Crocs Literide vs Classic: Which is Better?

When someone mentions Crocs, the Classic style is usually what comes to mind. They are comfortable and supportive, and then, the strap at the back of the heel can be adjusted to make them into more of a mule style. Most persons love them as they call them the comfier footwear.

Recently, Crocs announced an innovation. They have found a way to make their footwear more comfortable. They have made a new material that is tagged LiteRide.

The Crocs brand says this material is even more comfortable than the other line of their products. This new Crocs material was designed with improvements on what the brand’s customers love about the earlier line of crocs. The collection is sleeker and has a more modern twist too.

Crocs Literide vs Classic

Several conversations have stirred up as a result of this new technology. Quite a number of people are wondering what line of Crocs they are to opt for. Do they stick to the more classic ones or go for the new LiteRide technology?

What considerations should they make in doing that too? Well, we are here to save the day as we will be helping you make good buying decisions with your love for Crocs.

The Classic Crocs are made from a croslite material. Croslite is a material made from Resin that is neither plastic nor rubber.

The material is closed-cell and it has a high impact and high compression absorbing capacity. This makes it possible for the pressure to spread evenly across the footwear giving the Classic Crocs that reputable soft texture.

The major difference between Crocs Literide and Classic Crocs is that the Crocs Literide are way softer than the Classic ones.

According to the Crocs brand, they are about 25% lighter and 40% softer. The literide material sees an upgrade in the features of the Classic crocs.

They were modeled to take advantage of what customers love about the classic ones. So, they are bouncier, softer, and lighter. Invariably, it means that these Crocs are better than the classic ones and they should be an automatic pick any day anytime.

So, what makes the Crocs Literide better than Classic Crocs?

Crocs literide are closer to being a normal shoe than the classic ones. They fit tighter and their designs seem to favor the ankle strap being out rather than the strap-in casual mode of the classics.

The Literides are waterproof and they make your feet warm over time as you wear them. The lite ride crocs make walking a pleasure because of their luxuriously spongy feature.

What are the differences between Crocs Literide and Crocs Classic?

Crocs Literide vs Classic

Although they might have some similar features, some unique features tell the classic crocs apart from the literide ones.

So, we will be assessing some of the features that tell these two products apart.


As regards comfortability, they both offer a good level of comfortability but the level of comfortability you will be getting from the Literides is in a different class.

As we have earlier stated, they were designed to give a better level of comfort than the usual crocs. This is why special attention was given to the material that was used in making these particular crocs.

They are even tagged as the latest breakthrough in world-class comfort. Their literide foams provide support and comfort all day long.


The attractiveness of both footwear is awesome. However, the classic crocs are designed for a comfier and casual setting. They are designed for you to take advantage of their easy-to-wear and slip-off features coupled with the breathable holes that make them roomy.

The literide crocs, however, have a greater sense of attractiveness. They are designed to complement your stylish or athletic look giving you the edge in your dress sense.

So, you could design to wear the literide to more formal settings and functions where the classic ones would not fit in.

For appearance and general outlook, they both come in an array of beautiful designs. The classic line has a variety of amazing products that look great.

However, due to their functionality being restricted, these unique styles have just about where you can wear them too. The versatility of the work-based literide crocs makes it possible for them to be able to thrive in any function.

Technical Variations

Price differences

In terms of the price comparison, the literides are a bit more expensive. This is because of the material innovation used in producing them. The extent of the thickness of their sole quality is also way higher than the classics.

The classics used to be in high demand because of their multiple functions and features. However, the literides seem to be taking over such demands.

The classic crocs might be less weighty and their breathable holes help in draining water, the literide seems to be overtaking.

The literide has been engineered to be waterproof rather than have many breathable holes. They also have this bounciness that is not readily seen in the classics.

They both come in several patterns but the classics are spongier while the literides are bouncy and softer. So, the literides have a pillow-soft feel than the classics.


Usually, there are three main types of fit that crocs are designed to have. They include relaxed, standard and roomy.

The standard types were produced in consideration to professionals to help them have a more secure fit and to reduce the work fatigue they could have after working long hours.

The classic crocs fall under the standard fit, while the literides are seen to combine all of these fit features.

So, the literide is more true to size and more secured than the classic crocs. The classic are also not big on heel support but the literide have a great heel support system.

In fact, they were designed to have an improved heel support feature to the classics and that is why they are bouncier than the classics.


Both footwear has a roomy fit and a wide toe area but the classics are a bit roomier. The wider toe area of the classics gives it the advantage of being a great fit for both narrow and wide feet.

On the outlook, the toe-cap of the classics has a bit more of a ‘U’ shape.

Material Quality

The classic crocs are made from the croslite material, one that many people have mistaken for a rubber material because of its soft feel on the skin during use.

The croslite material could share similar properties with rubber in the area of its melting point but it is definitely not rubber.

This material allows the classics to be maintained with ease. This material for the purpose of aiding more cushioning has an extraordinary impact in absorbing resin materials.

It is also resistant to foul odor, it is non-toxic, and it prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria. This material has made the classics provide for a good arch support but they are not strong on heel support.

The material of the literides however seems to be a major innovation in the Crocs production line. They fuse together sporty, trendy styles and silhouettes with the great comfort that consumers usually know crocs for.

The literide is softer, lighter, and more flexible than any other crocs product line. This material is the perfect fit for people who want to feel comfortable all day or those who even want that stylish athletic look.

They also combine the arch support of the classic and a better heel support system minimizing the nail problems that consumers suffer from wearing the classics.

Are there any similarities between Crocs Literide and Crocs Classic?

Crocs Literide vs Classic

Yes, there are. As much as the literide could be seen as an upgrade to the classics, they share some similar features with the classics. So, let’s explore some of these similarities that they share.

They both are quite light-weighted

One common feature of both crocs is the almost weightless sole feature that they both share. Due to the kind of materials that they were both made from, it will take the laziest observer for him or her to be able to point out the similarities in weight between these two.

This has helped the comfort and experience that customers enjoy from both footwear.

They both hardly wear out

They have both been designed with soles that can easily combat any form of wear and tear. Of course, the extent to which a product wears out is largely dependent on how an individual uses it, this does not diminish the variation of sole qualities among different shoes.

This variation in sole quality determines how long shoes last and the soles of both crocs have a major advantage here.

They have good balancing.

One thing that we literally hear on the lips of the users of the crocs footwear is a good balance that both footwear gives.

The soles of both shoes are really supportive and this is due to the added wedge that they both share. The literides however have a thicker feel that creates a different kind of confidence for users of the footwear.

They both deliver warmth and comfort

Both Crocs are designed in such a way to provide warmth and that extra bit of comfort for just about anyone.

They both give you that support your feet need with that strap behind that you can readily adjust to make into a mule style. Their design styles also make both of them the perfect fit for even the warmest of weather.

Overall Weight and Quality.

The weight differences between both footwear are actually minimal. Although they have their weight changing with varying sizes, the material they were both made with makes it easy for them to come off as light-weighted.

Some persons have even described wearing both Crocs as wearing clouds due to their lightweight.

There is also a striking similarity in the functionality of both footwear. Their quality outweighs footwear made from just rubber or plastics or a combination of both.

From their arch support to the comfy nature, both footwear offers a great deal of quality. The traditional straps of both footwear make your feet as secured as possible.

Why then should I buy a Crocs Literide?

Crocs literide have been designed to make your feet feel amazing as they take every step along life’s winding path.

Their athletic-inspired on-the-go style makes them super soft, extremely lightweight, and resilient. They are your perfect fit for warm-ups, strolls, or even a cruise around town.

Their particular innovative comfort is one reason why you will definitely not want to miss out on them.


What if I decide to buy the Classic Crocs?

The Classic Crocs are also a great fit as they are incredibly light and fun to wear. They are very easy to clean and dry, making them water-friendly.

They also come with anchoring heel straps that help for a more secure fit. They are also great footwear you wouldn’t want to take a pass on.



The Crocs brand has become very popular and their products are now everywhere. The easily noticeable and coveted footwear has made the Crocs brand one of the hottest around.

Crocs are a very versatile, comfortable, and affordable line of footwear. The simple design of these shoes makes them just about perfect for any kind of person, especially in terms of their functionality.

They have several kinds of crocs available for sale today with different styles and colors accompanying them. The comfort-ability of the Crocs is one important reason why everyone loves them.

You can easily slip them off whenever you want, they are breathable and you can just run them through water whenever they get dirty.

The Crocs latest innovation, the LiteRide material has become the talk of the town. Many people have been wondering what Crocs products they should settle for in particular. We have been able to help ease that burden by giving you tangible insights into both product categories.

This article can help you decide which Crocs best fits your kind of person. So, feel free to peruse through and shop for that ideal Crocs that you find appealing.


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