What Is the Difference Between Crocs Sexi Flip and Serena Flip?

Crocs have developed several designs over the years for the male and female genders. From crocs heels to wedges, to flip flops, to sandals, to cover shoes, in different colors, shapes, and sizes, to suit people’s needs. When looking for comfort shoes, crocs have always delivered.

The crocs Sexi and Serena flip sandals have been a go-to for most females, they look very sleek and give a minimalist expression to every outfit they are worn with.

They can be considered as modified flip-flops with a strap to hold them in place. Hence, no ‘flip flopping’ and more comfort. They are fashionable, very comfortable, and are the perfect treat for bare feet.

The crocs Sexi is made of a croslite strap in Italian design for sleekness, a croslite midsole making it soft, lightweight, comfortable, and odor resistant.

The Serena flip, on the other hand, is made of a matlite strap on top for extra support. The midsole is made of croslite for comfort, making it light, soft, and odour resistant like the Sexi, but with a thermoplastic (EVA) outer sole for extra durability, unlike the Sexi flip.

Difference Between Crocs Sexi Flip and Serena Flip

Other differences between Crocs Sexi Flip and Serena Flip

Difference Between Crocs Sexi Flip and Serena Flip
Crocs Serena Flip

Asides from the difference in materials used in the production of these sandals, there are other characteristics that differentiate them.

Characteristics such as; comfort, durability, flexibility, and support. They may be of almost similar materials, but the Serena flip crocs are considered an upgrade or improvement to the Sexi flip.

  • Serena flip is more comfortable
  • The Serena flip is more durable
  • The Sexi flip is more flexible than Serena
  • The Serena flip supports your feet more than the Sexi

Serena flip is more comfortable

In terms of comfort, the Serena flip is considered more comfortable than the Sexi flip as it has a higher sole of about 0.93 inches in height compared to the 0.25 inches of the Sexi flip.

Meaning, more croslite material at the sole and more softness gives your feet a better cushion effect, more balance, and better comfort all day long. This is an improvement over the Sexi flip’s flat sole.

The Sexi flip has a massage foot pod bed that is supposed to give your feet a sense of relaxation but with the extra material in the Serena, the massaging feel and comfort on the floor of the shoe is better, especially if you have to wear it for a long period of time.

Even people with flat feet who considered the Sexi a very comfortable aid to relieve their pain, find the Serena a lot more relieving. It is said that, walking in the Serena flip crocs is like walking on air.

The Serena flip is more durable

The outer sole of the Sexi flip is made of croslite to make it light, bouncy, and extremely soft, but it is sadly not very durable.

Although it consists of a closed-cell foam resin, the croslite foam lacks durability.

The longevity of the sexi flip cannot be entirely depended on as the croslite foam is not a very durable material in shoe production, and can break or tear easily as it is prone to wearing down after being worn for a long period of time due to constant pressure the floor causing heat.

The thermoplastic EVA sole of the Serena flip is a temperature-resistant sole that can resist wear and tear.

It is also a very light and airy material that cushions the feet which is another improvement compared to the croslite sole of the Sexi is not heat resistant and wears out after a while.

The EVA sole is better for midsole support and shock absorption. This makes the Serena flip crocs more durable than the Sexi flip crocs.

The Sexi flip is more flexible than Serena

Well, whatever the Sexi flip must have lacked in durability and comfort, it definitely gained in flexibility. Why? The Croslite is present in the whole makeup of the shoe.

It is made entirely of croslite foam, the Sexi flip sandals can be considered extremely flexible. Every inch of the shoe has a great amount of flexibility.

The flexibility is high because of the flat outsole, the thong-like upper, and the foam that composes every part of the sandal.

A lot of people praised the flexibility of the sandals and how they adapted quickly to the movement of the foot.

The Serena flip on the other hand is not entirely flexible as the entire material is not made of croslite but a combination of croslite, matlite and thermoplastic EVA sole. All are lightweight and soft materials but not entirely flexible.

The Serena flip supports your feet more than the Sexi

The Serena flip has more support as the matlite straps is adequately flexible and strong enough to hold the feet better than the croslite strap of the Sexi flip.

The Croslite strap is not strong enough on the upper part to fixate and support the foot and hold it in place and the whole sandal does not offer the support needed for a stable sandal.

The matlite strap of the Serena flip is stretchy enough to let your feet in since the sandals have no buckle, soft enough for comfort, and strong enough for a more secure fit for the feet.

The sandals may seem tight at the beginning but over time stretches to fit almost perfectly. While the Sexi flip may be likely to expand more than expected, the Serena flips expand just adequately enough to fit.


Similarities between the Crocs and the Serena Flip

Difference Between Crocs Sexi Flip and Serena Flip
Crocs Sexi Flip

The sandals, although made of different materials, are very much similar, physically, in function and design. They are both water-resistant sandals and can serve multiple purposes. They can be worn as pool or beach shoes.

Compared to the regular flip-flops, they both have straps to hold them in place. So you don’t have to worry much about them slipping off your feet when wet.

Slip-resistant flips

They have a slip-resistant, non-marking outer sole that provides excellent traction and gets rid of water easily. They dry quickly and are odor resistant, so there are no worries about foot smell.

The beauty of these sandals is how they can morph quickly from day-time shoes to night-time shoes. They can be worn for simple errand runs, for a weekend getaway, or an evening hangout with friends.

They are comfortable

They are very comfortable in-house and outdoor shoes. They are pretty in jeans, shorts and even dresses. They fit all summer weather and are very helpful in supplying your feet with enough air and showing off your toenails.

In design, they look almost alike and can be mistaken for each other. It is very much possible to consider a Serena flip, a Sexi flip with a slight boost in height at the sole because they look very much alike physically.

They have different variety of colors

They come in very much similar colors. Their straps are also very similar in pattern but not in material. They are both open-toe sandals with the same arch bottom support floor for the comfort of the feet.

They are both plastic shoes, very light so there is no form of weight pressure in wearing them. It is almost as though you’re wearing nothing. They are very soft, comfortable, very fashionable, and very easy to clean.

Which Crocs should you buy?

Though both sandals may be serving the same purpose in terms of function, the Serena flip crocs have more qualities to perform more functions.

And if one was faced with a purchase decision on which would be a better pair to own, I would say the Serena flip crocs will be a better choice than the Sexi flip.

Though it may not be as flexible as the Sexi, it is more comfortable and durable. So while wearing the same type of sandal, you’re getting more comfortable.

There is also an assurance that the sandal would last longer and you won’t have to replace them or throw them away quickly as a result of tear. The Serena flip gives more support at the sole and at the strap on top, holding your feet in place.

It also has a high sole which is an extra boost off the ground and completely changes the look from every regular sandal to a comfy sandal and a little wedge.

This gives your outfit an extra classy, extra stylish look despite being made of a plastic material. This makes them even more fashionable compared to the Sexi flip crocs.

The Serena gives extra room for the feet to balance on, compared to the Sexi. While you may like the slim floor which I find very sleek, I prefer the width of the Serena flip which is a great improvement to the Sexi, for those with wider feet.

Although the Sexi crocs are quite cheaper than the Serena with a few dollars, the Serena flip crocs gives has better qualities to suit the same needs the Sexi would be satisfying and even offer better satisfaction for that extra price.


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