10 Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions (in 2023)

If you are one of the many women who suffer from painful bunions, you know how hard it can be to find shoes that don’t cause further discomfort.

Many shoes on the market today are designed for people without bunions, so they often do not conform to the shape of your foot and just add to the pain.

However, there are a few companies that specialize in shoes for people with bunions, and they make some great-looking and comfortable shoes.

One of such companies is Vibram. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Vibram shoes for bunions

My 10 top Vibram shoes for Bunions

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

  1. Vibram Five Fingers Shoe: Best shoes for yoga with adequate cushioning and support.
  2. Vibram Cross-Training Shoe: Best slip-resistant shoes with easy Velcro slip on and off
  3. Vibram V-Aqua Water Shoe: Best shoes with silicone prints for walking with top-notch fit
  4. Vibram KSO EVO-W: Features PU reinforcement protection
  5. Vibram Hiking Black Shoe: Shoes with closure type for easy wearing
  6. Vibram Walking Shoe: Shoes with supreme bounce technology which gives stability
  7. Vibram VI-B Fitness Shoes: Shoes made with a polyester mesh and adequate arch support
  8. Vibram Walking Shoe: Made with 100% leather upper with shock-absorbing technology
  9. Vibram EVO Shoes Murble: Synthetic shoes with breathable stretchy mesh uppers
  10. Vibram Shoes: Shoes with insulated technology and anatomical footbed

Vibram Five Fingers Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

These versatile yoga shoes offer a little bit of everything: comfortable arch support, flexible traction, and excellent cushioning to keep you running strong mile after mile.

Just the right amount of snugness to keep your feet locked in place, the women’s V-Soul is ready to take you on any adventure, whether you’re logging trail miles or doing yoga within your home

This pair gives the best solution to the most common problem with bunions. The smooth pads and structured design are combined together to keep your bunion on track so that you can practice yoga in comfort.


  • Best shoes for yoga with adequate cushioning and support
  • Flexible Vibram rubber outsoles
  • Lightweight diabetic shoes with Vibram
  • Smooth pads to cushion every stride,
  • Structured to manage bunions effectively


  • Not as durable as expected

Vibram Cross-Training Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

Looking for a functional slide-style Vibram shoe? The FiveFingers delivers comfort and versatility with a broad strap in front to give a secure fit that’s never too tight.

The single-strap design fits great on bunions and is super light. Packed with top-quality materials and workmanship, the V-Train is one of our most popular sandals.

Narrow widths are fashionable and convenient, making this Vibram shoe even more versatile than ever.

This best-selling shoe was redesigned and upgraded significantly. Now constructed with a wider padded insole, it’s easier to wear, perfect for bunions, has a more comfortable footbed, and is more supportive.

The FiveFingers V-Train is a great slide-style Vibram with easy slip on and off. The straps make it easier to put on, and the footbed can fit greatly without stretching.

The rubber outsole is made handmade by quality craftsmen with top-notch material and craftsmanship.

Vibram V-Aqua Water Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

These shoes offer the ultimate in cushioning and comfort with a unique, comfortable design that works to reduce stress and tension on the feet. Charming cushioning makes it easy to achieve your daily walking goals.

With this shoe, you get a pair of walking shoes that are meant to give your feet the comfort you need for everyday wear.

Made with synthetic materials, these shoes are flexible, durable, and lightweight so that you can stay active without pinching your feet.

These best-selling V-Aqua Water Shoe walking shoes use a lightweight, durable, flexible, cushioned footbed and outsole to perfectly manage bunions.


  • Best shoes for walking with top-notch cushioning.
  • Sole is made with synthetic materials.
  • Lightweight, durable and flexible,
  • Cushioned footbeds and outsoles,
  • Perfect when treating bunions


  • May be tight at the top of the foot

Vibram KSO EVO-W

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

Women love these shoes! Vibram provides the durability and great construction that all men’s shoes have, but this shoe has a removable footbed and is foldable and lightweight so it’s the perfect choice for women who want all the benefits of a quality Vibram shoe.

If you love the cushioning and support of a walking shoe but hate to feel like you’re in a cast once that shoe comes off, then these were made for you.

This update to the KSO EVO gives you all-day comfort, with a removable EVA footbed and sturdy midsole that combine to support your feet every time you take a step.

Add to that the flexibility that comes from EVA, and a lightweight outsole that gives you plush cushioning can transform your daily routine. And this is just the beginning.

The Vibram KSO EVO-W is a great choice for any woman who is on her feet all day or who requires a little extra support.

The added EVA footbed and sturdy midsole provide the comfort she needs to get through the day, and the flexibility of the outsole allows for a natural stride that feels good, no matter what the terrain is like.

It is also great for bunions.


  • Features PU reinforcement protection
  • Flexible Vibram rubber outsole
  • fully breathable leather upper
  • EVA footbed and sturdy midsole


  • Shoes look ugly
  • Might not be as durable as expected

Vibram Hiking Black Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

A great new shoe line with a fabric upper that fits nicely. Individuals of small stature will enjoy the easy putting on and taking off.

For individuals interested in a shoe that may be worn in any season, this is the option.

A Vibram favorite, these classic Men’s KSO Trek Trail with a flexible rubber outsole and fabric uppers that are perforated. The  Men’s KSO Trek Trail is ideal for bunions, yet it can be worn by anyone.

These shoes are fragrance-free and feature Vibram patented technology that reduces pressure points.

Extra padding in the toe box, no-sew construction, and a padded stretch gore with hook-and-loop closure allows these shoes to be made with an ideal fit without relying on uncomfortable laces.

The vamp is fully lined to enhance the look and fit of these wedge shoes.

This is a great choice for you if you have bunions or other feet issues. It has a roomy toe box that gives a lot of room to your toes, but it’s not loose.

You have a very flexible sole as well which lets your feet breathe on hot summer days, and it still is pretty thick enough to protect your feet from bumps on the sidewalk.


  • Shoes with stretchy uppers and closure type allow easy wearing
  • Flexible rubber outsole with fabric uppers that are perforated
  • Roomy toe box
  • Sole provides good grip and traction for everyday activities


  • Straps are short
  • Treads in the shoes are quite deep and tend to pick dirt
  • Narrow fit

Vibram Walking Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

Breathable mesh upper lets feet breathe and keep feet cool so you can walk the distance in comfort.

The Women’s CVT is the most supportive Vibram ever, now featuring flexible rubber soles. The stretchy midsole, great cushioning, and support enhance stability.

The upgraded Women’s CVT is a great shoe for those with bunions, with improved functionality and a fit that’s further enhanced by a new midsole technology.

They’re comfortable, snug, and breathable, but with great stability and bounce-back.


  • Shoes with EVA odor management insoles and closure types allow easy wearing
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Stretchy midsole
  • Great cushioning and support which enhances stability
  • Improved functionality with a breathable mesh upper


  • Shoe runs big
  • Unpadded heels

Vibram VI-B Fitness Shoes

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

The shoe blends a sporty look with comfort-creating features that make it ideal for supporting your feet during long walks.

Lightweight, flexible outsole with pivot point for enhanced flexibility and movement. The rubber outsole provides traction and durability.

The Women’s Vi- b is a versatile fitness shoe that looks and feels great with or without socks, allowing you to kick back, relax, and take it easy on casual days.

The removable footbed can be comfortably worn in the shoe or removed for quick drying, making it ideal for people who are looking for a solid walking shoe.

Women who wear shoes know what to expect: walking, working, and playing in total comfort.

The shaping and cushioning of the Women’s VI-B are so gentle and supportive that even on the longest walk, you’ll have a spring in your step.


  • Textile upper
  •  Removable EVA footbed
  • Lace-up sneakers with cushion and support
  • Great Vibram shoes, great for bunions


  • Shoes run small
  • Not as durable as expected

Vibram Casual Walking Shoe

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

Vibram Five Fingers Men’s CVT-Hemp Minimalist shoes have great shock absorbing sockliners and are Ideal for those who suffer from bunions, the latest model of Men’s CVT-Hemp debuted with a shoe that focuses on comfort and support.

Designed to be worn in standing positions, Breathable and durable, the Men’s CVT-Hempis a comfortable option that can still be worn during rigorous exercise.

Get a comfortable, responsive ride with these men’s shoes. The sockliners wick away moisture to keep feet dry and odor-free, and the flexible soles move with your feet for a smoother stride.

The durable, shock-absorbing soles give feet a smoother ride.

These stylish shoes sport a holistic design with a soft sockliner that makes them comfortable on the feet.


  • Made with 100% leather upper with shock-absorbing technology
  • Flexible and durable shoes suitable for walking
  • Equipped with shock-absorbing technology

Vibram EVO Shoes

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

These are great shoes with a non-compressive upper, a thickly padded footbed, and EVA midsoles that provide the wearer with a good amount of stability and support.

These shoes are suitable for those with bunion issues, as they provide good padding and a thick sole.

These running shoes are lighter and comfier than ever before thanks to a breathable mesh upper, padded footbed, and light EVA midsole.

Pair with your favorite leggings or tights for a sleek look that’ll feel as good as it looks.


  • Synthetic shoes with breathable stretchy mesh uppers
  • Padded footbed
  • EVA midsoles support stability and protection

Vibram V-Trek Insulated Shoes

Best Vibram Shoes for Bunions

Introducing the Vibram Five Fingers Women’s V-Trek Insulated Shoes, the latest in innovative footwear technology, featuring all-day comfort, an anatomical footbed, and insulated technology.

Designed with bunions in mind, the V-Trek insulated shoe features a fully padded lightweight EVA midsole and outsole, a shock-absorbing technology, and most importantly, the footbed that accommodates a wider forefoot.

What’s more? Step out in this cool new Vibram shoe for a long day of work or activities with your friends.

These walking shoes are built with an anatomically shaped, contoured footbed, so they relieve pressure on sensitive areas and offer ultimate comfort, whether you are walking the dog around the block or a marathon.

The shock-absorbing technology really absorbs the shock and cushions your feet. The durable rubber traction outsole provides greater durability and traction.


  • Shoes with insulated technology and anatomical footbed
  • Fully padded lightweight EVA midsole and outsole
  • Equipped with shock-absorbing technology

Things to consider when choosing Vibram shoes for bunions

When choosing Vibram shoes for bunions, it’s important to consider your budget, the style of shoe, and the size.

It’s best to try on a variety of shoes at different stores to see what fits best. You may want to buy two pairs of Vibram shoes so that you can alternate wearing them.

If you have wide feet, it may be worth buying a pair with a wider toe box or going to specialty stores that carry those types of shoes.

Alternatively, if your budget is tight and you only need one pair of shoes, then it might be worth buying ones with a wider toe box because they’ll stretch out over time as your feet expand in width.

Vibram Shoes made of leather should have some give in the shoe. A pointed toe can be problematic because these toes may rub against the shoe and irritate the bunion.

Shoes made of fabrics like velour, cotton, or canvas offer more room for movement in the toe area and are better choices if someone has bunions.

Shoes with a rounder or squarer toe box are also better options than a pointed toe box. 

These shoes should allow your feet to move through the full range of motion required for walking and running.

They should also be comfortable and have proper arch support to reduce pressure on the bunion.


Bunions can be a pain in the neck. But with Vibram shoes, you’re good to go. We’ve gone through 10 of the best Vibram shoes for Vibram and I hope you’ve made a choice on which is best for you.


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