Are Ecco Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, Ecco shoes are excellent for wide feet. ECCO shoes are uniquely designed in such a way that they fit from the heel to the instep, unlike traditional shoes that fit across the toes, restricting the toes from spreading naturally when walking.

This makes ECCO shoes very ideal for wide feet. ECCO shoe brand flaunts their ‘Freedom Fit’ which means that their shoes can fit a large variety of feet size.

Are Ecco Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

If you are in that position where, whenever you try on a shoe, they fit well in length but they appear tight in sides, then it is a sign that you need shoes that have broad width.

Whatever reason is behind getting a new pair of shoes, whether for working, running, or just casual wear, it is always the best option to choose a pair of shoes that fits well.

ECCO shoes are one of the shoe brands that make really comfortable shoes for wide feet, most of their shoe designs do not restrict the toes from naturally spreading when walking.

But because they also make many other shoe designs and narrow shoes such as sandals with a Narrow Toe Box, (e.g ECCO Yucatan) it can be a little tricky to know which of their designs are actually ideal for wide feet.

In the rest of this post, I will be showing you the detailed features that make ECCO good for wide feet, and what you should consider if you are buying Ecco shoes for yourself.

As a bonus, I have taken time to name and explain a few of my recommended ECCO shoes that are best for wide feet, and where you can get them.

What makes Ecco good for wide feet

ECCO shoes are known to be comfortable and well-padded. They have designs that are ideal for almost any type of person from those who work on hard floors to those who have wide feet.

The following features are what makes ECCO a good choice for wide feet:


One of the major features you will find in most ECCO shoe designs is that they are well-padded and comfortable.

A shoe that is right for wide feet should be comfortable in terms of size and width.

Part of the comfort of a typical ECCO shoe also comes to the cushion and arch support that absorbs shock and helps to prevent heel and foot discomfort

While they fit wider feet well, they also have strong arch support, which means you do not necessarily have to wear insole as you do for other shoes.

They come in Large & Small sizes

When you shop for ECCO shoes online, you will see that for most of their designs, they have a wide variety of foot sizes.

One of the reasons why ECCO is ideal for wide feet is that they come in different sizes, large and small.

We also have 60% of reviews saying ECCO shoes tend to come a little bigger than they claim to be. This is a good thing to hear if you have wide feet.

True To Size, yes?

A lot of reviewers say they run a large size, and I think this is similar to other ECCO shoes of the same size. ECCO shoes generally produce the best when it comes to comfort.

And the fact that the way they construct their shoe design is in contract with the traditional shoe style in terms of size makes it ideal for wide feet.

ECCO Shoes Stretch

if you buy a shoe made by ECCO, and they are one or two sizes too small, they will stretch to a perfectly comfortable size in only two weeks. This is rightly said even for ECCO wide-footed shoes.

Having a shoe that can stretch over time to conform with the size of your feet is essential for wide feet.

They are shoes that consider your toes

In this case, we are considering toes that are maybe long, and relatively more spread out. ECCO shoes are built in such a way that satisfies the length, shape, and configuration of your toes.

And since this has a lot to do with how the shoes feel on your feet, it makes it a more ideal shoe for wider feet.

Even if your toes are short, and closed together, there are Ecco shoes that feature the pointed styles.

ECCO shoes, as a whole, are supportive footwear

ECCO shoes allow you to experience elevated comfort and support with every step you take, regardless of the size of your feet.

Most of their shoe designs and styles have just the right support that corrects alignment issues and alleviates discomfort.

Since they are ideal for wide feet, they can prevent various foot conditions. Shoes that are right for wide feet are usually designed with enough support. ECCO shoes are no exception.

What you should consider if you are buying Ecco shoes for yourself

Are Ecco Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

There are a few important things you should keep in mind when buying Ecco shoes for yourself, especially if you are looking for one that is ideal for wide feet.

The first and very important piece of advice I will give you is to make sure the shoe conforms to the shape of your feet.

In terms of both length and width, the Ecco shoe should fit perfectly well. Ecco shoes that are ideal for wide feet will also have enough space and allow your feet to move up to 0.5 cm due to the roll-through movement when walking.

But when it comes to the heels, that area of the shoe must be firmly supported.

The other seven important things you should consider when buying Ecco shoes for yourself are as follows:

Go for ones with a flexible shoe sole

It is not enough to get to choose the Ecco shoe with the right size and width. Also, pay attention to the softness of the shoe sole. It should be flexible, that is, you should be able to bend it.

But note that there is a big difference between this and the softness of the inner padding.

Ecco shoes are really good when it comes to the latter, and you will find that in most of their shoe designs. But before buying that Ecco shoe, try doing the ‘bending’ test.

When you bend the heel and the toe area towards each other, see that the shoe takes a V shape to know that the soles are really flexible.

ECCO at its best when flat

There is a difference between wearing footwear based on everyday style, and comfortable footwear.

If you are buying Ecco shoes, I recommend that you go for ones that are as orthopedically flat as possible. This is to enhance the natural roll-through movement of your foot.

Ecco shoes that are flat offer proper weight distribution at the arch of the foot and the metatarsal bones.

This does not imply that you don’t wear high heels as a lady, but it is better to wear them in moderation.

Pay attention to the material of the shoe

When buying Ecco shoes, also focus on the material. Ensure that the material is breathable and can absorb the moisture that is produced from the feet.

ECCO shoes tend to stretch over time, and most of their design is made with really durable material. But then, you want to pick one that is breathable and looks cool.

The time of day you buy the shoes

You are probably aware that your feet change in size and shape depending on the time of the day.

Your feet are said to be slightly bigger during hot summer days. And this is considered the best time of the day to buy shoes.

If you can also put your feet in a working temperature by jogging a little before trying on shoes, it helps to get the right and perfect fit of Ecco shoes for your feet.

Set your mind on the best

I often tell people that you owe your feet the best. The pair of Ecco shoes should fit perfectly straightaway or you should not buy them.

I advise you to go for shoes that provide your feet with enough room in the three dimensions area which is height, length, and width.

When you wear the shoe, it should not start rubbing.

Some Ecco shoes that are particularly good for wide feet

Conventional shoes should properly fit over the width of your feet at the toes. But as we now know, ECCO’s line of shoes uses a unique type of fit. As I mentioned earlier, they fit from the heel to the instep.

They call it the Freedom Fit which means their shoes can fit a very wide variety of feet.

Whenever the subject of best shoes for wide feet is brought up, I never fail to make reference to these three shoes from ECCO.

They are the top pick when it comes to Ecco shoes that are particularly good for wide feet.

The first one is this ECCO Men’s O2-M: There are a lot of interesting technical details dancing around this shoe that got my attention initially.

Not only is it a very good shoe for wide feet, but it is also designed with breathable leather or combination textile/leather uppers that allow the moisture and warmth to conduct away from the foot.

It also features waterproof protection all around. The fit is true to size and it comes in different foot sizes.

The shoe is designed with a very flexible yet durable rubber sole, a lace-up style to adjust to the size of your feet, and a round-toe design.

Secondly, this ECCO Men’s Soft Ten Sneaker also proves to be a very good shoe for wide feet.

Originally made in the USA, this ECCO shoe design features premium suede and full-grain leather detailing.

It has this amazing textile lining that offers softness and breathability. I like that the shoe is not only for wide feet, but also features a lightweight, slightly notched sole which actually adds to its sleek look.

The cushioning and flexibility of the shoe are what you’d really love to try on. The Laces can be easily adjusted for a secure, yet comfortable fit.

It is designed with synthetic sole material and a lace-up closure type. Only that this men’s soft ten sneakers is not water-resistant like the O2-M we talked about earlier.

I must not fail to mention this really cool ECCO Men’s Street Premiere Golf Shoe as one of the best ECCO shoes for wide feet, as well.

It has a lower stack height and smaller diameter for more effective closure and adjustment, this is so unlike the traditional lace-up style for the two shoes above.

I like the durable, aircraft-grade stainless steel laces which are able to withstand even the highest tension.

It can be adjusted quickly and precisely for a more comfortable fit. Most significantly, the dial and laces of each BOA Closure System are have been wired to last the lifetime of the shoe.

This means that there is better functionality, comfort, and individual fit.

The shoe is dirt-repellent and easy to clean. Definitely worth the $113!


Are Ecco Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

There are some feet that need big shoes to remain very comfortable. It is a good thing that shoe brands such as ECCOS are leveraging the easy-to-wear-and-adjust type of shoe designs.

If you are looking for a very good shoe for wide feet, ECCO makes very good ones. And I hope that with the information in this post, you are now able to choose the best ECCO shoe for you.

Deciding on the widths of your shoe before buying is quite crucial because wider widths give your feet enough space to move about while also providing comfort and stability.

For wide feet, you want to avoid situations like tight fittings, pinched toes, uncomfortable sides, or achy feet at the end of a long day.

That is why it is better to focus more on shoes that are particularly good for large feet and not just shoes.

I hope you found this post helpful

Feel free to share your thoughts on what you think about ECCO shoes. Ever bought one? What was your experience like?

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