Does Ajio Sell Original Crocs Products?

Ajio does not sell fake original Crocs products. Every Crocs product sold by Ajio is original and has the same quality as every online store.

There have been a whole lot of stuff people say online about Ajio, but their products are original just as every other online vendor out there. Ajio is an Asian online store that sells products at a very cheap price than another online stores out there.

This is the reason why a lot of people have been of the opinion that Ajio sells fake products. There are no products I have bought in this store which has ever turned out as fake.

When it comes to Crocs products, Ajio sells original Crocs products. This is from personal experience. Their Crocs products are very cheap and affordable compared to other online shops out there, but they are quality just the same. This is true and reliable.

My personal experience buying from the Ajio Store

Does Ajio Sell Original Crocs

Four months ago, I wanted to get the CROCS LITERIDE clog for my brother. He needed it for his workplace because he had sores on his feet and toes which made it impossible for him to wear tight shoes to work.

His boss advised and permitted him to wear any casual shoe to work till his sores heal up. He reached out to me and I tried to make the purchase online, but I didn’t make any significant progress.

There were many online vendors I tried out which proved abortive and unsuccessful. I had to borrow him my CROCS WORK CLOG in the meantime.

Prior to this time, I have heard about Ajio from a lot of people who said something negative; this was the major reason why I have decided not to have anything to do with them.

However, one of my friends who have made a successful purchase with this online store also recommended it to me, and then I took a leap of faith to make the order.

When I visited their website, the User Interface and Experience convinced me further of their genuine brand. Furthermore, the price of products on Ajio is extremely cheap and affordable.

I made the purchase and while I was scared, I still decided to put my trust in them. It took a while for the product to arrive compared to other online stores close by. After 10 days, I got the product and to my surprise, it was exactly as expected. The product was great.

My brother still uses his CROCS LITERIDE clog till today and it delivers the same quality as every online store. This single experience has changed my mindset about AJIO online store.

Their Crocs product is authentic and durable. Furthermore, they have Crocs seal which is further proof of the product’s authenticity.

Ajio sells original Crocs products. Their products come at a cheap price. However, they are good. The reason for this cheap price might be due to the currency you use while purchasing the product. However, cheap does not mean low-quality.

What you need to check before buying Crocs on Ajio

Does Ajio Sell Original Crocs

When it comes to making purchases on online stores, there are a lot of things to check and consider before you make your decision.

I would talk about the things you need to look out for before making your purchase on Ajio online store.


This is very important. Check for a price that is favorable enough to your budget. Don’t just go for a product that is not cost-friendly.

As much as I would recommend wearing Crocs products, I would also suggest that you choose a product that is cheap and easily affordable for you.

This is one of the advantages of buying crocs products on Ajio online store. You can rest assured that you would be getting very cheap products that are original and very satisfactory.

Crocs products on other online stores are expensive, but when it comes to making a purchase on Ajio store, there are a lot of cheap products there which are friendly and affordable.

This is one of the important things to look out for before buying Crocs on Ajio.

The price is important. On Ajio, you might need a converter because the prices of products are not in dollars. Take note of this.

You can use a simple currency converter to check how much you would be paying in dollars or whatever currency you intend to pay with.

Check the Crocs logo

Every original Crocs product has a shiny logo on the surface. You must ensure that the Crocs product you want to choose has a logo on the surface. This logo must be imprinted on the Crocs product.

When looking at the picture, ensure that the logo on the surface of the Crocs product is not printed on a button. One of the ways to discover a fake Crocs product from an original product is found in the surface logo.

This is very important and one of the easiest ways to discover if it’s fake or original. Ensure you check this out before making your purchase on Ajio online store.

I wrote a post on how to differentiate between a real and fake Crocs here, you should check it out.

Customer reviews

This is also a great way to know if the product is great or not. This is one of the common methods I use before I make any online purchase. There should be a lot of reviews on every product.

This shows that a lot of people have used the product. Furthermore, read their experiences in order to know what to expect. Check for the specification and look at how it meets the expectations of users via the reviews they make.

Once the review is not favorable enough, then don’t make the purchase. There are some times when the reviews might not accurately represent the product, but these happen in a rare case.

Learn to check the reviews of users in order to ascertain if the product is good enough for you to use or not. If the reviews are majorly favorable, then you can give it a trial.

However, if the review is not favorable enough, then, don’t make the purchase. It is much safer that way.

Your preference

This is also another factor to consider before you make a purchase on Ajio. What exactly do you want?

  • Do you want Crocs because you have an injury and you need a shoe with enough space to keep your feet and toes in good condition?
  • Do you want Crocs that can be worn to a corporate environment like your workplace?
  • Do you want Crocs that can be worn to water-logged areas?
  • Do you want to wear Crocs in order to look attractive?

Your needs and preference also determine which Crocs you should purchase. Before you make the purchase, ensure that the Crocs you are purchasing match your preference and specific need. Once this is certified, then, it is okay for you to make the purchase.

Are fake Crocs as good as original Crocs?

No. Fake Crocs are not as good as original Crocs.

Stop thinking about the cheap price of fake Crocs. They are not as good as Crocs because they don’t last as long as Crocs and they are made of inferior quality when compared to original Crocs. Fake Crocs are not as good as original Crocs.

Fake Crocs products are cheaper than original Crocs product and this is the reason why a lot of people choose to go for fake products, but these fake Crocs products don’t offer the same benefit as the original product and I would give you the reasons below:

Original Crocs products are made of Croslite foam material while fake Crocs products are simply made of plastic rubber material

How you would know the difference is in the smell. An original Crocs product does not have any odor while a fake Crocs product smells like gum or adhesive.

This is one of the ways to easily distinguish between both. This is also one of the reasons why the original Crocs products are better. For anyone who is allergic to such a smell, you can be easily affected if you buy a fake Crocs product.

Fake Crocs products are stiffer than original Crocs product

This is from my own personal; experience. I fell victim to a fake Crocs product some years ago and I suffered greatly for it.

Because of the cheap price, I made the purchase with the notion that I have gotten a quality product at such a cheap price.

However, it turned out negative because the insole was so hard and stiff. I could not wear it for 2 hours without feeling intense pain in my feet and toes.

This is one major reason why fake Crocs product is not as good as original Crocs product.

Fake Crocs product melts easily under intense heat than the original Crocs product

Original Crocs product does not melt easily or shrink easily under intense heat. However, fake Crocs product shrinks easily because the quality of the product material is not as good as that of original Crocs product.


Does Ajio Sell Original Crocs

Ajio is a great online store to make your Crocs product’s purchase. They offer quality service at an affordable price. Their shipping might be slow, but your product would eventually get delivered to your doorstep or whatever location you want.

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