Crocs All Terrain vs Classic Crocs: Which Is the Winner?

The Crocs All-Terrain is ever-ready footwear designed to excel even in the harshest of environments. The ground beneath your feet feels like nothing with the rugged outsole and adjustable strap of the Crocs All-Terrain footwear.

They are lightweight with ventilation ports that help for easy draining of water and breathability. They are easy to slip on and take off and they offer you that roomy fit. These crocs are also very durable with the pivoting heel strap offering you a more secure fit.

Crocs All Terrain vs Classic Crocs

So, are they any better than the normal classic Crocs?

Yes, the Crocs All-Terrain footwear has some features that are a higher upgrade to what we have in the Classics.

The major difference between the two Crocs is that the tread in the All-Terrain footwear is deeper with a thicker bottom than the Classics, so they are a bit squishier.

These Crocs also feel a bit more padded underneath with six tough contact points on the sole. These points are more pronounced, harder, and have a firmer grip than the normal Crocs material making them more durable.

The sole is also tougher than what we have in the Classics, making them have a chunkier profile.

The only drawback of the Crocs All-Terrain footwear could be the plastic material used in making the adjustable straps.

The plastic material used in attaching the buckles looks sturdy but if they break by any chance, it could render the strap useless. It means that extra care must be given to the straps.

Beyond that drawback, the Crocs All Terrain is better than the Classic version with its stand-out features.



Difference between the Crocs All Terrain and their Classic counterparts

Crocs All Terrain vs Classic Crocs
All-Terrain Crocs

The differences between these Crocs product lines are not all that pronounced. So, you have to really pay attention to figure out the differences or you might just get to discover as you begin to use both Crocs.

So, let’s give you some basic differences between both product lines. We will be taking a look at their toe space, body build, sole shape, color variety, and special features.

  • Differences in sole shape
  • Differences in toe space
  • Color Variety
  • Body build
  • Special features

Sole Shape

The Crocs All-Terrain footwear has a lugged sole traction and you will observe that the sole is higher and more robust than that of the Classic. It has a higher contour and a bit higher in its elevation too.

So, you will most probably feel taller when you wear this footwear than when you’re on the Classic Crocs.

The Crocs All-Terrain footwear has a chunkier sole with the traction pattern being underneath having a broader pattern.

This chunkier sole prevents your feet from feeling the hard surface of the floor and this is a striking difference between both Crocs products.

Toe Space

There is also a difference in the toe area of both Crocs products. Both Crocs have ventilation ports that allow for the easy passage of air for comfort and convenience.

However, there appear to be differences in the number of openings at the top of the toe area.

The Classic Crocs boast eight openings while the All-Terrain has four. It, therefore, means that the Classics allow for more passage of air than their counterparts.

Even though the number of ports in the All-Terrain is lesser, they try to make up for this by making the ports slightly bigger than the Classics.

So, even though the air passage might not be as optimal, it still allows for adequate air passage.

Color Variety

The Classic Crocs hold an undeniable advantage here as they have well over 40 colors that you can make a preferred choice from.

The All-Terrain Crocs however have way lesser colors that you can choose from.

They have just eight colors in stock. So, you have the benefit of a wide range of colors when you opt for the Classics.

Although they might not have so many colors available, the few colors that the All-Terrain Crocs have are more graphically appealing. The prints that they come with look very adorable.

So, we could also say they complement their deficiency in colors.

Body Build

The Classics are smaller than the All-Terrain Crocs with the All-Terrain looking chunkier. The All-Terrain looks more robust in body build.

Special Features

The adjustable strap of the Classic Crocs is made of plastic and rubber but that of the All-Terrain is of leather material. Both Crocs have the cCocs brand name inscribed on their adjustable straps.

Similarities between these Crocs products

Crocs All Terrain vs Classic Crocs
Classic Crocs

Generally, both of these Crocs are amazing and you are going to enjoy wearing them. They share a lot of similar features so it is almost hard to tell the difference between them.

So, we will be exploring the similarities in terms of their sole quality, comfort, durability, function, material quality, design, and shape. So, let’s get started.

Sole Quality

Both Crocs have soles of high quality as they are manufactured using the same material. The sole quality gives an extraordinary level of comfort.

The first time you’ll wear a Crocs product, it will almost feel like you are taking steps on a fluffy and comfortable cloud. They are designed to be very comfortable with a firm grip at the bottom to prevent you from falling.

The croslite material that both Crocs products are made from makes the soles fit to wear. Their lightweight presents you with an opportunity of wearing them all day long without having issues with your feet.

The air bubbles in the croslite material make it possible for both footwear to have extra cushion beneath the feet and still maintain their lightweight. Their soles are designed with treads to allow for ample grip as you take each step.

The croslite material is also responsible for their durability making them tough for a long time. Both Crocs can handle sunlight without fading or cracking. They also don’t have issues in muddy scenarios and their soles are slip-resistant.


The similar material quality used in the manufacture of both Crocs products makes them as comfortable as possible.

Croslite foam material used in making these Crocs allows for comfortability and softness that eases your feet as you wear the products.

The ventilation ports at the top allow for smooth passage of air that keeps your feet cool and comfortable for long.

The in-soles of both products make them wearable and comfortable to stand in, no matter the time duration. So, both products offer similar quality in terms of comfort.


The croslite material also enhances the durability of these products. Both products can last for a very long time and still maintain that tough nature they are known for.

No matter how long you wear them, they are bound to stand the test of time.  The croslite material is also waterproof so they do not get affected by water.

So, durability is not a source of concern when it comes to these Crocs product lines.

Function, Shape, and Design

The way these Crocs products are fashioned, they are ideal for very casual settings. They fit very well and should be your go-to as long as it is nothing more than a casual function.

Both Crocs models are also very identical in shape and design. This is why it is almost difficult to notice any possible difference at first glance. It will have to take rapt attention to notice the differences between both products.

Material Quality

The croslite material also makes them water-resistant and quite comfortable. This material has an anti-bacterial property that prevents the exposure of bacteria when wearing these Crocs.

The material also makes them odor-resistant. Usually, when you wear most shoes and begin to sweat, they start smelling. However, that is not the case with Crocs. The Crocs are designed to stop any odor and keep your feet fresh from such.

Both Crocs products also have an adjustable strap attached at the back of each footwear. So, you can easily decide whether you want to make your Crocs fit or loose.

These features make it very difficult to spot any difference between the Classics and the All-Terrain footwear. However, as much as there are obvious similarities, there are also differences between them as we have been made to see.

Why are Crocs All-Terrain a must-have?

The Crocs All-Terrain is made with a material that provides cushion and comfort with every step you take. The comfort only gets better the more you wear them, which is not the case with many footwear.

The foam footbed adjusts to your foot’s size as you wear them consistently. The All-Terrain Crocs take the classic features and put them on a whole new level.

They are the perfect fit for outdoor use as they have an adjustable webbing strap at the back. They also have a rugged outsole to enhance traction and provide better support.

You can also easily clean these Crocs the moment they get dirty. All you have to do is spray them with a hose and they get dried in no time at all.

The material used in making them also has an antimicrobial property that prevents issues with odor or bacteria.

So, you can wear your All-Terrain Crocs all day long experiencing cushioning and support over the entire length of the time.

Why then should I have Classic Crocs?

The Classic Crocs have revolutionized what the idea of comfort is all around the globe. The footwear is quite comfortable, easy to wash, and dries just as quickly.

The wide range of colors that they offer allows you to choose from your favorite pick of style that suits your personality or even the scenario.

The in-sole of this footwear adjusts to the shape of your foot and they provide adequate arch support. The Classic Crocs are comfortable, resistant to harsh situations, and very lightweight.

They should however not be exposed to extreme heat or sunlight as that could affect some of their properties. You can readily decide to wash them by hand or with the aid of a washing machine. Whichever one you opt for still keeps them in top shape.

Their rotatable strap allows for a more secure fit for your feet. The ventilated ports allow for a smooth passage of air to ensure that your feet maintain a fresh smell and look all day long.

They also have a light and wide cut to make greater freedom of movement possible. So, these Crocs are not some products you should miss out on. It should be an important part of your closet.


We have carefully shown you the amazing features of the Classic Crocs and also, the Crocs All-Terrain footwear. Both footwear appears to be very similar giving that they were produced using the same materials.

Their design and shape are very identical. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of features that stand them miles apart.

We have also shown you the differences they have and the edge the All-Terrain holds over the Classic.

So, look through, note down the details and you can make a concrete decision based on the guidelines we have offered. Have a great time enjoying your Crocs to the fullest.


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