling massaged whenever you put it on.

Aside from the fact that the footwear massages your feet, keeps them soft and flexible, it also makes them ventilated.

This can help you get through a busy day and still wearing it throughout the day, without feeling any arches or blisters on your feet.

Good news! Croc has decided to make their brand more comfortable for fans…

Crocs created a new material; this is called the Crocs Unisex Bistro Pro LiteRide Clog.

Just like the normal Crocs, it is made with a fabric type that is 100% synthetic. But unlike the normal crocs, its sole material is made with thermoplastic elastomers.

This provides the utmost comfort for its users.  

The outer materials involve EVA, non-marking sole, and foam insole- all these revolve around a point which is to make you more comfortable.

Crocs helps you to stand all-day

The foot is a thick and padded rubber, so what do you expect?

Most occupations will require you to stand on your feet for a long time, even while in the restaurant or the kitchen working as a chef.

You must check out for shoes that can help you withstand the 8 hours plus standing in other to prevent going to the hospital to get rid of leg pains.

The Crocs brand is the best here, since it is fully padded and made with quality runner material, it has the strength to lift you for more than 8 hours daily in your working place.

Whatever field you have found yourself in, if you will be standing for long just like a chef, you should get yourself crocs.


I bought my amazing crocs below $40; imagine getting one of the best serving shoes just for that amount.

This is one of the main reasons the growth of the Crocs industry booms, they sell footwear everyone will love to buy not because it is cheap alone, but it also gives value.

Every bit of investment in getting new Crocs that can make you comfortable and save you some cash is worth it.


Why Do Chefs Wear Crocs

One feature of a rubber substance is that it cannot be permeable at all.

The Crocs waterproof is made to be water-resistant in other to keep your feet dry without having to sacrifice your style.

The material is made not to suit you in comfort alone.

The brand was also concerned about making footwear that will be waterproof, such that when water spills on your Crocs in the kitchen, you don’t have to worry, your Crocs is waterproof and this simply means water has no power to damage your shoe.

Crocs shoes will keep up with your lifestyle and also support your foot when the support is needed the most, especially in the water.

Prevents Back injury

You are going to be standing for long in the restaurant, no doubt!

So imagine you are wearing a regular shoe for 8 hours, you may get your feet hurt. This is a result of the texture which most footwear brands employ while producing their shoes.

Some shoes do not have a soft pad that will assist users from behind; sometimes it is always a plastic disk that is being placed behind the feet at the ankle side.

The distinction here is that Crocs are purely made with a thick rubber-like material.

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