Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Crocs Bistro and Crocs Bistro pro-Literide is the material used in making both shoes.

The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide is made up of closed-cell material which makes it 40% softer and 25% lighter than the original Crocs Bistro which is made of Croslite material.

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

Why is this comparison important?

The Crocs Bistro and Crocs Bistro Pro-Literide are both great shoes.

Just like every other shoe out there, these shoes have their differences and similarities in some aspects and areas of need.

This comparison is done with the intention of making known and clear the purpose of each one, where, and how you can use them to enjoy their best support and performance.

How much they cost and their weight, where you can wear them and how long they last. we will make you understand the kind of support you stand to gain when you wear either of them plus the material they are made with.

Crocs Bistro

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

This particular Crocs (see on Amazon) is made with slip-resistant soles which makes it versatile and recommended for workers who work as chefs, in gardens, and engage in other adventures.

The bistro is made with Croslite material which makes it soft and durable.

This shoe was made to withstand a lot of adventure. You can wear them to take on long shifts at work because they are well cushioned and flexible.

They come with lower ankle height which allows your ankle to move freely and fit in just perfect enough to let you have a comfortable day at work or when you wear them giving you the best experience.

Crocs have over the years made a lot of different models and designs for different purposes, and to meet up with different areas of need in people’s life.

These particular Crocs were made to accompany health care and hospital workers, food service, and also those in the restaurant kitchens through their busy day at work, in the process, helping them to stay comfortable and protecting the users from slipping whenever they are at work.

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

This is made from Literide material (see on Amazon) which makes it extremely soft and comfortable compared to other crocs made with Croslite.

This Crocs is made with the kind of material that softens with body heat allowing the shoe to mold according to the shape of your feet allowing for a more customized and perfect fit.

It can be seen as a revolutionized model of the Crocs Bistro and even better in the sense that this particular croc is much lighter and softer than its initial versions.

It comes with credible soft insoles and a back strap just like the Bistro Croc. The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide has a customized back strap that comes with a matching gum, allowing you to make adjustments to ensure a more secured fit.

It comes with an enclosed toe design that is thickened for toe protection. They will last long with proper care and maintenance.

They offer a roomy fit, you can order a size down for a great fit to the next largest whole size, they are non-slip unisex shoes.

We will discuss more on the features of each shoe as the article progresses, covering how much they weigh, their prices, and any special feature if there are any.

Let’s roll!

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide: Similarities

Similarities between both Crocs are definite. Think of it more like you have a child, the child is yours so definitely even if nothing looks like you the DNA will be similar to yours. You have a child but under a different skin, “LOL”.

The same goes with these Crocs, they are similar because one is more like the updated version of the other. We will be looking at some similarities in this part of the article.


A great deal of similarity can be seen in the pattern of their design. Both shoes have a back strap for an ensured perfect fit.

Both have a traction sole for non-slip features and they are both flexible enough to perfectly lap your feet for a more secured and perfect fit.

Even though the Crocs Bistro Pro Literide has an adjustable feature at the heel side. A feature we will discuss further in the next part of the article.


We can all agree that the Crocs shoes can never be caught lacking in the check for quality.

This is one feature they do not joke with. They tend to produce quality products which have managed to keep them on the top of the list so far. Both Crocs reviewed here passed the quality check.


From experience, maintaining these crocs is not a hard job at all. with clean water, soap, and a brush/towel I keep my crocs clean and reform them to their initial form in no time.

They are bound to last long and maintain their standard look with proper care. This advantage covers all Crocs products.


Think of working on Slippery areas without the fear of slipping and falling due to a lack of good traction.

The Crocs Bistro and Bistro pro-Literide both have Traction lugs on the bottom which lets you walk confidently no matter where you are.

The crocs both offer comfort and protection. This is a signature the Crocs products always come with.

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide: Comparison

Over the years, there seems to be a reason behind each and every Croc shoe produced so far. From a particular one to serve the medical workers better to another one made to serve the chefs and their likes better.

Of course, knowing which one is made for which profession depends on their individual unique features which is where this comparison comes in.

In this part of the article, we will be comparing both shoes to see which one is better and recommended for a particular profession.

First glance

Crocs Bistro

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

  • Supportive
  • Traction Lug
  • Contoured footbed
  • Croslite material in display
  • Heel Strap for Perfect fits

This is carefully designed better than most of the crocs you have seen and the color display on it is awesome. Forget about the looks, they are supportive, they have contoured footbeds, and more.

We will review further as the article progresses.

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

  • Arch Support
  • Literide material in display
  • Back heel Adjustable Strap
  • Foam insoles
  • Anti-Slip Sole

The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide is designed to withstand an even longer duration of usage compared to the Crocs Bistro.

The modern material used in making them makes them flexible and functional.


Crocs Bistro

Goes for the sum of $54.99 ONLINE.

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide Is much more expensive compared to the Crocs Bistro.

This might be because of the modification done to it. You can get it ONLINE.


Crocs Bistro

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

  • 73 pounds

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

  • 66 Pounds


The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide weighs 66 pounds which are less than the Crocs Bistro at 73 pounds because the Literide material used in making it is softer and squishy.

Although, the weight may differ according to size.

Arch Support

Crocs Bistro

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

The Crocs Bistro are very comfortable shoes that can serve workers who tend to stand for long hours engaging shifts.

They do not however have credible and recommendable arch support like the Crocs Bistro Pro Literide.

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

  • Arch Support

The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide is more like an updated version of the Crocs Bistro. It has a very recommendable arch support feature that makes it meet workplace standards.


The need for credible shoes that one can wear is a daily requirement. Chefs, medical workers, and nurses can have no fear of having pains in their feet due to standing for long.

With the Crocs Bistro Pro Literide, there is nothing stopping you from having a comfortable day at work.


Crocs Bistro

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

The sole of the Crocs Bistro is Made with Traction Lugs to enhance stability even on slippery grounds.

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

Crocs Bistro vs Bistro Pro Literide

This Crocs is equally equipped with credible soles that are slip-resistant.

They have good traction lugs that help keep you safe and protected even if you walk and work in watery and slippery environments.


The traction of both Crocs is credible. It is an undeniable fact that both the Crocs Bistro and Crocs Bistro Pro Literide have slip-resistant soles.

However, there is a possibility that the Crocs Bistro Pro Literide may last long compared to the Crocs Bistro.


Crocs Bistro

  • Croslite material

The Crocs Bistro is made with Croslite material in and out which makes it flexible and equally soft within and durable.

Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

  • Literide Material

Crocs Bistro Pro Literides are made with Literide material which makes them weigh less, softer, and more durable.


The Croslite material is as good as it gets. However, the Literide material is a new development and so far it has proven to be better than the regular Crocs Croslite foams.

Why you should buy Crocs Bistro

This is an older version of Bistro compared to the Bistro Pro Literide. It is strong, versatile, and functional and it comes highly recommendable by a lot of people who have grown fond of it.

The Croslite material is neither plastic nor rubber, it blends to the shape of your feet but gives you a bit of a tight hug on your feet.

It has an extraordinary method of absorbing vibrations that occur when you walk on any kind of terrain, offering you maximum comfort due to the top-notch cushioning.

The whole design of the Crocs Bistro is made from a single cut of Croslite foam. It has a hinged ankle for an adjustable feature in order to ensure a perfect fit.

Why you should buy Crocs Bistro Pro Literide

Think of Crocs Bistro Pro Literide as everything the Crocs Bistro is but better.

The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide is made with a different material which makes it much lighter, softer, and flexible compared to the Crocs Bistro.

The inside of this Crocs is well cushioned and it has well-formatted arch support and an enclosed toe to help you serve your best.

The Crocs Bistro Pro Literide has new Literide foam insoles that are super soft, lightweight, and extraordinarily resilient.

It comes with a slip-resistant tread and is very easy to clean and maintain just like every other croc.

It was specifically made to meet up with some areas of need based on the complaints made by wearers and gathered from reviews made by esteemed customers of the Bistro.

This makes the Crocs Bistro Pro Literide a better version for health workers and their likes the Crocs Bistro.


Regardless of the fact that the Crocs Bistro Pro Literide is made up of a more modern material compared to the Crocs Bistro, the Crocs Bistro is very good at being the best when it comes to medical workers and other fields that require strong grips to the ground, enclosed toes and an adjustable fit.

I would still choose the Crocs Bistro because I feel the difference between both is not a thing to make any great impact on me.

However, the Crocs Bistro Pro Literide is way lighter and softer. This should be the best option for people with soft and narrow feet.


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