Crocband Flip vs Crocs Reviva: Comparison

The main difference between the Crocband flip and the Reviva Crocs is that Crocs Reviva comes with footbeds that help to massage your feet as you take every step in them. The Crocband flip on the other hand does not have such spa-like effect that is found in the Reviva crocs.

The peculiar bounce feature of the Reviva Crocs helps to relieve the pressure off your feet. They give you a spa-like experience. Although the Crocband flip is a great warm-weather choice, the comfort you desire might not just be found with them.

Crocband Flip vs Crocs Reviva

Crocs have made several footwears over the years for male and female genders. The Crocband flip and the Reviva crocs are some of their amazing products.

Both footwears feature some stellar qualities and some differences too. So, if you are wondering about which footwear to settle for, here is the right place.

We will be showing you which of the footwear is better, the differences between them and what they have in common. So, let’s take a ride together and explore both crocs models.

Which Crocs footwear is better?

The Crocband flips are great footwear as they are a warm-weather pick any day anytime. They also have a colorful feel that suits your beach wears.

However, their comfort does not match that of the Reviva Crocs. The Reviva crocs have features that stand them apart from the Crocband flip.

The Reviva comes with features that support and give the necessary comfort to your feet. Their unique footbeds help to make your tired feet come alive.

Crocband Flip vs Crocs Reviva
The Reviva Crocs

They come with a thick band that gives them a comfortable feel and a soft posh look from the ordinary style of flip-flops.

So, you must have guessed right. The Reviva crocs are our pick for the better footwear as they are more comfortable.

So, what are the differences between Crocband Flip And Crocs Reviva?

These footwears are both crocs models yet they have some features that distinguish them. So, let’s take a look at some of the differences between them.

  • Crocs Reviva is more comfortable than Crocband flip
  • Variations in fit
  • Color Variety
  • Differences in pricing


Both crocs footwear achieve their comfort with the Croslite material. However, the Reviva comes with some special features. Reviva crocs are tagged as the latest innovation of comfort from the Crocs product line.

They are deemed as your first step towards sensational comfort. The unique footbed of this croc’s product is designed to guarantee you all-day comfort.

The footbed comprises blissful-inducing bubbles that massage your feet and offers the right amount of bounce. It ensures that your feet are well protected against any form of pressure.

The Crocband flip on the other hand does not have this bouncy feel.

Variations in Fit

The Reviva crocs are made with workplace professionals in mind. They have the standard fit that helps to give workplace professionals a secure feel.

They are designed to make sure that workplace professionals can wear them for long without having issues. They help to get rid of any fatigue that could be caused by working long hours.

The Crocband flip on the other hand has a roomy fit. They are perfect for people who love that extra bit of space in their footwear. They leave a tangible amount of space to prevent your feet from reaching the sides of this footwear.

So, if you are looking for that little bit of space, then the Crocband flip should be your pick.

Color Variety

The Crocband flip holds the major advantage here. They have several colors that you can make a pick from. So, you have the benefit of a wide range of colors when you decide to opt for the Crocband flip.

The Reviva Crocs on the other hand come in way lesser colors. Although they are more attractive and look more appealing than their Crocband counterparts.

Differences in Pricing

The quality that both crocs footwear come with makes them highly-priced. The Croslite material used in making them employs the use of EVA to provide the comfort they offer. However, since the comfort that the Reviva crocs have are in a different class, they are more expensive.

The Reviva crocs have some offerings that are cheaper than the Crocband flip. Generally, they come in way more pricey than the Crocbands. They both could be deemed expensive but, on average, the Reviva is more expensive.

Crocband Flip vs Crocs Reviva: Similarities

Crocband Flip vs Crocs Reviva
Crocband Flip

Yes, they have. As much as both of these products have stellar differences that you can use in pointing them apart, they also have some similarities. Both crocs products are amazing and whichever one you have will be a great addition.

So, let’s dig deep into some of those similarities that they share:

  • Sole quality
  • Durability
  • Material quality
  • Comfort and warmth

Sole Quality

Both Crocs products employed the use of the croslite construction foam. This makes them offer an exceptional level of comfort. They are designed to be considered comfortable with a good grip to ensure that you don’t slip or fall.

This croslite material is responsible for why both footwears are fit to wear. They also share a similar weight that it is almost impossible to tell the difference apart. They are both lightweight ensuring that you can wear either footwear and not have any issues with your feet.

This material is also why the footwear can combine their lightweight with an extra bit of cushion. This cushion ensures that your feet are well protected as you take each step. Their durability can also be attributed to the croslite that they are made with.

They can both handle sunlight without showing any drop in quality whatsoever.


These footwears have been carefully designed to withstand any form of wear and tear. You must take extra care of your footwear, if not you could have issues with them. However, this does not in any way play down on the quality that these footwears come with.

They have both been designed to be very durable. The balance and comfort that they both offer is something that is talked about a lot. The thickness of their soles is great for your feet, giving you confidence in every step.

Material Quality

Both footwear are made from an easy-to-clean croslite material. This material makes it possible for both footwear to be water-resistant and comfortable. This material also makes for the anti-bacterial property of this footwear. They ensure you don’t have bacteria complications with your feet.

This material is also responsible for why they are odor-resistant. Most shoes usually come in smelly once your feet start sweating.

This is not the case with these Crocs footwear. They are designed to keep your feet fresh as they prevent any such odors.

Comfort and Warmth

These footwears have been designed with your comfort in mind. While the Reviva uses its unique footbeds to achieve its comfort, the Crocband Flip is not slacking either.

They are both designed to work well with even the warmest of weather. They are the perfect fit for any weather.

Why should I opt for the Crocband flip?

This crocs footwear is the perfect fit for warm weather complications. It can be paired perfectly with shorts, swimsuits, or slacks.

Their signature midsole racing stripe makes them incredibly lightweight and sporty. They can complement that perfect look for your summer wears. Whether it is the beach, garden, or anywhere you want to explore this summer, the Crocband flip can be your go-to wear.

This flip is also light and easy to wear. You can wear them on and pull them off with every bit of ease. The croslite foam that they are made with ensures that you have all-around support and comfort.

They ensure that you experience a relaxed form of comfort as much as possible. They also come with footbeds that give you that feel-good feature for your feet. They can also be washed easily and they dry in minutes.

They are worth a trial as they excel well even in wet conditions.

Why should I buy a Reviva Croc?

Comfort, they say, helps you stay true to who you are. When you are comfortable, you are confident of doing just about anything.

The Reviva Crocs are designed to give you that level of comfort that helps you celebrate your uniqueness.

Your days can certainly come alive with the Reviva crocs. The bounce they come with gives you the optimum comfort you need to take on any day.

Their footbeds are one of their amazing features. The footbed comes with a massage effect that makes it feel like you just visited the spa.

They are just that perfect companion for your feet. Your feet don’t have to always be fatigued. The Reviva crocs can come in handy in ensuring that no matter where you are, there would be no issues for your feet.

Taking your first step to sensational comfort starts with a pair of Reviva crocs. The flips are very lightweight and easy to wear.


The Crocs brand has developed some amazing footwear over the last couple of years. Their footwears are gathering attention all over.

We have placed the spotlight on two of those footwears, the Crocband flip, and the Reviva Crocs.

We have carefully shown you which footwear is better and the reasons for that. We have also been able to point out their differences and the similarities they share.

We trust that we have been able to give clarity to whatever confusion you might have had regarding these footwears.


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